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Secret Foreign Campaign To Suppress Free Speech In Australia Exposed

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary to Tivadar (also known as Teodoro) and Elizabeth Soros. Tivadar Soros, a Hungarian Jew,

"How would you feel if I told you a radical George Soros funded foreign lobby group is secretly launching a campaign to stifle free speech and silence climate realists in Australia?

You would probably think I’m a conspiracy nut – this couldn’t happen, I must be mad!

Except that is what is going on right now. Leaked emails from Avaaz, an unethical “shadowy foreign organisationfunded by radical leftist mogul George Soros, and one of the big-money donors to Climate Alarmism in Australia, have revealed a large-scale, co-ordinated international effort to threaten businesses, and lobby the government to impose ideological censorship tests on the media.

Some backgroud: you may have read recently that Gina Rinehart, a staunch small-government conservative and advocate of lower taxes and climate realism recently acquired apx 13% of Fairfax Media (owners of the left wing climate-alarmist Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and other publications).

This would not normally make news - a business person buying shares in a company is hardly noteworthy. And Ms. Rinehart has specifically stated – on the record – that this is simply a business investment, and her beliefs will not affect their operation.

But I have just learned that because of Gina Rinehart’s beliefs, an underhand, international, coordinated campaign by left wing extremists has just been launched to assault freedom of speech, calling on the government to change the law to stop her from getting the seat on the Fairfax Board to which she is entitled, and trying to intimidate and threaten the Fairfax Chairman into vetoing her.

Avaaz is a million dollar international radical left-wing activist group, and they are ‘partners’ in Australia with GetUp! Together they have just launched a full scale campaign to attack Ms Rinehart and intimidate the Fairfax Chairman to prevent her from joining the Board. But this is just the first stage in their plan. If they are successful, they specifically have said that they call on the government to impose an ideological test on the media in Australia. You read that right: they want an the government to censor all media they disagree with.

This is a campaign that should strike terror into the hearts of all of us who believe in free speech, a free media, and the Australian way. If they get their way, none of us are safe.

This is their plan to censor free speech – in their own words:

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has just bought a major stake in Fairfax media -- in a bid that could turn The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald into mouthpieces for climate denial to protect her mining interests. But together we can foil her plan

The media inquiry that Avaaz members helped win is just weeks away from reporting, and provides the government with the crucial chance to act. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of stronger ownership limits -- but he needs a community outcry to get the whole government on board…

We desperately need stronger ownership limits, a 'fit and proper person' test for use of public airwaves, and a strong and independent media regulator.

That’s right: they are blatantly and unashamedly calling on the Government to impose a “fit and proper” – ie leftist ideological – censorship test on the media. Even though Ms. Rinehart has pledged to not let her views influence editorial policy. The fact that she is a climate skeptic, and believer in small government, means that she must be stopped and her rights curtailed.

GetUp! followed up with an email to their members saying this is bad news for the issues we care about” urging them to take action to silence free speech by those they oppose.

I can not stress this enough: this attack on free speech is incredibly serious, and goes against everything we believe in as Australians.

I will be honest. I don’t know Gina Rinehart. I have never met her, I have never spoken to her, I have never emailed her. I honestly don’t know much about her. But one thing I do know: that Australia needs a free and fair media, and if the radical left want to use the government to suppress free speech and blackball Ms Rinehart because she supports Andrew Bolt, then we need to do something about it. Because first it’s Gina, and then it’s Andrew Bolt, and then it’s anyone else who doesn’t tow the government line.

This is a co-ordinated campaign by radical left alarmists who are running scared that the Australian people have woken up to their game , and are getting so desperate they are now trying to use the government to suppress anyone who disagrees with them.

We need to take action now to nip this campaign in the bud.

So what to do?

There are two actions you can immediately take which will only take a couple of minutes, but will make a BIG difference.

1) We need to let Fairfax Chairman Roger Corbett know that he CAN NOT give in to extremists, and can not veto Ms. Rinehart from the board because of radical left wing pressure. Can you please immediately email Fairfax Chairman Roger Corbatt on and phone his office on (02) 9282 2833 to tell him to resist left-wing threats and blackmail, and not veto Ms. Rinehart from the position to which she is entitled.

2)We have prepared a petition we will present in support of free speech and a free media. PLEASE Sign our petition by clicking here (if nothing happens when you click on the link, try scrolling up)

Make No Mistake: If we let them get away with censoring Gina Rinehart – then everyone who opposes their radical agenda is in danger. And we will have no way to get the truth out to the Australian people.

Please, take the five minutes to email Fairfax Chairman Roger Corbatt on and phone him through (02) 9282 2833 and tell him to NOT GIVE IN to million dollar left wing intimidation.

This is a battle we can not afford to lose. If Ms. Rinehart is vetoed from her rightful Board position because of her climate realism, then all Australians will suffer.

Please take action now. "

Tim Andrews is the Managing Editor of Menzies House.

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