Friday, June 29, 2012

Hildebrand the Hater stubbornly maintains the Anti-White narrative

After viewing the second episode of the ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’ Europhobic propaganda piece on ABC 2 it is glaringly apparent that Joe ‘The Hater’ Hildebrand not only needs a big lesson in truth telling but also a course in recent Australian History. The Indian ‘cast’ range from the shrewishly arrogant and downright nasty (Call Centre Drone Mahima Bhardwaj) to the sanguinely supercilious (Radhika Budhwar) to the clueless ‘expert’ (News Reader Gurmeet Chaudhary) to the perennially startled and spontaneously lachrymose (Law Student Amer Singh).

The call centre drongo in particular epitomises the time honoured stereotype that most thinking Anglos have embedded in their minds, underwritten by bitter experience, of the classic Indian, abrasive, argumentative, arrogant, demanding, pushy, pretty much like a Brown Jew. It is worth noting here that the universally despised Gypsies originated in the Indian sub-continent and were infamous for cheating, lying and stealing. Any Racial Realist knows that crime has an ethnicity and that much criminal behaviour is genetically determined.

Thankfully, viewing of this outrageously biased propaganda will be largely limited to the usual suspects, the regular Left Wing ‘luvvies’ of the Gay Bee Cee ‘family’ and other loopy, Marxist moonbats. As Joe Boy told his pet Indians ‘all about’ the Cronulla ‘Riot’ (apparently it was just a ‘misunderstanding’ between a group of ‘soccer’ players on the beach and a couple of Lifesavers that ‘escalated and got out of hand’) he omitted to mention either the very long lead up to the incident or the so-called ‘reprisal’ attacks which lasted for several weeks after.

No mention of the decades long friction mounting between disenfranchised, displaced and often abused and assaulted local Aussies and the swelling hordes of arrogant Arab gangsters.

No mention of the notorious Skaf brothers and their Islamic Rape Gang’s reign of terror on White Women with dozens of Hate Crimes perpetrated against Whites, both male and female, by copycat Muslim ‘brothers’ with their own similar agendas.

No mention of the six Pakistani Doctor’s boys, the so-called ‘Khan’ brothers, who pack raped Tegan Wagner and several other White girls in another series of Anti-White Race Hate Crimes. The filth are still protected to this day with code names. No mention of the fact that Gunnamatta Park had been, for several years prior to the Cronulla People Power Protest, rendered a no-go zone for Whites on the weekends and that White Females in particular were targeted for the worst abuse.

No mention of the huge convoys of Arabic ‘yoofs’ that would form up in Bankstown shopping centre, Punchbowl or Lakemba parks and regularly descend upon The Sutherland Shire in their little souped up Jap shit-boxes, stereos blaring ‘doof-doof’ noise pollution or Radio Beirut while they ‘drifted’ their way about the streets playing their road hogs games and boosting their little boys egos with brutal intimidation tactics on the locals.

No mention of the swaggering Arabic thugs with hideous haircuts, zero dress sense, oily features and noses that would shame a camel crossed the Alfords Point Bridge and poured down the so-called ‘Middle Eastern Distributor’ then over the (controversial) Woronora Bridge to monster the Whitest region of Sydney. This outrageously obvious provocation by this ‘occupying army’ had been suffered in relative silence for years, Anglo Saxons are notoriously slow to anger, however, when they snap, they go like a king sized bungee cord. No mention of the rappin’, gun totin’, drug dealin’ Granville Boys High scum and the ‘Australia Under New Management’ website.

No mention of the so-called ‘Bikie Gangs’ being taken over by mad Arabs. No mention of the fact that this so-called ‘riot’ in Cronulla had none of the hallmarks of similar ‘Racial tensions’ in Africa, Asia, India or the Middle East, it had no random gunfire, no mutilated corpses being dragged through town by victorious ‘Racists’, no cups of acid thrown in the faces of women, no ‘ethnic cleansing’ of surrounding suburbs, no Police Stations besieged and firebombed by bloodthirsty mobs, no Churches or Mosques or Temples burned to the ground. No mention of the Indian ‘Caste’ system where the multi-tiered hierarchy ranges from the light skinned and ‘sophisticated’ Bollywood types who could pass for Mediterranean Europeans all the way down to the primitive, flat nosed Negroids who might have emerged from the worst African shit-hole.

No mention of the prolonged vicious war of ethnic cleansing that resulted in the separate hostile states of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from what had previously been the Marxist dream of a ‘Multicultural’ paradise. Or was this all the wicked White Man’s doing…again? So you’ll excuse us, wontcha Joe, if we ‘Rednecks’ just swig another big slug of beer, turn up Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ on the Ute’s stereo, hock a big loogie of chew baccy on the long suffering Staffy’s head and call ‘Bullshit!’ on your Talmudic tripe. Yee Hargh!

F.O.A.D. Joe…


Obadiah 1:18 said...

We're all waiting with bated breath for the show Joe will doubtless devote to the drunken Abo attack on his fine Jewish person. If Joe's any thing, it's impartial.

Obadiah 1:18 said...

Incidentally, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Indians. Having had the terrible misfortune of working with them, I've found them to a be a thoroughly manic, irritating, pedantic, domineering, and generally obnoxious race of people. They're like supercharged Jews, only worse.

jaxxen said...


Anonymous said...

Moe Hildebrand just wants it never to happen again.

If the the jew can do it to the German, the jew can do it to you. THAT is why the 'holocaust' and other lies of the jew are important.

InSpectre said...

Thematically consistent with jewish contempt for all who refuse to worship the 'jews' as god himself, a Specterian Rabbi threatens us all.......again, with a holocaust of our own.

And yet some 'stand', cling, kneel and pucker for refuge, safety and dishonor with this 'israel'.

Rabbi Riskin has offered his exegesis of Numbers 19:9 which was published in The Jewish Week, June 26, 2012 of which I offer a highlight:

Without the moral teachings of Israel, without the seven Noahide Laws and the Ten Commandments, the free world would cease to exist, and humanity would dissolve in a blast of nuclear explosions.

The Druid. said...

The appalling ignorance of the 'jews' is forever astounding. Psychotically babbling always about it being a 'human' right to imbibe the platter served Shit of the Jew, but never to seek the truth of matters or question the character and integrity of the religion of the jews.

This is likely the origin of the word 'human' or 'men of Hu'.

Long before the jew there were and long after, the Men of Hu will continue to be.