Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Birth of a New Nation in Greece?

Greece's far-right group, Golden Dawn, is set to claim up to 21 seats in parliament, just three years after capturing just 0.2 per cent of the vote in the country's last general election. And its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has put the party's anti-immigration stance at the centre of its plan to tackle endemic economic problems.
 Hail The New Dawn!
Well its early days folks. What we can attest to so far is that you don't need to sell out on your principles or water down your beliefs to wrestle back your nation from Zionist control. Hell even if you are sharing it with a bunch of Communist. Chances are like so many other good folk who have fallen for the Scam called Communism, many will no doubt jump ship in the next three years and join the ranks of the Golden Dawn in Greece. That's the funny thing with people who dabble in such misleading movements like Communism, Marxism. Once they grow up, or truly look at what it represents they generally join the ranks of the Ultra Nationalists or simply walk away.

The interesting thing is that when you have to share the stage as we will see in Greece, true Patriotic groups such as Golden Dawn will have the perfect opportunity to sell its message. Working outside of the media and the State controlled Left Wing appointed University professors and Sayanim is a great head start. I think this Blog will follow as best we can over the next few years what happens in Greece. We look forward to witnessing how it will affect other  Right Wing Political movements in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America.

Golden Dawn's rhetoric resonates with Greeks who blame rising crime on the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flocking to the country's porous borders.

Nine out of 10 illegal immigrants entering the European Union in 2010 arrived in Greece, largely from Turkey by land or sea. Last year Italy took the top spot due to a jump in arrivals of people fleeing the Arab Spring upheaval. Nevertheless, Greece has more than one million immigrants, legal and illegal, in a country of 11 million people.

West African hawkers are a common sight on the streets of Athens, playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the police. However, many are also from Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Africa, hoping to make their way to more prosperous EU countries to the north where work is available. The party's community-based efforts and anti-politician talk have also won fans among Greeks bristling with anger at an entire political class which they see as corrupt and self-serving, analysts say.

With repeated waves of wage and pension cuts to save the country from bankruptcy, Greece has sunk into its deepest recession since World War II. "It's not that Greeks became right-wing overnight," said Thomas Gerakis, head of the Marc pollster group. "They just want to send a message to the political system as a whole."

Golden Dawn's candidates are not career politicians; they include farmers, shepherds, workers and retired army officers.


In working class neighborhoods of Athens, Golden Dawn has been quietly building itself up as a friendly, reliable face among hard-hit Greeks that the state has failed to help. For over a year, party members have given needy families bags of rice and pasta, olive oil and clothes in cartons labeled: "I vote for Golden Dawn to clean up the place" and "For Athens to become Greek again".

Former Socialist voter Katerina Karousi, a 76-year old cancer patient, broke down in sobs when party members showed up at her doorstep with large bags of food on Friday morning. "I hear they are doing nice things for people. Why not vote for them?" said her husband, 79-year old Andreas Karoussis. On their way out, a Golden Dawn member bade the couple farewell with: "Call us if you need anything - I mean anything."

At another stop, 41-year-old Constantina Tassiou looked bewildered and overwhelmed as Golden Dawn members piled clothes and supermarket bags at her doorstep. "It's the first time someone has brought us clothes and food. Only the church has helped us so far," said Tassiou, an epilepsy sufferer whose family lives on her welfare benefits. "I'll vote for Golden Dawn, maybe it's time for something new." Elsewhere, Golden Dawn escorts the elderly who are wary of immigrants to bank ATMs, said spokesman Elias Panagiotaros.

"For the Communists we are Nazis, for the Socialists we are fascists and for the conservatives we are extreme right," said Nas, a Golden Dawn member who declined to give his last name. "Let them call me what they want. I do what I do with honor." The following item was despatched today to the Athens offices of Golden Dawn from the leader of Australia First: 

Fraternal Greetings To The Golden Dawn I would extend, on behalf of the National Council of the Australia First Party, our congratulations on the stunning electoral results of Golden Dawn. The presence of Golden Dawn in the Greek parliament and directly amongst the Greek community in defence of their proud identity and their social rights, can only deepen the Greek national resistance to the economic terrorism of the local puppets of the New World Order system. We look forward to the further development of your party.

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