Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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On this solemn day of remembrance for fallen soldiers, ruthlessly murdered in the fratricidal First Great European Civil War cynically contrived by alien parasites and their collaborators among the Euro elite, the insidious agenda of the Global Multi-Cult grinds inexorably onward with its current stage of WRT (White Replacement Therapy) entering a deeper phase of activity. As one perambulates about our increasingly decadent and depraved Rainbow City of Sydney, despite its rich White European History surviving in plain sight of all, one is struck by the sheer overwhelming numbers of Mud filth. Whites are very effectively, and at an exponentially increasing rate, being ethnically cleansed from the inner urban and suburban areas.
The examples of miscegenation, particularly where the male is White and the female Asian is at pandemic proportions. It is as if some vile and virulent disease has drifted miasma-like on the foul winds and infected the souls of the young as well as the old males of our Race. Far less prevalent but equally as disturbing is the increasing pairing of White females with primitive Mud Race males, despite the wealth of information available which has seeped through the Controlled Media and MultiCult Industry’s filters about the dire consequences of interracial marriage particularly to Black males. The well documented cases of infidelity, financial irresponsibility, verbal and physical abuse and, ultimately, murder is off the scale when compared to their occurrence in White/White relationships.
These statistics are not secret or hidden as such, they are simply ignored and avoided by the so-called ‘investigative journalists’ who pride themselves on digging up dirt because, despite the fact this material is stunningly newsworthy and would sell papers and air time like nothing else, it is considered ‘unhelpful’, ‘divisive’ and even ‘hateful’ because it inconveniently fails to support the Politically Correct concept of the ‘Proposition Nation’.
This is where we observe the peculiar phenomenon of the ‘Hate Fact’. This is where, in our Orwellian Socio-Political dystopia, we must never speak of certain things, however true and accurate they might be, because they offend the prevailing dogma of the MultiCult.     
Today we see the Humanist Equalitarian Internationalists destroying the last vestiges of ethnic sovereignty through their creation of ‘economic zones’ where former Nation/Countries are reduced to mere geo-specific plantations, labour concentration camps, their indigenous occupants mixed and blended beyond recognition by the forced importation of Third Worlders. Their cultural life diluted and even expunged, their internal economies wrecked by the unsustainable strain on their welfare systems by the invading leeches, their original ethnicities walking on eggshells so as not to ‘offend’ the ‘traditions’ and ‘customs’ of the invaders and to avoid prosecution under ever more draconian legislation drafted by an evil alliance of indigenous traitors, United Nations criminals and ‘community leaders’ from among the interlopers.    
On the subject of what constitutes a Nation, Pat Buchanan said: “An economic union like the European Union is not a nation. An economy is not a country. An economic system should strengthen the bonds of national union, but the nation is of a higher order than the construct of any economist. A nation is organic; a nation is alive. A constitution does not create a nation. A nation writes a constitution that is the birth certificate of the nation already born in the hearts of its people.
Nation, as suggested by its Latin root nascere, to be born, intrinsically implies a link by blood, wrote Peter Brimelow in National Review in 1992. A nation in a real sense is an extended family. The merging process through which all nations pass is not merely cultural, but to a considerable extent biological through intermarriage. Brimelow describes a nation as an "ethno-cultural community”--an interlacing of ethnicity and culture, that speaks one language.”
The existence of White Flight is even acknowledged by the most moronic of the Controlled Media drones, although, of course, it is totally misrepresented as elitist, snobby, privileged or ‘racist’ Whites wanting to maintain a version of Apartheid Lite. The fact is that when the chips are down in the grim and gritty game is survival, and gaol is apparently a perfect example of this, people follow their genetic imperatives and associate with their own Racial/Ethnic kin.
It is unfortunate that by the time this natural instinct kicks in, like the ‘fight or flight’ reaction, it is usually too late. Our Folk have not only been bullied by P.C. into recognising hazards and seeing destructive actions and elements for what they are but have also been denuded of their powers of prescience. They are like rabbits in the headlights. All instinctive reactions that would normally result from group identity have been suppressed and delegitimised by Cultural Marxist Political Correctness. It is like an organism having its immune system totally deactivated. It simply cannot survive, let alone prevail in the struggle to exist.          
While largely culturally and spiritually dead, the bricks and mortar, sandstone and steel corpses of White Australia stand amidst the gaudy ‘proposition nation’ kitsch of Clover’s Sydney like awkward and embarrassing reminders of the more civilised, traditional and authentic days of yore.   
The irony is not lost on your Old Uncle Victor that the Communist Jack Mundy’s ‘Green Bans’ of the Seventies saved much of this White colonial architectural heritage from the wrecking ball of the rapacious developers. One wonders how comfortably this recent history sits with the more hard core radical haters of the Red Left. No doubt the currently predominant Sino denizens of inner Sydney are itching to run the dozers through the surviving evidence of European Colonial civilisation and erect the forest of high rise concrete ghettoes to which they are accustomed.     
TV presenter eggnogged over neo-Nazi guest (VIDEO)
“A Greek TV host has become the target of a massive egg-and-yoghurt attack carried out by leftist activists angry that he had invited a member of a neo-Nazi party onto his show the previous week.
­Panagiotis Vourhas was interviewing a local politician on Friday when a group of 17 intruders with their faces hidden behind handkerchiefs broke into the studio, Associated Press reports, citing private channel Epiros TV1.
The video from the Epiros TV1 shows the disgruntled presenter cleaning his laptop as protesters keep pelting him with eggs and yoghurt.
Last week, Vourhas invited a spokesman from the openly neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party onto his show. Its members have been accused of carrying out acts of violence and hate crimes against illegal immigrants, political opponents and ethnic minorities in Greece.
The ultra-nationalist party is credited with the support more than five per cent of voters in recent polls.”
No news as to any arrests of the Red Filth or what charges they might be hit with. Don’t bother holding your breath for justice on this one. The criminal filth of the Red Left are a protected species, ironically, or perhaps not, provided with assurance to commit their crimes with impunity by the very System they profess to oppose.
Worthy of note also is the fact that Ross ‘The Skull’ May served real gaol time for lobbing an egg at the hatefully loathsome militant Feminist lunatic Germaine Greer and, allegedly, striking her square between the eyes. Perhaps his conviction was based largely on him being a stubbornly unreconstructed evil wicked Nazi.
A recent example of the incessant background static that sustains the increasingly irrelevant Holocaust Mythos and illustrates perfectly not only the deep conditioning and successful inculcation of the Disinfo but also the sheer clumsy desperation with which the shills will spruik its lurid tales in a seeming effort to keep the lie alive and appear ‘sensitive’ and ‘insightful’ in the process.
ABC Radio National’s interviewer, the Crypto-Jew Richard Feidler, was discussing on his ‘The Conversation Hour’ show with a marine expert, of all things, how Parrot Fish hide in holes and crevices from marauding Reef Sharks and blurted out, as he is oft wont to do during his excited and gushing interviewing style, possibly the most preposterous ‘analogy’ your Old Uncle Victor has ever heard, and he’s heard a few. He actually said, and we kid you not here gentle reader, that it reminded him of Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis! Poor little innocent Anne Frank, trembling in her hidey hole from those evil, twisted and wicked Gestapo agents and maniacally genocidal SS men.     
If this utterly absurd analogy was indeed a genuinely impromptu and uncontrived comment then this speaks volumes for the penetration of HoloHoax lore deep into the subconscious of the bovine true believers. It quite obviously sits, like a dormant but opportunistic virus, ready to reinfect the psyche of the host at a moment’s notice and manifest as the most embarrassingly puerile parroting of the anointed version of Hystery.
Similarly we are increasingly regaled with Marxist Revisionist versions about the origins of the Second Great European Civil War and the reasons so many millions of our brethren on both sides were ruthlessly murdered at the instigation of the Chosenites. Many so-called ‘Historians’ today will claim, like the evil ex-Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair, that the so-called ‘Second World War’ was fought “to save the Jews from Genocide”!!! Really? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Even the most casual study of the FACTS show that Hitler merely wanted access to the territories illegally seized by the allies at the end of the First War, that he wanted peace, and even an alliance, with Britain, that he recognised the threat posed by Soviet Russia which ultimately resulted in his pre-emptive strike of Operation Barbarossa which is portrayed as ‘betrayal’ to Stalin, even though the records show that Stalin had at least One Hundred Divisions positioned along the borders in offensive formations ready to go. Hitler did not declare war on Britain and France. THEY declared war in HIM after he invaded the arrogant and recalcitrant Poland, which was incessantly violating the German border merely to ensure the establishment of the ‘Danzig Corridor’ so he could re-unite the German Folk of that stolen city with their brethren along with other ethnic Germans in East Prussia and other regions.   
So why the persistent lies? The answer is that the Third Reich MUST always be shown to be the aggressor because they dared to expel the Chosenites. For this they must forever be punished. Even the allies are now being accused of wilful blindness to the so-called Holocaust or even complicity. How is that for chutzpah? We lay down the lives of tens of millions of our folk and it is not good enough. ALL Goyim must pay at the exchange rate of a thousand Goyim to one Jewish fingernail as laid down in the Talmud.    
Certain politicians and ‘celebrities’ in Australia have claimed it was “to stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the World”!!! Really? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Others have claimed our soldiers fought “to protect Multiculturalism”.!!! This is how ludicrous it can get.   
How would the fallen Diggers, put in their graves by the vicious Japanese during the Forties, feel about the Asianisation of Australia today in 2012? Could they speak, would they be proud or disgusted at what has become of the Nation and the way of life they fought so desperately to protect? Any intellectually honest and morally courageous person would have to answer with a resounding NO!!! Those brave and noble soldiers would be absolutely outraged at the betrayal and the contemptuous waste of their efforts by today’s traitorous politicians.   
Lest We Forget

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... G'day folks, found this today , 4 short vids by a fellow called Jonathan Bowden, articulate and down the line as to where we are at, he recently died hence a few vids popping up about him, it's out of the U K but there is no denying the blueprint. This Melbourne is not the Melbourne I came into in 1971 [ a fresh faced pom off the boat], have returned after a 35 year stint in Darwin but heard it is going the same way up there, picked up in the last 4 years, somalis etc ... Dave in multiculti melb