Tuesday, February 21, 2012

State Labor Party Secretary for Southern Downs "Peter Watson"speaks out .

The Labor party secretary for the Southern Downs Peter Watson has spoken out against his party.

Peter Watson said...

The Labour Party is the most undemocratic political party in Australia. It is even more undemocratic then the Communist Party of Australia. The Labour candidate that is running here in the Southern Downs isn't even from here. Most Labour candidates in the last couple state elections haven't even been from the Southern Downs. That shows you how undemocratic Labour really is. I hope that Anna Bligh gets kicked out of her job. Queensland doesn't deserve such an undemocratic political party being in power.

Peter Watson said...

I've just been to a Labour meeting here in Warwick. The situation is a complete joke. The state office isn't giving us any real amount of help. Only a couple of t-shirts, posters and that is about it.

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Anonymous said...

Is Peter Watson retarded? Why is he working with an organisation that has views antithetical to his? What did he think was going to happen?

When dealing with the MSM in cases like this:
1. Shut the fuck up. Do not comment. Do not apologise. Do not back down.
2. Go underground. Get the fuck out of public. Spend the time to go to church. Pray.

It doesn't look like he's done anything like this.

I am amused, though. by the MSM's use of the term "neo-nazi" to describe him. What the fuck is a neo-nazi, anyway, lol?

And the hilarity of not even understanding what he meant by this:
""For example White Racial power or pride is denounced by people such as yourself but you have no problem with Australian Aboriginal power or pride," he wrote."

A couple of weeks ago we had a team play a game of league called the "Indigenous All Stars". Can you imagine the foaming Pavlovian reaction of most Australians if you put up a team called the "White All Stars"? Hahahahaha.