Saturday, February 11, 2012

Racist Anti Racist Campaigner and Jew "Joe Hildebrand", is a coward!

Above, Joe Hildebrand putting down a cold one after a hard night of being chased by Anti Semitic aborigines?

Well many readers here would be very aware of the Journalist Joe Hildebrand. Joe who at one time was the MSM representative and good friend with the Jewish run anti racist organization and founder Mathew Henderson's Fight Dem Back. The amount of times White Nationalists were threatened with "we will make you famous" meaning being outed by fellow Jew Joe Hildebrand, was to many to mention.

But every dog has its day, and today its little Joey's turn to taste a bit of his own bad medicine.

Film crew denies provoking Aborigines in Alice


Nick Murray, the executive director with production company Cordell Jigsaw, said a camera crew and Hildebrand were filming a scene for a new TV program.

The show brought a group of Indians to the country to see whether their views of Australians as "drunk, dumb and racist" were valid.

The Indians were taken to Alice Springs to capture their reactions and see whether the "significant proportion" of their countrymen were correct in believing that Aboriginal people were mistreated in Australia.

"They were filming a walk and talk along a street next to the Todd River when they became aware of a group of agitated people and they tried to calm them down when two women attacked them," Mr Murray said.

"They dropped what they could and ran into the hotel, telling hotel staff to lock the doors and call the police."

But Aurora Hotel manager Ron Thynne called Hildebrand and the crew members "cowardly", saying they hid in their hotel rooms and left two of his female reception staff to be allegedly assaulted with a camera tripod in the hotel foyer.

"They [the crew] were doing anything they liked and went out to have a drink afterwards," Mr Thynne said.

"Everyone knows you do not point cameras at Aboriginal people in central Australia without their permission.

"They told me they didn't ask permission because they didn't want to have to fill out the indemnity forms."

Mr Murray denied the crew was filming the group of people drinking in the dried out Todd River bed, saying the first time the two women appeared on the footage was when they attacked the camera crew.

"We have filmed in dangerous areas across the world with no problem so for me it was a real shock that this could happen in Australia," he said.

Two women aged 26 and 24 have been arrested, with one charged with three counts of assault, three counts of criminal damage, one count of robbery and one count of stealing.

So Hildebrand sets out to make a anti white film about Australians to push his hidden agenda. In the process he and his crew in typical Jewish FDB elitist fashion think that rules and standards are only for the Goy. In the process we get to see a snap shot of the real Joe Hildebrand and the Australian/Global media. To bad the headlines weren't saying something else.


Anonymous said...

can you prove joe hilderbrand is a jew? I don't doubt that he is but I would like some solid evidence apart from his joke article on the Daily Telegraph

Whitelaw Towers said...

No annon I can't. But if it smells like a turd and looks like a turd chances are its a turd.

Anonymous said...

this seems to imply he is a jew