Saturday, March 31, 2012

Communication breakdown?

"This boy just don't get it"

“You didn't post part 1 of 2: I don't have time to address all the points I'd like to, but I'll cover what my present time allows.”
That’s okay, we understand. It must be tough hanging out in airport terminals and rest rooms typing on the run into your bat phone as you play at espionage agent. Keep up the good work Mr. Tracy.
“First, and most trivially, regarding typos, as we all know, smartphones have notoriously imprecise autocorrect.”
Erm, nope, didn’t know that. How ‘smart’ are they then?
“I'm posting a message on some fringe racist blog, not writing a letter to the editor.”
Ooher! Bitchy, and not so much with the ‘fringe’, we are so well behaved we’re almost mainstream, apart from our exceptional talents, news scoops and exposés, compared to most of the ‘net.
“As such, I could care less about running a worthless smartphine (sic) spellcheck. It's not like anybody reads this thing anyway (as far as I can tell I am the only person who has responded to any of your posts).”
Oh, now that’s well out of order. You can’t go merely by the number of comments. Our hit rate’s quite reasonable considering the specialised nature of our material. Besides, quality’s surely preferable to quantity and your comments are gold plated classics.
“Second, still relatively trivial, anyone effecting a false persona under cover of Internet anonymity to cause mischief is a troll.”
Who (whom?) precisely is causing mischief?
“The term isn't limited to people causing such mischief on a other's blog or website. I am aware of several confirmed instances where mischeious (sic) white leftists (some credentialed academics mind you) have not only posed as white raists on blogs and in Wikipedia articles, but have hosted sites where theyose (sic) as anything from mainstream right winger to fringe racist. You may well be a genuine white racist 'nationalist', but many of the things on your blog are very similar to things I'd seen on some of the exposed troll blogs. The idea is to essentially to promote the same ideas they promote openly in their classrooms (e.g. that white supremacy is rampant, whites are 'privileged'), and to add force to some of the more strained and implausible assertions of leftist "whiteness studies" curricula, such as the idea that Jews or even southern Europeans are 'people of color'.
In me (sic) fairly well known case a leftist academic who taught a white bashing 'whiteness studies' class at a state university posed as a 'white nationalist' on the racist website "Stormfront" trying to sell the idea that Greeks and Italians aren't white. In a other case a black radical did the same. So yeah, I am skeptical of the actual motives of anonymous people posting things that make no sense but do sound an awful lot like the claims of whiteness studies academics. Third,I never said anything about "nature versus nurture".”
You don’t have to, it’s implied in your general Equalitarian, Humanist, Marxist, Universalist blurb.
“Your claims about the genetics of Ashkenazi Jews was absurd.”
No they were not. The Ashkenazi, Kikes, Zhids, Yids, call them what you will, are largely, with some admixtures, Khazars, plain and simple as that. WSe are fully aware that there is some disagreement among White Nationalists and that Kevin McDonald himself is a bit cool on the hypothesis but, nonetheless, many Jews claim this bloodline themselves and it is written about extensively in the ‘Encyclopaedia Judaica’ among other Jewish sources. Get used to it.
“The (sic) have actually been several credible studies done in this area recently. I will forward you links when I have time. In brief, Jews in general tend to have substantially the same genetic markers (haplogroups etc.) as the larger communities hey (sic) live in (i.e. German Jews are substantially similar to non-German Jews, Italian Jews are substantially similar to non-Italian Jews, Moroccan Jews are substantially similar to non-Morrocon (sic) Jews, etc.). However, they also share substantial genetic markers associated with middle eastereners.The problem with these studies is that - at least the ones I have seen - don't do smilarsidebybsie (sic) comparisons with other Eitopean (sic) groups. North Aficans and Middle Easterners are very similar genetically to Europeans to begin with, so it's not clear whether the fact that Ashkenazi Jews share genetic characteristics found in Middle Easterners is meaningful or unique among Europeans. People from the middle east have been moving westward and northward into Europe for thousands of years.”
And your point?

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