Saturday, July 28, 2012

Desperate Julia. Buys a new cash register for Auschwitz

Well you know how to win that crucial backing from the Jewish overlords in Australia Julia. Will we see Tong Abbott step it up and head to Israel to kiss the wailing wall in Jerusalem? Oh and if that isnt bad enough, Jews are demanding for a minute silence in remembrance for some athletes who most probably got killed by their own government in a another Jewish inspired false flag.

 AUSTRALIA will contribute $500,000 to help preserve the World War II concentration camp sites, Auschwitz and Birkenau, in southern Poland.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard (soon to be ex Prime Minister) says the camps continue to serve as a solemn reminder of the terrible crimes perpetrated against millions of people during the war.

 The ongoing preservation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site was important to ensure the horrific events of the Holocaust were never repeated again, Ms Gillard said on Thursday.
Ms Gillard said Australia had joined the community of nations in contributing to the perpetual fund of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.

"The intention of the fund is simple, to ensure that the foundation will never want for money so that Auschwitz-Birkenau will always be conserved," she said at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne.

"We make this gift because Auschwitz is a place and a story for all humankind and for all time."

but wait there is more

 "The legislatures of Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy have passed resolutions calling on the IOC to set aside one minute of silence at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Games to remember the 11 Israeli athletes who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Olympic Games in Munich 40 years ago," Lamm and Chester wrote. "Their calls have been endorsed by U.S. President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, among others. We salute them for their principled leadership."

Im not even going to bother to link this shit. If you need to find the source be my guest. 

Fact of the day. At least 4 million ethnic Germans are exterminated in the Soviet Gulag death and slave labor camp system during and after World War Two in one of the largest and most heinous atrocities in the history of humanity. Why is this not taught in schools and universities? Is it a wonder that jewish-controlled Hollywood does not make movies about this real 'holocaust'?

And what of the on
e million German POWs deliberately murdered by the United States and other Western Allies in open-field concentration camps? Or what about the other 60+ million people systematically slaughtered by the jewish communists in the former Soviet Union?

The real genocides of history are swept under the rug. According to the jewish-controlled 'mainstream' media and academia 'Establishment', it seems there is only one supposed "genocide" that even matters -- the so-called "Holocaust™", which turns out was not a "genocide" at all, but rather a fraudulent mythology with good publicity and marketing.


Anonymous said...

Is Gillard a kike? I always thought her nose looked tampered with, like she had a nose-job. A photo of her as a young girl shows a very different shaped nose, information on her backround is pretty thin.

tobor the backward robot said...

Gillard plays the role of Commandress Data on this Zionist Starship, the "Australia".

The resemblance, the pallor, the robotic demeanor is ..... astounding.

Anonymous said...

The world needs to know the Jew Communists of the USSR genocided 62 million White people.

See some videos here:

GULAG videos