Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Peter Watson" The kids done alright?

The kids doing alright. Seems they are now gunning for his family. His father in particular. A lot has been written and said about Peter in the past 24hrs. Funny how some of his most extreme comments published were made when he was a member of the Communist Party and head of the Stalinist group he ran as a 15 year old. Yet the media are trying to persuade you to think he made these comments while becoming or being a White Nationalist "white supremacist".

The JJJ hack program even goes as far as to say he is a member of the Australia First Party. A clear falsehood. It is a fact he was expelled from AF when it was discovered that he was infiltrating AF and passing info about members to Fight Dem Back and Anarchist @ndy. It was also comments that he made on his former comrades web site Slackbastard run by @ndy a member of Fight Dem Back that has upset people the most. Little @ndy and his fellow FDB mates Cam Smith and Brian Stokes are filled with joy over this little bit of publicity.

Peter at that time also set up a Warwick AF web page filling it full of "Nazi" imagery in an attempt to embarrass the then leader Diane Teasdale. Most probably under the orders of his then controller Mathew Henderson the Jewish leader and founder of Fight Dem Back. Who also incidentally is a member of the Australia Labor party and very involved in the NSW workers union.

After Peters road to Damascus conversion and he had turned 18 he did join AF for a brief period but soon resigned. That was in early 2011. So he is not a member of AF as reported.

Even Anna Bligh who Peter has labeled as undemocratic is making up BS about him. "Labor Premier Anna Bligh yesterday said Mr Watson "infiltrated" the party to cause trouble because her party was "the enemy"."

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Quoting Peter saying he admitted to infiltrating the enemy (that being the labor party). Fact is he was talking about infiltrating AF when he was 15 years old as we have mentioned above. As Peter said on JJJ hack "The labor party abandoned me I didn't abandon the Labor party".

JJJ also completes the BS by saying Peter has said he is a member of AF, another total lie. While the media makes jokes about how the Labor party is incompetent because they cant use Goggle to research candidates, they themselves use Goggle with out bothering to check facts like dates when comments are made. One hand helping the other.

All in all even if Peter isn't one of us he certainly has stood by his comments about race and society. He has faced the media and done what many here would never do, and I would not advise it. We are our own media.

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