Saturday, March 31, 2012

What we've got here... is a failure to communicate.

"Some men you just can't reach"

Joe McGrath said...

“I intend to address some of the points you raise here when I have more time. Just a couple of quick responses for now:
I am quite familiar with Kevin McDonald (you are presumably referring to the professor at UC's Long Beach campus). He is considered controversial, more so for his association with certain organizations than for his theories about Jewish ethnocentrism. His ideas about the reaons (sic) for Jewish ethnocentrism were actually well relieved (sic) even by some prominent Jewish academics. I have independently made man (sic) of the same observations as he. You might be surprised to the extent we would agree on the basics with regards to a lot of these issues. One way in which we definitely differ however is that I am turned off by all manifestations of ethnocentrism/tribalism/identity politics. I don't see how one can reasonably comdemn (sic) ethnocentrism in other groups while advocating it for their own.”
But we NOT condemn ethnocentrism, as such, in Non White groups but only the outrageous hypocrisy of so –called Multiculturalism which forbids it for Whites, labelling it exclusionary and even hateful or ‘Racist' while enthusiastically advocating or even demanding it for all others.
“You see your race as something to proud of, white (sic) lleftists (sic) sees (sic) their race as something to be ashamed of. I see race as a brute fact, not something to take either pride or shame in.”
This is not only so removed from the reality of Human existence as we know it, from long studied History and current studies alike, but is also, if it is indeed a genuinely held belief, such a sad and pathetic form of misguided self-deprecation and miserable fatalism one feels you are a prime candidate for suicide.
“Your statement that Jews advocate individualism for other groups but not themselves strikes me as counter to the facts, which ate (sic) generally nearly the opposite.”
Please provide some evidence for this spurious counter-claim. We have provided reams of facts on this site to support our original statements.
“Jews tend to encourage the identity politics idea that people are NOT to be seen as individuals but as representatives of their 'tribe' (race, ethnicity, etc.). They tend to advocate identity politics because they feel more secure in a world where they are just one of many groups. This is more or less in line with much of what McDonald has written regarding Jewish ethnocentrism.”
Not so. You are deliberately misconstruing what we meant by individualism. There can be no doubt whatsoever that prominent Jews such as Dr. Spock helped destroy the extended family, advocating the so-called ‘nuclear family’ which weakened White Western society while Jews kept their family networks intact.
“You have a tendency to read it (sic) things into my statements that simply aren't there.”
We call it as we see it. If we interpret your words as cultural Marxist claptrap then it matters not a jot if you INTENDED them that way. We have much experience de-coding Red rhetoric.
“I have no use for Marxist philosophy and have said nothing consistent with that philosophy.”
Hrrrmph! Bullshit!
“I am generally skeptical of ideologically driven politics but if anything, I am probably closer to libertarian than anything.”
Claim anything you may about what you self-identify as. It means nothing. We have picked you like a dirty nose and belled the cat for all to hear coming. Leap and prance and squirm all you like. We know you for what you represent so forget all the excuses and intellectualising of your political position and simply come up with something worthwhile debating.
“I never assume someone is dumb just because they're racist.”
Perhaps not, but you are swift to assume they are WRONG which is just as bad.
“There are plenty of smart racists”
We believe the Hollywood term is ‘evil genius’ and is usually assigned to German National Socialists.
“and plenty of stupid 'anti-racists'. That's a simplistic assumption and one I don't make. I also am a lot more familiar with anthropology than you seem to presume.”
Oh well, gotta go.”
Well, let’s face it, fundamentally you have no logical, let alone moral, argument to present as any effective opposition to Racial Nationalism. It all just makes such perfect sense. The very essence of life and existence itself is separatist in nature and not integrationist. All entities, be they sentient or otherwise, seek independence, the freedom to associate with their own kind and to grow and prosper and reap the benefits of their efforts for themselves and their ilk. The term ‘The selfish gene’ explains this self-evident truth in one line. According to Richard McCulloch for example ‘Altruism equals the quest for non-existence’. Excellence comes from separatism and specialisation of the fittest. It’s Eugenics 101. Multiculturalism can only ever result in Dysgenics and death.
We appreciate how difficult it must be to accept that one’s ‘ideas’ and ‘concepts’ are not one’s own at all but are rather psychologically limiting implants designed by social engineers to truncate one’s intellectual freedom, cerebral activities and corral even the most ardent believers in ‘free thinking’ and ‘critical analysis’ into artificially imposed boundaries that ensure quite predictable outcomes and ‘conclusions’ but this is sadly the case for approximately 95% of population.

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