Saturday, June 02, 2012


Yet another great video from an Australian who isn't afraid to speak the truth.


BunBun4life said...

Sorry but Iran is also a problem. And also sorry, because even though I hate the jews, that doesn't mean I side with the filthy fucking Arabs and Muslims.

Why would I side with them? Where I live they're the ones gang raping all our women & calling them whores who deserve it and stabbing our teenage boys or beating them to death.

The PERSIANS who still exist in Iran can tell you how fucking great it is to be under Arab and Islamic rule; that country was stolen from them and their religions persecuted and almost completely eliminated.

FUCK ISLAM and FUCK JEWS. Just fuck all non whites - fuck it.

Noachideous Allegorios said...

Noachide Law is the universal curative solution.... But first a diasporisation and moral poisoning of mankind is in order so to destroy the ability of the Goy to self govern through squabbling amongst themselves.

Eat, Fuck'n Shit Goyim.

Those who refuse Noachidiocy are deemed 'JewHaters' and the death penalty applied.

We must all participate in the religion of the jews...... The jews will whine that Cowen has been threatened by this elucidation of the Goyim.... Not so... To harm jews is also to participate in the religion of the jews.... That is the quintessence of judaism..... allegorical and real mountains of jewish dead, as a cause to murder inconsequential others pre-emptively.

As Brendon said before being incarcerated for defying the Sannehdrin and its proxies, a true Death Cult that celebrates to the Kaaba Allahistic value of precisely 6 million .........Death.

If Truth is elusive and hard to find then this Noachidiocy is far, far to easy to believe as 'truth'.

Anonymous said...

At 1pm on June 23, the Saturday of Refugee Week, we're inviting everyone who is a part of the Australian community to 'Walk Together' in recognition that although we've all arrived here via different pathways we share a common Australian journey.

Toowoomba: 1pm at the corner of Herries and Victoria Street, walking to Ruthven Street (village Green of city hall).

See you there?