Monday, March 19, 2012

Setting a commenter straight… Part Two

“I don't time to with much more now, but if indeed you are what you claim to be, I would reiterate that this preoccupation with race and racism is pathological. I think part of the problem is that people rarely discuss race and ethnicity honestly.”

WE do

“They counter paranoid remarks"

A certain (in)famous writer once said of 'paranoia' that it was just about wanting to know all the facts...

"about Jews or hateful comments about blacks etc. with warm and fuzzy but unconvincing platitudes. I don't do that. I'm not going to tell a racist Jew hater for example that the notion that Jews disproportionately tend to be radical leftist is a 'myth' or deny the existence of Jewish 'anti-goyism'or that there are a disproportionate percentage of Jews in certain areas relative to their % of the general population (e.g. media, academia).”

So, apparently you admit that much.

“But this isn't due to some nefarious 'conspiracy',”

Yes it IS. Perhaps it might not resemble the classical Hollywood ‘X’ Files style ‘Conspiracy’ but they behave like a virtual gestalt entity similar to an insect hive. They promote individualism for all others, through their liberalism, so-called ‘Human Rights’, civil liberties, Feminism ‘tolerance’, Humanism, Universalism etc because they know it divides and weakens their adversaries, both perceived and real, and puts them in the ascendancy because they do not believe that shit themselves.

“and to suggest that it is is at least as whiny and self pitying as the cries of certain minority groups that they are under represented here or there. How a guy who runs a white supremacist website can complain about the relatively benign ethnocentrism of some Jews strikes me as both myopic and hypocritical.”

ALL Jews are ethnocentric, to varying degrees, unlike any other Race on Earth. Wake up and smell the gefilte fish! There is nothing ‘benign’ about Jews whatsoever, particularly their peculiar brand of ethnocentrism. Their persecution mythos for example is essential to maintaining this every bit as much as their elitism and supremacism which is imbibed like mother’s milk from the Talmudic teachings they receive as children. One of the greatest lies ever told is that ‘Jews are not monolithic’. Even the most casual examination of the known facts reveal this to be absolute bullshit. No other Ethno-Nation is in the same league as them for loyalty to their own.

Denying the malignancy of the Jew and claiming Whites are ‘suiciding’ is reminiscent of the old saying about the Devil’s greatest trick was to convince the World he didn’t exist. When one Ethno State contrives and facilitates the destruction of another Race and Culture that is involuntary euthanasia on a mass scale, it is GENOCIDE. The Jew’s relationship to their host societies is NOT symbiotic, it is parasitic and, ultimately, murderous. Stubbornly denying the existence of this process does not negate its existence but keep saying to yourself ‘Crisis? What crisis?’ if it salves your conscience.

“Across (t?)he board amongst all races and ethnicities, ethnocentrism rarely goes so far as to become manifest as a hatred pfnothervraces (sic) and ethnicities.”

Self identity and self preservation are not based on hatred. They are based upon love and pride.

“You're truly on the fringe.”

The obvious question going begging here is 'the fringe of what?' of course but to be a fringe dweller or even an outsider in the current dystopia is not shameful at all. It is a badge of honour to be a non conformist to the sick status quo of the emerging and almost realised Global Marxist State.

“Even many ethnocentric types end up marrying outside of their ethnicity, if not their race (interracial marriage being far less common).”

Where the HELL do you live, in a monastery? Antarctica perhaps?

“Society has by in (and?) large moved beyond that sort of "old school racism".”

Your language and terminology is tiresomely predictable and woefully typical of the sloganeering of the Marxist Dialectic. ‘Moving forward’, ‘Progressive’ etc are merely Marxist euphemisms for brutal and ruthless social engineering, the Jews call it ‘Tikkun Olam’ or ‘Remaking the World’, designed to convince the ignorant masses that it is all ‘for their own good’ and that they need ‘protecting’ by ever more draconian laws and ever more restrictive regulations on freedom of speech and association and virtually total surveillance.

“There is still too often certain ethnic cliques and ethnocentrism that are sometimes disturbing, sometimes merely annoying. There is in many cases today a PC double standard where whites. especially 'non-ethnic' or 'Angloid' whites are unfairly made to feel 'guilty' or 'priveleged' (sic) for past sins and present day inequalities, both real and imagined. The solution to this is not to nurse an intense hatred of non-Angloid types however. They aren't the enemy."

We are fully cognisant of who the real enemy is and who use all the Non-White Races to run decoy for them. They are the same vile creatures whose Marxist Theory and One World program of Genetic Levelling has inundated the developed Western nations with a Mud Flood of Third World filth in an insidious strategy designed to set their most capable and traditional adversaries (The White Race) against their possible adversaries who are so primitive and disorganised in their normal state as to be no more than an irritant. However, with their rabble rousing and organisation, their lobbying for ‘Human Rights’ equalitarian legislation and the streaming of White Guilt inducing hate propaganda via their various medias the Jews have mobilised a bewilderingly varied ragged army of freaks and misfits all clamouring for their slice of the victimology pie.
"The troublemakers are the people of all races sowing this divisive identity politics crap etc.”

So you are a Utopian Universalist who is in a state of denial. Again, you seek to invoke despair in the victim rather than apportion blame to the instigator. This is a real Jew tactic, the cynical ‘projection’ of guilt onto the target. ‘The Jew always cries out in pain as he strikes you.’

“But, since you are apparently for absolute racial and/or ethnic separatism anyway, why should you (c?)are about it? Identity politics, 'multi-culturalism', and political correctness actually tend to alienate races and ethnicities from one another, so it actually serves your purpose, whether you realize it or not. The leftist academics you hate is much are actually doing more to keep your imaginary 'pure white race' separate from all other groups than you are. I actually have wondered sometimes whether indeed some of the hard core left wingers promoting 'diversity' are actually clever white separatists, using a sneaky runaround socially acceptable tactic to assuring a relative degrees of segregation with socially acceptable - even 'politically correct' - rhetoric.”

"I don't think this is the case however. They are as oblivious to the racial divisions sowed by their politics as you are. Anyway, you seem relatively intelligent."

'Relative' to who or what we wonder...

"It's a shame to waste your time and energy hating people, and is almost invariably self destructive. Let it go. Or at least, know who the real trouble makers are and go after them in the marketplace of ideas, with words. Challenge the ideas of those you disagree with directly. To go around saying "I hate all blacks!" or "the Jews are controlling everything from behind the scenes!" is pointless and irrational. Your (sic) battling phantoms and letting the real 'bogeymen' off the hook.

Oh well, I'm out of time...

So too, quite possibly, is the White Race…

Perhaps of further relevance to our… erm… correspondence here, have you ever thought YOU could be wrong in your assumptions? After all, you have already admitted (relented?) somewhat that you underestimated our intelligence and have clearly misread our socio-political position to some significant degree. We believe you are basing your own position about these matters upon a quite limited, simplistic and ‘stereotypical’ view of what constitutes White Nationalism. It seems to us that your knowledge base is narrow and you might benefit from reading more broadly on the subject matter. This means going outside of the anointed curriculum and being courageous enough to admit that you have not really studied alternative views in any great depth and understand that the narrative has been hijacked long ago by the Chosen Tribe and only their version of History and now even the Sciences is permitted to be disseminated through the media they own. Perhaps we might recommend you read some material by Professor Kevin McDonald for example to aid in your elucidation on matters pertaining to Jewish Ethnocentrism and Supremacism.


Obadiah 1:18 said...

“I don't time to with much more now..."

If you drink and post...

Joe McGrath said...

I intend to address some of the points you raise here when I have more time. Just a couple of quick responses for now:

-I am quite familiar with Kevin McDonald (you are presumably referring to the professor at UC's Long Beach campus). He is considered controversial, more so for his association with certain organizations than for his theories about Jewish ethnocentrism. His ideas about the reaons for Jewish ethnocentrism were actually well relieved even by some prominent Jewish academics. I have independently made man of the same observations as he. You might be surprised to the extent we would agree on the basics with regards to a lot of these issues. One way in which we definitely differ however is that I am turned off by all manifestations of ethnocentrism/tribalism/identity politics. I don't see how one can reasonably comdemn ethnocentrism in other groups while advocating it for their own. You see your race as something to proud of, white lleftists sees their race as something to be ashamed of. I see race as a brute fact, not something to take either pride or shame in.
- Your statement that Jews advocate individualism for other groups but not themselves strikes me as counter to the facts, which ate generally nearly the opposite. Jews tend to encourage the identity politics idea that people are NOT to be seen as individuals but as representatives of their 'tribe' (race, ethnicity, etc.). They tend to advocate identity politics because they feel more secure in a world where they are just one of many groups. This is more or less in line with much of what McDonald has written regarding Jewish ethnocentrism.
-You have a tendency to read it things into my statements that simply aren't there. I have no use for Marxist philosophy and have said nothing consistent with that philosophy. I am generally skeptical of ideologically driven politics but if anything, I am probably closer to libertarian than anything.
-I never assume someone is dumb just because they're racist. There are plenty of smart racists and plenty of stupid 'anti-racists'. That's a simplistic assumption and one I don't make. I also am a lot more familiar with anthropology than you seem to presume.

Oh well, gotta go.

Joe McGrath said...

That was actually a screwed up smartphone autocorrect of "write" to "with". Autocorrect is always DWI.

I see you have a Bible verse as your screen name. Seems odd to me that a 'white nationalist' (assuming that is what you are, this blog being what it is) would be so into a religion of Semitic origin.

If you're a WN and want to believe in fairy tales you might as well be consistent and believe in a Nordic one.

Obadiah 1:18 said...

"Seems odd to me that a 'white nationalist' (assuming that is what you are, this blog being what it is) would be so into a religion of Semitic origin."

That's racist!

"You see your race as something to proud of, white lleftists sees their race as something to be ashamed of."

Is that autocorrect or alcohol-edit?