Friday, February 10, 2012

The state sponsored cancer "Black Bloc"

The Left at the moment seem to be getting their nickers in a twist due to the actions of a state run Anarchist movement "Black bloc". Much like its opposing ideology on the right 'White Nationalism" the left is also plagued with fakes frauds and Zionists. Its not like we haven't warned the left along with our own folks about the risk of sabotage by the State to control or discredit from within. Hell we have had our fare share of Jewish run KKK and ASIO manipulated unstable characters. Its all so predictable. The funny thing is many of the followers of said groups including "Black Bloc" have no idea that they are being played for fools. They are ripe for the picking and unknowingly defend the State run apparatus until the state feels it has achieved its goals. Then these Lemmings themselves end up on the hit list. Its all rather weird.


The Cancer in Occupy
By Chris Hedges.

The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement. The presence of Black Bloc anarchists—so named because they dress in black, obscure their faces, move as a unified mass, seek physical confrontations with police and destroy property—is a gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state.

Black Bloc adherents detest those of us on the organized left and seek, quite consciously, to take away our tools of empowerment.

the hijacking or destruction of competing movements, which is exactly what the Black Bloc contingents are attempting to do with the Occupy movement.

“The Black Bloc can say they are attacking cops, but what they are really doing is destroying the Occupy movement,”

Derrick Jensen “If their real target actually was the cops and not the Occupy movement, the Black Bloc would make their actions completely separate from Occupy, instead of effectively using these others as a human shield. Their attacks on cops are simply a means to an end, which is to destroy a movement that doesn’t fit their ideological standard. The Black Bloc spends more time attempting to destroy movements than they do attacking those in power."

The corporate state understands and welcomes the language of force. It can use the Black Bloc’s confrontational tactics and destruction of property to justify draconian forms of control and frighten the wider population away from supporting the Occupy movement. Once the Occupy movement is painted as a flag-burning, rock-throwing, angry mob we are finished.

The Black Bloc’s thought-terminating cliché of “diversity of tactics” in the end opens the way for hundreds or thousands of peaceful marchers to be discredited by a handful of hooligans. The state could not be happier.

The explosive rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement came when a few women, trapped behind orange mesh netting, were pepper-sprayed by NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. The violence and cruelty of the state were exposed. And the Occupy movement, through its steadfast refusal to respond to police provocation, resonated across the country. Losing this moral authority, this ability to show through nonviolent protest the corruption and decadence of the corporate state, would be crippling to the movement. It would reduce us to the moral degradation of our oppressors. And that is what our oppressors want.

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Ditto with Anon my arse.... Jewish front designed to fracture and confuse the Goyim with charitable and 'noble' exposures all engineered with the calculus of a courageously caring brood of vipers.

We are Lesion and we are amongst you.