Monday, May 14, 2012

Just another day for the Jew Rat Media and its State Sponsored Anarchist Allies.

I don't know about you folks but I get a little sick and tired of so called Intellectual Anarchist re Jewish Left Wing Radicals. These self proclaimed anonymous leaders of the radical left who call the sheeple to arms or agitate an already complicated issue are what we could call the modern day Snake Oil Salesman or Carpetbagger.

Yes we have been around long enough at WLT to witness how many of these Australian Anarchists have bragged in the past about their MSM contacts and other influential contacts in State and Federal law enforcement. In fact all of the Australian Radical Left who furiously type away on blogs and forums with malicious lies to discredit, all have a few things in common. Their Jewish ancestry or their common love of the Legal profession and certain members of Parliament. Yes they can go from throwing petrol bombs to sharing a  a glass of Chardonnay and a line or two of Cocaine faster than a cat can lick its own arse. Their Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Its a sad day when the people they accuse of being "White Supremacist" or "Nazis" have more to say about people of color suffering under the boot of Zionism than they do.  That is unless those people of color are oppressed by some MSM invented "NAZI". You see these people are just the State run alternative media for the those of the Left who think  the MSM is a little "right of center". Funny because the alternative media they love so much is just selling the same dog turd,  just that the dog turd they are getting is wrapped in a cool Che Guevara flag with some hip music to go along with it. 

Seriously how can the media get away with using info sourced from a fictional character? In one certain case the State funded alternative Radio Station JJJ interviewed one of these Sayanim and introduced it as a respected source, at the same time flogging its tabloid website off to their listeners as a well researched credible Anarchist information source. I mean come on, interviewing so called experts under a false name with zero credentials. A web site that just reprints the MSM news and an opinion on everything but Israel.. Yeah thats sounds unbiased?

Dont think for a minute that these Sayanim dont know the truth. They spend their life trawling the internet for anything supplied by the MSM to back the State run agenda. They have no solutions, they are the Tabloid Left Wing waging a war for the benefit of a few, or is that Jew?  Anyway....

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A Putz said...

Why won't this obviously traumatised writer detail to his audience the fact that Judaism includes a construct for non- jews, Goyim, known as Noachide Law to be adjudicated by a Jewish Sannhedrin out of Jerusalem Israel Judaism declares that there is no place in the world to come for those who refuse Noahidiocy... The death penalty applies to the recalcitrant to ensure it. Judaism REQUIRES that Jews set up courts to administer the affairs of the "Goyim". That is verifiable fact people.

The most recent attempt at imposed Noachide Law appears to have been in Russia 1917. Millions who refused, or were likely to, appear to have been murdered pre-emptively in accordance with Rabbinical dictat.

Perhaps Helen Watchirs and Joy Burch might consider suggesting to us the legal mechanisms that we could use to prevent a repeat a Noachide killing field. Self determination and attempts to avoid forced participation in Judaism are effectively declared by this current Government as 'racism', 'hatred' and the domain of the 'mentally ill', all political mechanisms we've heard before perhaps ? They are little more that heresy laws designed to silence those who demand accountability and open courts where all evidence is admissible in an effort to discover the truth of matters.

Where's the journalistic integrity Canberra Times. Are you collectively ignorant or just complicit or perhaps scared shitless in fear of consequences.