Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hildebrand the Hater

Joe Hildebrand has unleashed his Talmudic rage against White European Australians and, yes folks, in accordance with typical Jewish chutzpah, it is all sponsored by ‘Your ABC’ and paid for with your hard earned Tax Dollars. The Jew was in his element, his relaxed and comfortable environment, no more naturally than in the scene where the Newtown ‘Street Artist’ who was defending his much vandalised ‘Say no to the burqa’ muralwas menaced by a (very) mad Arab.
There was Joe the Jew, standing virtually unnoticed at the side as the motley crew of misfits he had carefully manoeuvred into this set piece conflict went at each other hammer and tongs. There was ‘added bonus’ (as @ndy would say) when by sheer luck, (allegedly) an extremely aggressive, and imminently pugilistic, Arabic passer by waded in with eloquently delivered ‘Fucks’ and ‘Cunts’ (good Muslim boy, that one) directed at said artist while the Indian call centre drones wavered between self-parody, satire, sarcasm and ‘I love ya, mate’ backslapping with Habib, or whatever his name was…It was pure gold…if you like embarrassing and awkward scenarios. It was every bit as good as The Office’s worst, most cringe-worthy moments. Now there’s a thought, could they remake this tripe with Ricky Gervais? At least he is genuinely amusing.      
When it comes to TelAvision, Hildebrand is merely the latest in a series of ‘innocents abroad’, a tiresomely hackneyed formula, who gleefully set elements of society against each other with the greatest schadenfreude being experienced while making Whites squirm over Racial issues. The average Aussie viewer, unschooled in the wiles of the Jew, will merely see a scruffy and slightly queer looking fella, perhaps they’ll take him as a ‘Mediterranean’ type, with whom they will either agree or disagree with.  However, despite his claims on screen to being ‘an Aussie’ our Joe has a rap sheet as long as your arm when it comes to hardcore Anti-White political activism.
Far from being an objective and disinterested party merely doing his job as an ‘investigative reporter’ and ‘documentary maker’ he has a lengthy and sordid career behind him as a fanatical campaigner against White Civil Rights and has lent his connections and influence to more than one Left Wing Extremist group, assisting in their terrorising of decent, law abiding, taxpaying citizens who dare to challenge the authority of Totalitarian Humanist Multiculturalism. He most definitely has a massive and quite specific axe to grind on the issue of so-called ‘Racism’. Make no mistake, he absolutely despises White Australia with a passion.   
He has flirted with and cooperated with some of the most viciously hateful and persistent hackers, cyber stalkers and extreme Left Wing thugs in Australia including the notorious ‘FightDemBack’ Hate Group led by the psychopathic sexual pervert and Mamser Jew Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’. Quite hilariously, Hildebrand’s Wikipedia entry lists him as a ‘Conservative’ journalist!!! Oh how we laughed.
Hildebrand’s predecessors and role models include the hyperactively vapid John Safran, the dryly arrogant and supercilious Louis Theroux and the whiny wannabe talk show host Jon Ronson, all Jews who trade on the fabricated nerdy nebbish persona with carefully contrived faux self-deprecating humour to gain sympathy from both the interviewee and the viewer, feigning ignorance and/or surprise at the observed situation or the comments made. The viewer is led by the nose through their ‘documentaries’, which are no more than personal rants and poorly informed opinion pieces of Europhobic narrative designed to advance the Global Zionist agenda, to the inevitable conclusion that they are very clever and witty while their subjects are ignorant and stupid at best and evil and wicked at worst.
Presenting initially as a slightly goofy, harmless and innocent enquirer with his college educated ‘accent’, like the mild mannered ‘Englishman’ abroad, Theroux’s favourite stunt, following the disarming of his chosen target with a range of inane comments and lame attempts at humour, is to ask the most blunt and rudest of questions, pause seemingly endlessly with just the hint of a smirk at the edges of his mouth while delivering a classic schoolmaster’s glassy stare through his spectacles. The former playfulness swiftly fades to be replaced with the arrogance and authoritarian superiority of an inquisitor. 
Just the titles of some of Jon Ronson’s documentaries, ‘Hotel Auschwitz’, ‘Tottenham Ayatollah’, ‘New Klan’, ‘Kidneys for Jesus’ reveal the typical Jew penchant for shock,  offence and contempt for normalcy. For the record, Ronson claims to be ‘Welsh’ as well as a ‘humourist’ (we see little evidence of this) an ‘investigative journalist’ and an ‘author’. 
Jon Safran is well known (sadly) to Australian viewers and his generally insipid appearance,his nasal whine, his pasty, coffee lounge complexion, his lisping speech impediment and his obligatory child molester spectacles all add up to a visage and persona that makes the blood of any fair dinkum White Man boil. He is a loathsome maggot.   
Hildebrand follows in the footsteps of accomplished shysters and is in the company of Super Jews. Only time will tell if he can make the cut and emulate their eminent financial success. We suspect he'll trip and fall badly.


Anonymous said...

If there is anyone that proves the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is in fact, a genuine document, it's this pig excrement, Joe Hildebrand.

Anonymous said...

Are you gettin' it yet Whitey Goy ?
Hmmmmm ?????

Appeasement is never an option.