Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am Israel!


Noachideous said...

More on the jewish noachide imperative.

The reality is more that all who refuse Noachidiocy are deserving of the death penalty, according to texts not quite so publicly available. In fact it would appear that all who study 'judaism' incur the death penalty and Hoffmann provides such a warning in one of his important studies.

The jewish imperative is to deprive you of everything that constitutes 'YOU' so that you become "Noachides'...

This explains their attempts to destroy all self determinant racial nations, of all colours and creeds.

Judaism is an appeal to the baseness in mankind such that they become no more that animals, as the jewish religion teaches that they are, with redemption only achievable as "Noachides".....

It makes sense that because judaism teaches that Goy are mere beast, then it is impossible to lie to, or deceive animals and Truth is beyond their comprehension.

It can be proven that the 6 million number of the holocaust is derived from the very important Kabballistic number 42.

This alone is enough to raise suspicions in the mind of people who seek the unadulterated Truth that the numerology of the holocaust narrative is a fiction derived of religious belief.

In a true Saturnian court there can be no justice without Verified universal Truth. In many European nations those who affirm the Kabbalistic origins of the 6 million are gaoled for speaking such truth. Australia approaches a similar nadir in its history as its 'leadership' defer to the precious sensibilities of tolerant judaic totalitarians.

Such is the macabre 'beauty' of 'judaism', where the Truth must remain.......anonymous.

The Mad kELtic Magus said...

The Goy, as 'criminals' the supermanic jews feverishly feel them to be, are mentally imprisoned in a Kabalist's flat screened Phantom Zone. It the Goy's mirror to their freak show future, and a distortion of their past.

The modern day flatscreened television evolves to resemble this fictional two dimensional prison with each new variant....

Having two sides and four points of intersection, it is a likely a perverse derivation of the number 42. Its next sequential evolution is the tefillinium, Metatronian cube contrived of the numbers 6 and 8. The jews noticed something and claimed 'it' exclusively for themselves.

The TV shows us what they want us to us be so that the religious dream of an animalian 'Goyim' is made manifest. Through this..... relative magnificence ONlY is achieved for them in accordance with the religious imperative. Its 'reality' TV and the Goyische shit feeding herds can't get enough of 'it..

There's much kosher squawking and wailing in forked tongues on 'bullies' in social media out of the TV. This pleases the perpetraitors greatly. It appeals to those for whom 'offense' is more important than the hard truth of matters. It appeals again to the baseness in mankind for that is where their appeal always lies. It appeals to those who know nothing of the murderous Bolshevik terrors, and especially those who desire to perpetrate another.

It is for this reason we reject their blood splattered messianism.
Yet they call it 'H8'