Friday, June 22, 2012

Uncle Joe lets the cat of the bag.

Seems Uncle Joe was only looking for white people to racially stereotype. All paid for by you, the Australian Tax Payer. Doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy to have yet another Jewish Supremacists telling us all what to do and how to live. I wonder when Joe is going to Israel, or even better down to the local chapter of hate incorporated Bnai Brith to do a little race baiting and finger pointing in an exclusive ABC doco? Nope not gunna happen folks, Joe only targets White Europeans. 

But I guess Israel has no Indian call centers to frustrate the Hebrew community? Imagine the fun he could have. Maybe he should ask Israeli tax payers to use the Millions donated to them each year from the United States to fund this doco? Come on Joe give us a laugh. Imagine the fun Joe could have in Gaza with a hip and cool ABC crew and some nice people from the Subcontinent. A ratings hit world wide Joey boy.

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