Friday, June 01, 2012

The Power of the Narrative.

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Specie El GoyMagus 1448 said...

Chronus, El, Saturn the Ancient God of Time ....... Is Time a friend of the lie, or an implacable foe which delivers the lie its mortality ? Time is the eternal friend of the Truth...... Truth is the Daughter of Time, immortal and immutable untouchable by the those cunning linguists that call themselves 'jews', as much and as hard as they might feverishly try.

The jews abuse and adorn themselves in all the iconography of Chronus, the God of the Black Cube.

mIght we expect this much of them as the Nothings in a NeverEnding Story who seek to murder everything that is and ever was ? So to become "Chosen" , a God who walks by default of an impostorous silence ?