Friday, April 27, 2012

Anti antifa notes 2012.

Well folks here is something you WONT read over at Australia's number one (only one)State Run Anti Racist/Anarchist site Slackbastard. Nope you wont read about this in @ndy Slackbastards "Antifa Notes" and updates. 

Once the Jew spell is lifted from the followers of these Zionist Run State controlled dissent groups, people such as @ndy Slackbastard will surely be the first ones to taste the hate of the gangs they have created.


A vicious Marxist gang known as “Antifa” has staged violence attacks all over Europe. The group calls itself “anti-racist” and targets members of right-wing groups. Members of the gang routinely cross national borders to commit violent assaults. One of the ongoing projects of the gang in Germany is to vandalize Thor Steinar clothing stores. The group claims that the Arab-owned clothing line caters to “Nazis” by putting Viking/Norse imagery on some of their t-shirts.

However, a group of Antifa gangbangers got some poetic justice when a mob of Kurdish immigrants stormed their Berlin gang house and brutally beat members with baseball bats. The attack occurred just days ago. The Kurdish immigrants simply wanted to attack some white people, any white people.
Members of “Antifa” have a gang headquarters called “Hausprojekt Scherer 8″ in an immigrant ghetto in Berlin. Across the street from the Antifa gang house is home base for a violent Kurdish drug gang called the “Street Fighters.”

The Kurdish gang demanded protection money from the Antifa gang. They refused. The Kurds waited for the Antifa gang to through a big party. Then 30 members of the Kurdish gang stormed the Antifa house wielding baseball bats and began brutally beating them. The Kurds also smash windows and destroyed furniture and a bar.

Here is the Berlin Antifa gang members one month ago.

This is from the Berlin Antifa gangs’ youtube channel. It was recorded last month. Notice the thugs all wear masks to hide their identity.  Many of the people you see in this video are the actual victims of the rampage by the Kurds

The following night two members of a band that perform at the Antifa gang house were attacked by Kurds. Police say the Kurdish gang is well-known to them and all of its members have been arrested for violent crimes in the past. Police say the leaders of Street Fighters, Ahmed A., was recently beaten up by the Berlin chapter of the Hells Angels.

Members of Antifa in Berlin, who normally love to scream tough guy slogans to the media, are refusing interviews. The major German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote the Antifa website is urging members to stay away from its Berlin gang house. The newspaper quotes a white female “with dreadlocks” as saying she is leaving the area for fear of “Kurdish and Arab mafia.” The newspaper states “the left’s worldview is faltering.”

A similar thing occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2001.
The same thing happened during Cincinnati Race riots. Members of a self-described “anti-racist” gang urged members in e-mails to join the Black rioters. One e-mail told White “anti-racists” to try to get in front of media cameras so it could not be said that the rioters were “all Black.” At least two members of the gang did in fact join the Black rioters and were brutally beaten. A follow-up e-mail later announced that two of their members had been brutally beaten and lamented that the Black rioters did not understand that the “anti-racists” were simply trying to help them. One of the thugs is actually visible in a youtube video made by the CofCC. He is wearing a mask and standing in the middle of a bunch of hard-core black gangbangers waving a sign. He was later brutally beaten for being white after the media cameras left.

My favorite comment on the Berlin antifa video.  

"Also this group of racist seen in the video no longer exist, 30 Kurds just tinked 50 of them all in their little racist brains with baseball bats. The police siad the anti-fascist were screaming and crying and begging for mercy. And said they were going to press charges at the hospital."

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