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US communists attack Boer Genocide victims


March 2 2012 - The US Council of Conservative Citizens’ leader, Dr Sam Francis, warns that an orchestrated campaign has been launched by the radical-communist ‘Occupy’movement in the USA to spread hatespeech and disinformation about the genocide of whites in South Africa under the ANC-regime.

He warned that the Southern Poverty Law Centre not only vehemently denied claims by major international human rights organizations that whites face genocide in South Africa - but that the SPLC also actively attacks any protest groups who claim this; that their highly aggressive activists also spread deliberate disinformation and often spout hatespeech against anyone standing up to protest against the Boer genocide.

Dozens of peaceful protests took place in front of State Capitol buildings across the USA on February 28 2012 -- arranged by the South Africa Project. Only two of these small peaceful protest-groups were violently attacked by left-radical ‘Occupation’ groups.

Thirty-five protestors of the South Africa Project in Sacramento, California were accosted by bottle-throwing ‘Occupy Oakland’ demonstrators whose aggression also injured two California Highway Patrol officers. And one South Africa Project protestor was sprayed with mace (teargas) by a left-wing protestor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The other dozens of protests were peaceful – at some places, one brave soul stood up holding a poster, but protest they did. There were no confrontations other than the two aforementioned ones. In the video below, one can clearly hear the claims shouted by these aggressors against a peaceful demonstration that they were ‘nazis’…

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Background: Occupy movement taken over by Communists:
US communist Lisa Bergmann – some of whose US comrades last year also went to South Africa as guests of the International Communist Youth Movement rallies in Pretoria – picture below -- boasted in a speech to Portuguese communists in Nov. last year that the communists had taken over the Occupy movement for a very specific reason: to get US president Obama relected: Young Communist League USA organizer Lisa Bergmann boasted of this strategy while addressing a gathering of the international communist front World Federation of Democratic Youth in Lisbon Portugal, November 10, 2011: explaining their plans to ‘harness the movement to the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama.’

Bermann explained the Young Communist League’s strategy to get Obama reelected as follows: “…the fight for jobs and for real solutions MUST include re-electing Obama in 2012. It is the role of the YCL to emphasize this wherever we go, and to try to push youth in the Occupy movement and elsewhere who do not want to work with any politicians to understand that being absent from the political process is only allowing the ultra-right wing to build power : her speech and her Face book page

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