Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WLT Greek Correspondent reports.

A Greek correspondent and new contributor to Whitelaw Towers has been studying closely the Greek and world press concerning the Greek crisis and the position of Golden Dawn, he writes.

"This election will stress Golden Dawn because of the financial pressure. Nonetheless, the cheap attempt to damage the party by taking down its website has been dealt with. The activists of Golden Dawn are a determined as ever to repeat its 7% vote and its win of 21 seats in the parliament.

When the media mentions Golden Dawn at all, they quickly talk it down Golden Dawn, saying that voters are being drawn away because they realise what an extremist party it is. They point to opinion polls that now put the party on 4%. Of course, before the last election the highest vote the party was credited with was

5.2%. But whatever happens after the election, Golden Dawn will be a permanent fixture in Greek politics, not just in parliament, but more importantly in the street.

Otherwise, there has been a tight ring of strict silence imposed around Golden Dawn, in an effort to isolate it from the Greek people. Today (Tuesday 22/05/2012), I saw in the news the leaders of all political Parties visiting the commissioned-for-the-elections PM of Greece Mr. Pikramenos. There Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn, had the opportunity to briefly speak to the Mass Media. He mentioned that "Europe intervenes in to the internal politics of Greece by supporting the two old and corrupted parties and by blackmailing the voters to chose either austerity or catastrophe". It seems like he needs the Greek people to further clear up for him the political ground from the big parties. This would simplify his fight with the neo-governing-Left and ultimately he will have it for breakfast. The Media had to show Mr. Michaloliakos in this case because they were obliged to by the Greek Law.

I do not know if this wall of almost absolute silence would be of any help for the establishment; as from now on the Golden Dawn has substantial and strong roots in the Greek society and this relationship is irreversible. Moreover, in these new growing conditions, the imposed silence from above can add some kind of aura of attractive mysticism around the GD that may instead work in its favour and raise its current percentage of 7% representation in the Parliament and even supersede the 10%. Yet, this is only a supposition for nothing can be said for sure. This is an unprecedented situation for Greece where everything is in play and the Golden Down is the only "wild card" in the game.

The Greek establishment and the whole New World Order system are terrified by the impact of Golden Dawn.  One British minister said that 'extremism' and 'xenophobia' was the issue for Europe if Greece should leave the Eurozone.

The Zionists have called for a ban on Golden Dawn. That was inevitable. They have also called for restrictions on all European nationalist movements. The German government is again trying to ban the National Democratic Party, an attempt that will probably fail. But all nationalists must be on guard.

The support that Golden Dawn has in the police and the military is large. Half of the Greek police voted for Golden Dawn

The emergence of Golden Dawn onto the political stage in Greece is good news for the Greeks. The 437,000 nationalist voters of May 6 are a fact of life. The other partly nationalist party 'Greek Orthodox Rally' won 183,000 votes (massively down from 2009 - with most probably going to Golden Dawn) and most of those will probably defect to Golden Dawn next month.

The Left in Greece is split and much of it is like the Left in Australia really very liberal. The old Communist Party (KKE) is losing voters in tough working class areas. Some might even vote for Golden Dawn over the issue of immigration. If the Left wins the election and refuses to pay the Euro bankers, they could bring on a major financial crisis. But we should wonder about their credentials.

On the other hand Mr. Tsipras head of SYRIZA (the Radical Left) has become a media magnet in Europe, considered by some journalists as a "charismatic leader". How could someone who has never lead the opposition and suddenly with the new circumstances be put  to the front of the political scenery. Is the "New World Order" grooming him as a potential Prime Minister and therefore he is said to be charismatic. Yet, he changes his policy almost daily - I do not know, but I suspect the man simply is a classic opportunist, the last card of the NWO, and nothing more than just that. It seems like History bound him to be in the final analysis,a piece of cake for Mr. Michaloliakos.

The end of the New World Order money system is the thing that might just bring nationalists to power - and not just in Greece."

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