Friday, April 13, 2012

Greens Party leadership to be hung for treason.

Today a Rooster tomorrow a feather duster.

Oh I wish. But we take what we can ok.

Bob Brown resigns as Greens leader!


THE political champion of the environmental movement, Bob Brown, today stood down as Greens Leader and will quit Parliament in June after 16 years in the Senate.

He will be replaced by his deputy and fellow Tasmanian Christine Milne.

Welcome to's live blog. Full details of Bob Brown's departure below, from National Political Editor Malcolm Farr. Stay tuned for the latest updates, reaction and analysis.

So its good bye to the Nation wrecker Bob Brown. Now I wonder what job he has in mind next?


Obadiah 1:18 said...

Bob Brown believes that sticking his willy in another man's rectum is something to be cherished. As with all homosexuals, his deranged view of life and the world infected everything he said and did. His party's policies, if implemented, would have hurled Australia back into the stone age. In a healthy, sane society, there would be no Green Party, and sodomites like Brown wouldn't dare poke their head out the closet door, much less be able to run for political office.

Anonymous said...

Dear Norway,

Please send us Anders Brevik.

He is needed in Australia immediately.

Whitelaw Towers said...

What so that he can destroy what is left of the White Nationalist movement of this country? He killed his own people what is so dignified and admirable about that?

Best search on WLT "The Zionist take over of White Nationalism"

Anonymous said...

In a sane society Bob Brown and his ilk would be publicly humiliated than hung for treason.