Friday, August 03, 2012

What was Obama doing during the Olympic opening ceremonies?

Why giving the Bandit state of Israel 70 BILLION dollars. Yes folks 70 BILLION dollars. I think its very obvious now.


Anonymous said...

G'day uncle Victor , wondering if you watched obuma vid on YT and saw vid on the right titled..... watch what happens when guns are banned in Austalia..... and did you see the news item last night [Melbourne] where a bloke was broken into ,attacked by balaclava wearing thugs but it turns out that they were old aquantences and knew he had a gun case so relieved him of his rifles, reeks of false flag to me, plus riding the wave of shooting going on in US ,they are busting to tighten up gun laws even more, looking at 5 year mandatory jail for dealing or possesion of unregistered firearms , idiots can't see the boot coming down on our necks more and more, every time I open computer I hope to see signs of a push back somewhere but alas no haveagoodweekend Dave

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes Dave the disarming of Australians is going to plan. It may take them a few more years yet but they dont care as long as it is done.