Friday, June 22, 2012

Hildebrand the Hater Part II

Call your kindly old Uncle Victor a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ (God knows everyone else has) but he’s convinced there must be a crack team of Zionist talent scouts out there (attached to The Mossad of course) who spot, and while nurturing the careers of the likes of Hildebrand, groom them as social wreckers and culture destroyers. 
Not only but also, for the information of Joe Hildebrand, the following etymology of the terms ‘Racists’ and ‘Racism’ taken from the independent White online source Metapedia should supplement his already great familiarity with the concept of so-called ‘Racism’, embedded as it is in the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud, without doubt the most spiteful and hateful tome ever printed. Yet this is the text, the cultural handbook, the style guide, the day by day instruction manual that codifies the manner with which a Jew will conduct his or her life that is taught in Synagogue and Shul.      
“The term ‘racists’ was first coined in print by Leiba Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky, a communist Jew and mass murderer, in a 1930 piece called the ‘History of the Russian Revolution’ (translated into English in 1932). He coined the term in a paragraph where he is mocking what he called “Slavophilism”, which Trotsky claims is the “messianism of backwardness”. In the same breath, the paragraph on the so-called ‘racists’ also speaks of “Teutonic jackasses”, thus from the very beginning the term came from the mouth of a Communist Jew in a thoroughly Europhobic context. He continues on in a 1933 piece about German socialism, speaking of ‘racism’. The -ism itself was popularised largely due to Magnus Hirschfeld, a co-racialist of Trotsky and Sexual Bolshevist agitator in Berlin, in the 1934 work ‘Racism’.”
Also worthy of note is that the Wikipedia entry on the term ‘Supremacism’ mentions (predictably enough) ‘White Supremacism’, ‘Arab Supremacism’, ‘Yamato or Japanese Supremacism’ and even ‘Black Muslim Supremacism’ but curiously, or perhaps not, not even a passing reference to ‘Jewish Supremacism’, a glaring    omission that would certainly greatly disappoint the Palestinians and presumably surprise Joe Hildebrand who is obviously in a state of deep denial regarding the heinous crimes of his fellow tribesmen.        

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Anonymous said...

So, whenever I point out to the APP on their site that Hildebrand's primary motivation for his anti-White diatribes is his Jewish chauvanism, my comments get promptly deleted from their site.

As much as I admire their balls to get out and street protest where AF rarely does, they really need to release that shows such as "Dumb Drunk, Racist" are the end result when Jews reach influential positions in the media, judiciary, edcuation and politics. I suppose their rational is that, if they are seen opposing the evils of Jewry, they will be just discounted by the sheeple as "Nazis". However this is a tag that ANYONE standing for White rights is inevitably going to wear. Hodges, Conner, et al were all happy to start out their 'nationalist' careers on Stormfront, BTW, the nets premier White Nationalist website. The APP needs to rid itself of its Judeophilia befor it can anywhere near call itself a Protectionist of White rights.

It will be intersting to see what Jew Hildebrand says about them in the upcoming episode.

Billy the heretic sums up Hildebrands Jewish Nazism in a nutshell.