Monday, March 05, 2012

Left Wing Jews sought the eradication of the White Race!

Doug McAdam talks about the last above-ground Weatherman conference discussing whether the only final solution to the white problem was to kill all white babies.

Weather Underground

"Weatherman, known colloquially as the Weathermen and later the Weather Underground Organization, was a Jewish-led, neo-Marxist domestic terrorist group in the United States."

"They took their name from a line from the Bob Dylan song 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'"

"they distinguished themselves from other self-proclaimed revolutionary groups by claiming that there was no time to build a vanguard party and that revolutionary war against the United States and the capitalist system should begin immediately. To that end, they carried out one of the first domestic terror campaigns in the United States, consisting of bombings, jailbreaks, and riots. "

"Despite the perception of the Weathermen as being an organization of disaffected White youths, five of the seven prominent leaders mentioned by the website Jewish Achievement are, in fact, Jewish. Mark Rudd, Bernardine Dohrn, Naomi Jaffe, David Gilbert, and Laura Whitehorn are specifically mentioned."

"In 1970, following the police raid that resulted in the death of Black Panther Fred Hampton, the group issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, using for the first time its new name, the "Weather Underground Organization" (WUO), adopting fake identities, and pursuing covert activities only. These initially included preparations for a bombing of a U.S. military non-commissioned officers' dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey in what Brian Flanagan said had been intended to be "the most horrific hit the United States government had ever suffered on its territory".

On March 6, 1970, during preparations for the Fort Dix bombing, there was an explosion in a Greenwich Village safe house. WUO members Diana Oughton, Ted Gold, and Terry Robbins died in the explosion. Cathy Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin escaped unharmed, Wilkerson running naked from the apartment and encountering the wife of neighbor Melvyn Gussow, a theatre and movie critic.

'The bombing actions attacked the U.S. Capitol, The Pentagon, police and prison buildings, and later the rebuilt Haymarket statue, among other targets."

"The group decided against kidnapping and assassinations. They wanted to convince the American public that the United States was truly responsible for the calamity in Vietnam."

Last time I looked the Vietnam War had Jewish finger prints all over it. The Gulf Of Tonkin was just another false Flag operation, much like WW2, 911 and the current "wars" raging in the world.

Now did these Jews go to gaol? Did they receive punishment after the "group issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government"? After all it was Jewish Home Grown terrorism. Do you think these Jews who debate topics such as killing White babies for a better world would be allowed to preach their hate?

Mark William Rudd

"On October 13, 1977, Rudd turned himself in to authorities. He had been living and working under an assumed name just a few miles from the Columbia campus in Brooklyn. His first public appearance was on campus, where he spoke to a crowd of hundreds of admiring students. He was not the firebrand the crowd expected, but he did participate in a march around the campus after the speech. Today he is living in western New Mexico on his ranch near the Continental Divide. He travels around the country in support of the newly reborn Students for a Democratic Society. Rudd, along with Brian Kelly of Pace SDS, have helped establish ties between the new SDS and the Kent State University movement."

Bernardine Rae Dohrn

"(née Ohrnstein, born January 12, 1942) is identified as a communist Jew agitator and a leader of the New Left terrorist group known as the Weather Underground.[1] She is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Director, Children and Family Justice Center at the Northwestern University School of Law.[2] She is married to fellow Weatherman Bill Ayers. Dohrn and Ayers have two children and are also the legal guardians of Chesa Boudin, the child of fellow Weatherman members Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert."

Naomi Esther Jaffe

"(born 1943) is a former undergraduate student of Herbert Marcuse and member of the Weather Underground Organization. Jaffe was recently the Executive Director of Holding Our Own, a multiracial foundation for women. After she resurfaced, Jaffe spent a great deal of time reassessing her priorities as an activist. In the last 20 years she has focused much of her attention on feminism, lesbian issues, and anti-racism in New York State. Today Jaffe is a mother of one son and lives in Albany, New York with her life partner. Having continued a life of activism, Jaffe has worked on a local Free Mumia Committee[1] and she is also the former Executive Director of the organization Holding Our Own, an anti-racist women’s funding foundation.[22] Jaffe was also prominently featured in the 2002 documentary film The Weather Underground."

David Gilbert

"Grew up in a Jewish family in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Inspired in his teens by the Greensboro sit-ins and other events of the Civil Rights Movement, he joined the Congress of Racial Equality at age seventeen. He is an American radical leftist organizer and activist who is currently imprisoned at Auburn Correctional Facility. Gilbert was a founding member of Columbia University Students for a Democratic Society and member of the Weather Underground Organization. After about ten years underground, he was arrested in October 1981, along with members of the Black Liberation Army and other radicals including Kathy Boudin, his partner and mother of Chesa Boudin. The details of his arrest are included in the entry on Kathy Boudin in the section entitled "1981 Brinks Robbery." He and she both participated in that robbery and were sent to prison for their part in the resulting murders of Nyack police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O'Grady and Brinks guard Peter Paige. (In 2004 the US Post Office in Nyack was renamed in honor of the slain men.)"

Bill Ayers,

"now a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said in a September 11, 2001 New York Times profile that he does not "regret setting bombs. I believe we didn't do enough."

"Ayers teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He mainly focuses on social justice, fixing education in urban areas, children who are in trouble with the law and related issues."

He began working as a teacher at the Children's Community School (CCS). CCS was started by a group of students and based on the Summerhill way of teaching. After he left the underground, he earned an Masters in Education (M.Ed) from Bank Street College in Early Childhood Education (1983)), an M.Ed from Teachers College, Columbia University in Early Childhood Education (1987) and an Ed. D from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Instruction (1987).

He has edited and written many books and articles. They usually have to deal with education. He has also been on many panels and symposia.

What a twisted fucked up world we live in. The Jewish population of the world amounts to .3% yet they are behind 99% of the worlds misery. They control the left and right they have it in a bag. Shit they can run around blowing up government institutions for nearly 10 years and then end up academic heads of prominent Universities. What justice?

These people are truly the masters of hate! They will remain in positions that poison our youth with lies and feelings of White Guilt. Guilt for crimes perpetrated by Jews conveniently covered up by Jews.

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Joseph McGrath said...

I sometimes wonder whether people such as yourself are actually leftist trolls, since you promulgate much of the same ideas, albeit for ostensibly different reasons.

The common themes are too many to list exhaustively here, but I'll name a few I see regularly:

- Both tend to have a revisionist, restricted definition of white which attempts limit the application of the term to Europeans with a more or less Nordic phenotype. Jewish Europeans, though not generally swarthy and often comparable in coloring to northern Europeans, are often deemed 'non-white'.
- Both often deny the witheness of Spaniards and sometimes other people of Mediterranean origin, such as southern and eastern Europeans ans Caucasian middle eastereners and North Africans.
- Both the 'anti-racist' left and pro-racist right promote the idea that all whites are members of a privileged 'caste'. In one particularly odd post here, the poster says that non-white women often try to 'grab wimpy white men' to climb the social ladder. The poster seems oblivious to the fact that the notion that whites are held in such esteem and by non-whites who desire white looking babies contradicts the notions that whites are hated in general by non-whites and that whites are a downtrodden race in decline.

In short, you seem intent on promoting the same things the hard core, anti-white left does (e.g. divide the white race by redefining historically white people as 'oppressed people of color', promote the stereotype that to be white is to necessarily be on top of the social order, etc).You essentially echo all the basic tenets of radical leftist whiteness studies curricula, you just do it from a purportedly pro-white perspective.

Also, while it is true that a disproportionate number of the anti-white left is Jewish, most lefists are nevertheless non-Jewish whites. Former weatherman kingpin Bill Ayers,whom your post suggest is Jewish, is in fact a WASP.

I honestly don't know whether you are a sincere white supremacist type, or a white liberal Jew or black trolling as a stereotypical white racist loon. The interesting observation is that both extremes are socially destructive. The racist right is an extremely small phenomenon; truly the fringe of the fringe (and deservedly so), whereas the 'anti-racist' left is far larger and very active in the blogosphere. Odds are you're a troll. Either way you're spewing nonense. This race crap is a dangerous waste of time whether it is spewed by PC white guilt left or a beer guzzling would be 'white nationalist' posting rants to the Internet from his parents' basement.

PS - I get a kick out of your admonishment to "keep it civil", given all the hate spewed on this blog.