Friday, August 17, 2012

USA/Israel shaking in their boots.

Well I have a love hate relationship with Wikileaks. Hey whistle blowers are fundamental when we live in a time of so much deception. I just get a little concerned when such groups such as wikileaks go after people or groups because they themselves are deceived by other NGO with their own agendas.

Saying that you have to take the good with the bad. Now I dont need to get into the past history of wikileaks persecuting Nationalists and misrepresenting them today. What we need to talk about today is what will happen now? We have an Australian citizen who has been granted Political asylum by Ecuador.  Granted political asylum because the Sovereign Nation of Ecuador believes that Julian Assange will persecuted by the Western Nations.

The reaction from the UK over this shows that the west and most probably ISRAEL are a little worried. Will Julian now release even more documents shining a light on the collaboration between the West and the bandit state of Israel and its involvement in unjust wars? The involvement of these "Democratic Nations" in the murder and persecution of millions of innocent people.

How the Zionist occupied West deal with this is anyone's guess. Looking back over the actions of the ZioWest since 911 I can only conclude it will end bad.

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