Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great Holocaust Debate! Dont miss it folks.

DEBATE between Roberto Muehlenkamp and Friedrich Paul Berg

A two-hour radio debate on the Deanna Spingola Radio Show is scheduled for June 22, 2012 between myself and Roberto Muehlenkamp beginning at 11 AM, Chicago time. Mr. Muehlenkamp is well known to many on the internet as the most passionate defender of the holocaust hoax. For all his shortcomings, at least Muehlenkamp has been standing up to debate the subject matter over many years. The absurdity and utter hopelessness of his position is, however, shown by two of his own essays which are part of a huge book by Muehlenkamp and others that appears on the Holocaust Controversies Blog. The two essays are: “The Gassing Engine: Diesel or Gasoline?” and “Corpse Color.” Both essays are desperate attempts to make sense out of the almost countless lies and absurdities of self-described “eyewitnesses” to Nazi mass gassings which, in fact, never happened. The essays are like straws for drowning men. Muehlenkamp and his ilk are drowning in an ocean of lies and pseudo-science, much of it of their own making. They are also boring their readers to death. Try to guess what my counter arguments will be. The answers are all here on this homepage of my website. Catch the “DEBATE” anyway!

An all-important essay of mine from 1984 which Muehlenkamp referred to (his Reference #1 under “The Gassing Engine...”) but for which he failed to provide a link is: “Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth.” Contrary to the blatant lies Muehlenkamp packed into the last two paragraphs of his “Gassing Engine” essay (he actually accuses me and others of “hypocrisy” and “dogmatism”), I certainly did deal with the fact that exterminationists seemed to be switching from diesels to gasoline engines as the source of carbon monoxide, already in 1984. In my 1984 essay I wrote:

The new "revised" version of the holocaust story is actually more absurd than the old version. Although it might be remotely possible for an engineer to have mistaken a gasoline engine for a Diesel engine, how could anyone possibly have mistaken "red" for "blue"? Perhaps they were all color blind - we will just have to wait and see. No doubt, we will see many more attempts by desperate men to hold together a crumbling patchwork of lies.

The Diesel gas chamber claim is rubbish - apparently some of the exterminationists themselves recognize that now. However, the alternate claim that gasoline engine exhaust was used instead is rubbish also.

Contrary to what Muehlenkamp et al want to believe, I have never been “demonstratively opposed,” or opposed in any other way either, to what they regard as a “proper revision of history.” I am absolutely thrilled that they are digging an ever deeper hole for themselves. They have trapped themselves with the utter stupidity of their own revised, false claims and anemic arguments. They are revising themselves into oblivion.

Please be sure to also read this homepage as well as the latest version of my essay about Diesel Gas Chambers on this website:

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