Thursday, February 09, 2012

"Schapelle Corby" Expendable!


Anonymous said...

The power abuse of our Government and the AFP is disgusting. To think that our ANZAC's died to secure the existence of this treasonist Multi-Cultural, Liberal cess pool of a power structure.
They must be turning in their graves.

God, we need a Reveloution.

Anonymous said...

And this, my friends and "anti-Racists", is one of the reasons I'm a White Nationalist. The Australian Government and the Mass Media are nothing but forked tounged liars, I fail to wrap my head around the fact that so many Australians (around 90%) are brainwashed or just don't care about the facts. The video was right about the constant smears made against Schapelle, one example being the constant use of the words "Convicted Drug Smuggler" in every news article to sway public opinion. They do the same to White Nationalists whenever we are mentioned, words like "radical far right" or "racist neo-Nazi's". You idiot sheep fall for it everytime. You idiot sheep are the reason we're not truly free. You idiot sheep are the reason this country is going down the toilet. You idiot sheep don't care about anything but you're own material, self-centered life.
If I was to become Prime Minister tomorrow, i'd be sending a covert rescue team into that third world hole Indonesia to rescue Schapelle and kill anyone who tries to stop them.
Oh, and keep believing the lies sheep, your time will come soon to.