Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prisoner of Peace 26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987

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The Book of Kells..... Kelts....Isaacs sons......

Mel's CI correspondent suggests that the christian god is in fact El or Saturn, claimed also by the jews.. The religious writings of the jews suggest that lies and deceit, for the jews, are stock in trade in the market of ideas presented for the consumption of the gullible Goyim. It has previously been suggested that the jews are rapists of Truth, Saturn's Daughter and are unlikely to be in any particular favour. Reputed to be elusive and hiding in a well, from whom does she hide ? Jesus Christ was reputed to have been tested by Saturn, perhaps, because he claimed to be an honest man. It seems he was not wanting in this regard, and the jews became enraged at their implied rejection. Judas the WormTongued dobber and snivelling collaborator facilitated a retribution by Roman legal proxy.

Those who required that '6 million' jews not return home before israel was created as prophesied in 1948 did not desire and early end to WW11. Hess' mission was never permitted to succeed as the War appears contrived.

The chronological center of WW2 is 1942, lasted a total of 7 inclusive years. 1945 - 1939 equals 6 and 4 plus 2 equals 6. There are six 'zero' years of no particular significance surrounding the central year of significance. Thus 0006000....

Such is the murderous madness of these mendacious Kosher Klowns.