Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sikhing the Truth

This entire ‘Sikh Temple massacre’ event which occurred recently over in America reminded your Old Uncle Victor of the song entitled ‘No one is innocent’ released way back in 1978 by the Seventies Punk Band the Sex Pistols. While certainly not condoning the execution style murder of (allegedly) unarmed people, particularly while at their place of worship, he does believe the commentary and rhetoric surrounding this incident and the claims of an outrageous killing of peaceful, loving religious people has got just a tiny tad out of control. Let’s put this story into a broader, calmer and more intellectually honest perspective. 
These Church, Temple, Mosque massacres occur on an almost weekly basis in the homeland of these Sikhs where the riches of a Multicultural Society are on open display for all to see. The Sikhs originated in the virtual cauldron of constant warfare, religious fanaticism, persecution, misery and poverty that is the history and reality of the Indian sub-continent. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jains and many other weird and wonderful sects have been knocking seven shades of shite out of each other for millennia so why, the gentle reader might enquire, is this latest ‘offshore’ extravaganza so ‘shocking’?
Hollywood, no, not Bollywood, holds the answer. Decades of Post World War Two propaganda have demonised Nationalists, particularly those fans of the Third Reich, so much that they are instinctively accepted by the walking dead of the Media Slave Caste as the worst of the worst. Throw in the odd swazi tat with the shaved head and you have an instantly recognizable folk devil of the highest order. So, to put it succinctly, there’s no great mystery. Folk Devil kills Brown People, instant and spontaneous gushing orgasms of vicarious delight from the Jew Controlled Media. No matter that during any 24 hour period in America the Negro gangs of the Crips and the Bloods alone murder more victims and this is going on 24/7, year in, year out. Go figure.
By way of explanation regarding these peculiar turbaned folk, the term “Sikh” originated in the Sanskrit term śiṣya, meaning disciple, student, or śikṣa (“instruction”), a Sikh being the disciple/subject of the Guru. So it is not exactly a million miles away from the Islamic ‘Taliban’ meaning ‘students’. Despite officially rejecting the Indian Caste system the Sikhs not only have their very own version but, due to their overwhelming dominance of the Military and Political spheres they maintain an extremely elitist position in Indian society. Similar to Jews though, they whine incessantly about a long history ‘discrimination’ and ‘oppression’ thereby maintaining the insularity and siege mentality of their cult. There’s nothing like a mythos of suffering and resentment to fill the pews.
Unlike Christianity and Islam though they do not proselytise and seek converts. Their religion is absolutely, one hundred percent Racist. You are born a Sikh. You cannot be made one. Therefore the Sikhs are elitist Racist separatists, strangely enough, not at all unlike the evil wicked ‘White Supremacists’. Funny that, innit? They are an extremely warlike sect. Their very crest, the Khanda, incorporates a centrally placed vertical double edged sword called the Khanda, a circular Chakkar edged weapon not too unlike the Japanese Shuriken in its use, these are both enclosed by two, upwardly facing, single edged curved swords called Kirpans, hardly the logo of a ‘Peace loving people’ and certainly nothing like the passive Christian Cross which was originally an instrument of Roman execution. This would have to go down as the most aggressive Religious symbol ever, three, count ‘em, weapons making up one logo, no flowers, no doves, no angels, no messages of peace. Hmmm.
Perhaps of some interest to Sydneysiders is the fact that there has been, in the past several years, a virtual explosion of these symbols, in large format, being placed on the back windows of cars driven on our roads. In areas such as Blacktown and the Northwest Hills district it seems almost every second car has one.
According to the online source Wikipedia:
“Typically made from steel or iron, kirpans range in blade size from over 3 feet (90 cm) to 5 inches (12.7 cm), though Sikhs in the West wear kirpans with a blade of about 3.5 inches as carrying a full-size kirpan in western public may look too intimidating.”
Ya don’t say…
“In the West, some Sikhs wear the kirpan concealed under their clothes. To the Sikhs, it is an article of faith of their religion.”
“There have been several court cases in states of the USA relating to the legality of wearing a kirpan in public places. Courts in New York and Ohio have ruled that banning the wearing of a kirpan is unconstitutional.” “In recent years the Sikh practice of wearing a kirpan has caused problems for security personnel at airports and other checkpoints; security personnel may confiscate kirpans if they feel it is necessary, but are advised to treat them with respect. Sikh leaders chose not to attend an April 17, 2008 interfaith meeting with Pope Benedict XVI at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC rather than remove the kirpan.”
Kinda puts Anarchist @ndy slackbastard’s shrill claims about the slaughter of ‘unarmed’ worshippers into a slightly different perspective, don’t it? @ndy’s snide references to Hitler’s supposed admiration for the Aryans, which @ndy presumably, for the purpose of his (rather unclear) point, believes includes the Sikhs and would somehow make the gunman’s actions hypocritical also deserves a response. @ndy the Anarchist proclaims he is a champion of the Working Class, the downtrodden proletariat and the disenfranchised underclass so how does he square this with his moral outrage at this killing of Sikhs? Surely he should be rejoicing that privileged and classist elitists like the Sikhs have been attacked or…is it ‘different’ because they are Brown People? These Marxists sure are hard to follow. Their ‘logic’ is all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Any white person who's ever had the appalling luck of working with or living among Indians from the sub-continent or Sri Lanka has at some stage wished that they would all drop down dead. Page merely took that wish to the next level.

Nutz said...

Many of these shootings appear contrived events manufactured for the benefit of kosher Shit fed Goy.

One for the frenzied On@narchist. We hear much about 'mental illness' etc adYidinfinitum.....

It is certainly unhealthy to know you're being lied to, then defer and remain silent because it houits the precious sensibilities of the pious deceiver.....

To suspect that those who've made a religious virtue of it actually practice it entirely reasonable.

The 'jews' feel disbelief of judaism licenced and inspired liars is 'antisemitism' and is in itself indicative of a 'mental illness'. search 'anti-semitism mental illness'.

The jewish religion advocates deceiving gentiles whenever it pleases them to do so. Freelancing they'll do it anyways when supplies of the ShadenFraude which sustains them become depleted.

Shades and Frauds indeed.

No Branes, No Guts, No constitution, No Balls, No Truth........ NOACHIDE.

run to Aurora. said...

Our local Auroran who shares the initials of the shooter amounting by simple Kaabalist calculus to 18 or triple 666, has been conspicuously silent on the issue of firearms law.

google bolshevik revolution aurora port arthur.