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Allied War Crimes...Redux

Who were the real ‘Good Guys’ of the Second Great European Civil War known popularly as World War Two? Many outrages against Human decency and universal morals were committed between the years 1939 and 1945 by the self-righteous Allies and further compounded by the obscene litany of lies fed to us through the school curriculum, official versions and popular culture under the guise of ‘History’.  

Hundreds of thousands of White European brothers and sisters were sacrificed on the Holocaust pyre that was Dresden, a War Crime of almost incomprehensible evil committed by our parents and grandparents while in the thrall of the viciously hateful Jew who had declared War on Germany as far back as 1933 when he was simply enraged that the National Socialist Party had been elected to power in a fair and open election knowing the jig was up and the dethroning and expulsion of his fellow tribesmen was imminent.

From that moment on, large scale war was inevitable due to insidious Jew efforts to pressure every other nation on Earth to boycott German goods, enforce illegal Trade Embargos and to crush the hopes of the long suffering Germans ever throwing off the yoke of International Finance which the Jews had used to strangle German Nationalism and redevelopment. All Hitler ever wanted was to disengage from the crooked scheme of the Global Banksters, print his own money underwritten by productivity of the German Workers and rebuild a nation so cruelly and unjustly punished by the Versailles Treaty.

The full and pitiless fury of the Jew was unleashed on a Germany that had had the temerity to wish the injustices of the past put right and for their lands and people to be re-united. But the concept of Blood and Soil is anathema to the stateless Wandering Jew and any hint of Nationalism that is not Zionism is repugnant and contemptible. The worst insult to the Jews though was definitely the Germans’ desire to gain independence from their usury.  

Germany wanted back the stolen territories and to re-unite its ethnic Folk with the Fatherland, the liberation of the Sudeten Germans from the oppressive Czechs (few realise that Prague is a city designed and built entirely by Germans) and the Anschluss with Austria being major territorial demands. Hitler had also tried over and over again to come to an arrangement with the Poles to allow an access corridor to the isolated German city of Danzig which had originally been part of East Prussia prior to its theft by the Poles.

The arrogant and egoistic Poles sneered at Hitler’s pleas and treated him with utter contempt, no doubt feeling in a position of strength as their army was far bigger than Germany’s. It must have been all the more devastating to their hubristic stubbornness when the Germans kicked their arse in a fortnight of Blitzkreig. The less charitable among us might say they had it coming. The French, who had egged the Poles on, also suffered an ignominious defeat as swift as it was comprehensive. Yet Hitler still held hope that the British would see sense and perhaps at least agree     to a non-aggression pact, hence his great mercy in halting General Heinz Guderian’s Panzer Divisions, after consulting with Field Marshall von Rundstedt, short of the coast and allowing the beaten Brits to evacuate their troops from Dunkirk virtually unmolested, again contrary to the popular mythology. This was also no great military blunder by Hitler as is claimed by Allied aggression apologists who simply wish to smear Hitler as incompetent madman, but rather a veteran warrior’s gesture of respect for the brave troops of the World’s greatest Empire. Yet how was he rewarded for his generous treatment of what he saw as fellow Germanic Europeans? The foaming warmongers Churchill and Roosevelt, incited by their Jew advisors, simply ramped up their efforts to get America into the conflict to absolute fever-pitch.  

On the subject of Adolf Hitler, he is also, without a shadow of a doubt the most vilified Man in History. Do even the most bedazzled moon-bat true believers actually, in their heart of hearts, accept as truth the mind boggling tales told about this one Man? The ‘most evil man ever’…oh, really? On body count alone, and that’s even if you accept the grossly exaggerated figures of the Jews and their Allied puppets and believe that he alone was responsible for the ‘Second World War’, he is way behind Stalin and Mao and probably also Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible and Genghis Khan. So why the ‘never-ending story’ when it comes to Hitler? If one were to believe all the Jew produced ‘documentaries’ he was a drug addict, a sexual pervert, a sociopath, a psychopath, a liar, a sadist as well as a masochist, a coward, a misogynist, a misanthropist, a child abuser, a serial killer, a mass murderer, an ‘evil genius’ somehow simultaneously with being an incompetent buffoon and military idiot …go figure…, oh, and he was cruel to animals…apparently…

Yet there are thousands of easily researched facts in the records which show he was the precise opposite to all these shrill and bizarre accusations. For example it is known that Hitler was very fond of both children and animals and there are innumerable accounts which show he got on famously with both. He was a decorated War Hero who performed one of the most dangerous tasks in trench warfare during World War One, that of a runner who took messages from post to post under fire. His ‘drug addiction’ was the result of a cocktail of drugs his doctors gave him for a variety of ailments, most of which were side effects of his combat experiences included being gassed and temporarily blinded. He was a vegetarian and avoided alcohol and tobacco due to chronic gut disorders. Anyway, you get the picture, the list goes on and on. Even the most amateur researcher can find the truth about him if they simply approach the subject with neutrality and scholarly rigour.              

A Thousand Years of White European History and Culture was murdered by bloodthirsty butchers flying our flags during this utterly unnecessary and criminally aggressive war that ultimately served only the interests of a contemptuous Global Jew elite. Ask yourselves, when looking at the origins of today’s carefully provoked and staged conflicts, if anything has really changed since then.

Hollywood has ‘taught’ us all, along with comic books and ‘approved’ History Books, that the Germans were brutal, heartless, cold blooded killing machines oozing pure evil and that the Allies were conquering, ‘liberating’ heroes to the last man. ‘Our’ cause was just and we were ridding the World of a despicable ‘Racist’ tyranny. ‘We’ were the ‘Good Guys’ bringing ‘Peace and Democracy’ to Europe. Trouble is the facts simply do not stand up to honest, rigorous and objective scrutiny. Yeah! Believe it or not folks but those old ‘Commando’ and ‘Sgt Fury’ comics we grew up reading as kids and the TelAvision shows like New York Jew Vic Morrow’s ‘Combat!’, entertaining though they were, were pure, unadulterated, 175 Proof bullshit.

Germans were all depicted as mindless automatons comparable to ‘Daleks’ who inexorably advanced, en masse, like armour plated locusts, across Europe with the sole intention of destroying, enslaving and ‘exterminating’. Not to mention the vividly lurid and utterly fantastic tales of their legendary and indulgent fetish for torture in a grotesque inversion of reality.

As your Old Uncle Victor confessed in an earlier post he slept for many years as a youngster beneath plastic models of Spitfire fighter planes and Lancaster bombers he had constructed and painted from model kits suspended from his bedroom ceiling by cotton threads. With the benefit of hindsight and many years of acquired wisdom he can now draw an uncomfortable analogy between this naïve and insensitive ‘Boys Own’ jingoism and the hypothetical case of a child sleeping in peace beneath models of the NATO cluster bombs and other prohibited ordnance dropped on Serbia (a sovereign White European nation) by the gutless, draft dodging, Marxist ‘Peaceniks’ and Socialist scum Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Gerhard Schroeder during the Heroically named and very Hollywood sounding ‘Operation Anvil’.

Funny that, though innit? All the key players in this war crime were gold plated ‘hippies’ and ‘counter culture revolutionaries’ in their yoof. The very fact we’ve seen no ‘Blockbusters’ (Movies, not bombs) starring everyone from Bruce Willis to Sylvester Stallone based on this War Crime speaks volumes about the sheer brazen criminality of this N.W.O. campaign. If something can manage to embarrass Hollywood then it must be more toxic than Plutonium.

By all available honest accounts and military records in the archives the German armed forces maintained the finest discipline of any of the combatants involved in ‘WWII’ despite the deliberate provocations wrought upon them by Allied atrocities. And once again we see evidence of psychological ‘projection’ and ‘blaming the victim’ by the guilty parties as their propaganda departments wove fairy tales (augmented with embarrassingly puerile attempts at photographic retouching, which in this age of Photoshop appear so woefully inept, yet were accepted as genuine for decades) about the well-disciplined Germans supposedly committing the very same atrocities the Allies were perpetrating. As the old adage goes, if you’re going to tell a lie then make it a whopper, and while you’re at it, keep on repeating it on high rotation and at maximum volume. Sheer audacity, bluff and arrogance, along with Hollywood, will help keep the lie alive.  

And if anyone doubts the relevance of these claims and counter claims to the Historical debate and thinks it’s simply another case of ‘He said, she said’ then think again. The victors of the ‘Second World War’ and the Jews who instigated it have ‘dined out’ on this demonization of Germans and gained a seemingly limitless weapon of collective guilt with which to bludgeon Germany ad infinitum.  Also, when it comes to establishing Historical fact there can be no excuse for inaccuracy when there is abundant forensic evidence available if the will is there to pursue it.

There’s a truly grim irony when one considers for example that in the Pacific theatre  the American Marines earned a grisly reputation for acquiring ‘souvenirs’ from Japanese soldiers which ranged from the ever popular ears (hung on belts), teeth (strung together to form necklaces), heads (stuck on poles as ‘warnings’ to taunt the enemy), skulls (used as ornaments or, with candles inside, as ‘novelty’ lamps to decorate their bivouacs) yet it is the utterly discredited and fully debunked tales of Nazi lampshades, ashtrays, soap etc which survive even today as part of the Holocaust© myth despite even the Yad Vashem Museum in Israel having made official statements years ago denying this actually happened. It is extremely noteworthy and pertinent when even the very same people who brought you the glitz, glitter, glamour, fantasy and outright chutzpah of Hollywood distance themselves from fairy stories their fellow tribesmen ‘survivors’ have told for decades. How many books, films and exhibitions have made serious money for the travelling sideshow that is what the ‘honourable Jew’ Norman G. Finkelstein called ‘The Holocaust Industry’?   

Japanese corpses were often exhumed days or even weeks after burial to have their teeth gouged out for ‘trinkets’ to either send home to friends and family or take home with them when they were discharged.  For example, on page 120 of the book ‘With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa’ Eugene Sledge describes the process of Marines performing ‘freelance dentistry’ on a wounded Japanese soldier.

“But the Japanese wasn't dead. He had been wounded severely in the back and couldn't move his arms; otherwise he would have resisted to his last breath. The Japanese's mouth glowed with huge gold-crowned teeth, and his captor wanted them. He put the point of his kabar on the base of a tooth and hit the handle with the palm of his hand. Because the Japanese was kicking his feet and thrashing about, the knife point glanced off the tooth and sank deeply into the victim's mouth. The Marine cursed him and with a slash cut his cheeks open to each ear. He put his foot on the sufferer's lower jaw and tried again. Blood poured out of the soldier's mouth. He made a gurgling noise and thrashed wildly. I shouted, “Put the man out of his misery.” All I got for an answer was a cussing out. Another Marine ran up, put a bullet in the enemy soldier's brain, and ended his agony. The scavenger grumbled and continued extracting his prizes undisturbed.”

Only a complete fool or the worst possible sort of Allied apologist would claim these outrages against the rules of war were reserved for the Orientals and that the Allies, particularly the Americans and Russians, behaved any more nobly toward the Germans and the other Axis powers in Europe. During the war in Italy for example and particularly around the Monte Casino campaign ‘bored’ American troops took pot shots at local peasants simply working in the fields or walking about in their daily routines. Many ordinary non-combatants were therefore almost routinely despatched by ‘our boys’ for little more than ‘sport’.     

Even the so-called ‘Historical Documentaries’ were half bull and the other half all shit. Face up, own up, grow up and wake up! Let’s be absolutely real here, Baby Boomers through to Generation ‘X’, were all weaned on lies. Not poorly informed misinformation based on ignorance of the real facts but rather coldly calculated and deliberate DIS-information concocted by our Governments and institutions with the sole intention to deceive. It is only the naïve or the foolish who believe the Allied Wartime Propaganda ended in 1945, it is what the bulk of our official ‘history’ is based upon. But hey, don’t feel guilty. There is no shame in being fooled and mugged by experts. After all, these creatures have massive resources and powers. It is only bad if you do not admit it, learn from your experience and move on with a renewed commitment to the truth.

There is a chilling parallel between the present day vilification of Whites in general and the same dehumanising propaganda that was applied to the Germans in particular before, during and after the Second World War which desensitised normally quite altruistic and sentimental types like the English to the point where they cooperated with and participated in some of the most vile atrocities in Human History. All that needed to be done by the maniacal warmongers Churchill and Roosevelt to prepare the British (a people so benign, ordinary and even-tempered that Napoleon called them ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ and George Orwell ‘a sleepwalking people’) and other White Europeans such as the Americans was to relentlessly demonise and lie, lie, lie about the Germans, their intentions and their actions, long and hard enough to elicit a Pavlovian response from their populations.

Whether or not it was an exercise in sophisticated mass psychological conditioning it was certainly a cynically contrived process of preparing the populations for conformity and meek compliance to their evil agenda as outlined in the blueprint for genocide of the 1941 book ‘Germany must perish’ written by the loathsome Germanophobic Jew Theodore Newman Kaufman whose fanatical hatred was extrapolated by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr into what became known as the notorious ‘Morgenthau Plan’. Even the vicious mongrel (his mother was part Jew, part Native American) Winston Churchill only reluctantly agreed to this murderous plot after being badgered by his personal assistant Lord Cherwell who historians have admitted had a ‘pathological hatred’ and a thirst for revenge bordering on the ‘Medieval’ for National Socialist Germany.

“In March 1942 Churchill’s War Cabinet adopted the ‘Lindemann plan’, whereby civilian targeting became official. Working-class homes were preferred to upper-class because they were closer together, and so a greater flesh-incineration-per-bomb could be achieved. The Jewish German émigré Professor Frederick Lindemann, Churchill's friend and scientific advisor had by then become Lord Cherwell. He submitted a plan to the War Cabinet on March 30th urging that German working-class houses be targeted in preference to military objectives, the latter being harder to hit. Middle-class homes had too much space around them, he explained. He was not prosecuted for a ghastly new war-crime, hitherto undreamt-of. Thereby all cities and town over 50,000 inhabitants could be destroyed, or at least brought to ruin. The War Cabinet realised that no inkling of this must reach the public.”

If it were not for the inexorable advance of Soviet Communism across Europe and the escalation of the so-called ‘Cold War’ that threatened American/British/NATO hegemony in the remaining ‘free’ states, the Germans as a people and nation would most probably have succumbed to the deliberate starvation of its people and the rape and pillage of its Industrial, Scientific and Technical sectors. The people who had gifted the World with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Dürer, Goethe, Schiller, Schoenberg, Schmidt, Schopenhauer, Spengler, etc could just have easily vanished down History’s memory hole. Except, placed as they were in the middle of Europe, they suddenly became extremely useful as a bastion against Communist expansion. Suddenly, around 1949-1950 Germans began to be supplied with more food and other basic necessities and were encouraged to rebuild and strengthen Germany rather than just wait around to die as had been their previously imposed destiny. Death’s hand eased off the lever and the German spirit of creation, innovation, inventiveness and technological excellence was once again allowed to flourish.

The sheer industrial scale of the 24/7 Allied bombing campaign unleashed against Germany in the closing phase of the war was the Forties equivalent of ‘shock and awe’ and was only surpassed in its brutality by the ‘mop up’ efforts committed in the immediate aftermath of the raids on cities like Dresden. It really was a case of absolutely ‘Total War’ where ‘nobody gets out of here alive’. Dresden for example was an utterly undefended city of no military value flooded with refugees fleeing the Soviet butchers in the East. The Americans in particular made a terrible name for themselves. They had already disgraced their uniforms in Italy where there are many accounts of these swaggering young thugs, bored and itching for action between battles, took to taking pot shots at women working in the fields or seeing who could ‘shoot the kid off the bicycle’. They were little more than overpaid, oversexed street scum, young, dumb and full of cum. Of course this is not true of all the Americans, many were honourable warriors who were as horrified as anyone else at the conduct of these idiots but it still remains a fact that post the successes of D-Day 6th June 1944 and emboldened by the inevitability of Allied victory, many more cowboys along with ‘avenging’ Jew thugs signed up for what they believed would be a turkey shoot of Germans.

As it turned out the task of crushing the heroically stubborn German resistance to the pro Communist, Germanophobic Allied invasion would prove much harder than anticipated by the slavering criminal jackals of the Allied command. Once again there would be no ‘home by Christmas’ conclusion to yet another fratricidal European war where hundreds of thousands more young White Men were fed into a giant meat grinder but instead a long drawn out struggle of attrition for almost another year. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were quite literally supervising the process of butchering an entire generation of White European Males and should stand indicted by history and condemned for eternity for their pure evil.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Elwood Yeager is probably most famous for breaking the sound barrier on 14th October 1947 in the X-1 Jet Aircraft. But prior to being a test pilot he was a highly decorated fighter pilot flying P51 Mustangs in World War Two. He is quoted as saying in his memoirs;

“Atrocities were committed by both Sides. That Fall our fighter group received orders from the Eighth Air Force to stage a maximum effort, Our seventy-five Mustangs were assigned an area of fifty miles by fifty miles inside Germany and ordered to strafe anything that moved, The object was to demoralize the German population. Nobody asked our opinion about whether we were actually demoralising the survivors or maybe enraging them to stage their own maximum effort on behalf of the Nazi war effort. We weren't asked how we felt zapping people. It was a miserable, dirty mission, but we all took off on time and did It. If it occurred to anyone to refuse to participate (nobody refused, as I recall) that person would have probably been court-martialled.”

On the 12th April 2007 the independent journalist and writer Christopher Bollyn wrote an article entitled “The Passing of Kurt Vonnegut - An Eyewitness to the Holocaust of Dresden” with an emphasis on the word ‘Holocaust’. In it he made the following observations:

“Today, the day after Vonnegut passed away at age 84, the BBC played part of an interview with him. He said that he had been an eyewitness to the worst massacre in European history. Vonnegut was under the impression that about 135,000 people had been incinerated in the holocaust of Dresden. This number is at the low end of the death toll estimates from the Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day holocaust of Dresden. The post-war British and American historians have greatly downplayed the number of victims and the size and viciousness of the Allied war crime that was the incineration – the holocaust of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the architectural masterpiece known as Florence on the Elbe. Another eyewitness, the late August Kuklane, had spent time in Dresden looking for his Estonian parents among the hundreds of thousands of refugees that had sought refuge in Dresden during the desperate winter of 1945. Kuklane told me that the number of people estimated to have perished in the city centre that had been totally destroyed by fire was about 600,000. Both Vonnegut and Kuklane witnessed American fighter planes strafing the survivors of the holocaust of Dresden.”

In Samuel Crowell’s book ‘Defending Against the Allied Bombing Campaign: Air Raid Shelters and Gas Protection in Germany, 1939-1945’ he writes:

“Additionally, the hundreds of thousands of refugees in the city would have no way of orienting themselves or knowing how to escape: we can assume panic among many of them, and desperate retreat into overcrowded underground converted public shelters that would ultimately become death traps. Moreover, since Dresden had never before been seriously bombed, the population had neither fled, nor reduced in number, nor were they likely well versed in procedures that would save their lives: and only one, evacuation, would save them in the firestorm. On top of this, the second wave of British bombers was designed to bomb the center of the city at precisely the time when the maximum amount of aid would be in the streets trying to save the lives of the victims from the first wave: that percentage of losses must also be considered. Finally, the third blow by the Americans, next day, doubtless brought its casualties, along with the P-51 Mustangs who in several well documented instances strafed survivors, including Allied POW's, and clearly marked hospital wings.”

“The Allied bombing of Hamburg in late July 1943 – ‘Operation Gomorrah’, as the British called it - claimed more than 100,000 lives. Some 40,000 of these victims were buried in the Ohlsdorf cemetery, in four mass graves of 10,000 bodies each.”

“Winston Churchill and the War Department set up a situation where London would be blitzed, without telling the people that Britain had started the process several months earlier. This had the effect of getting Britons into a mood for total war, without the traditional restraints of civilised ‘laws’ or conventions, restraints which had hitherto established that civilians would not, as such, be targeted.”

Even the morally flaccid and politically insipid wikipedia has a web page entitled ‘Allied War Crimes During World War II’ where, despite its generally apologist line taken on the Allied terror bombing of civilians, does at least give the Soviets some well-deserved stick in comments such as:

“Acts of mass rape and other war crimes were committed by Soviet troops (Ah yes, our brave and noble Communist 'allies' united with us in the holy war to 'smash Fascism') during the occupation of East Prussia (Danzig), parts of Pomerania and Silesia; during the Battle of Berlin, and the Battle of Budapest.” And “The military of the Soviet Union frequently committed war crimes at the direction of its government which included waging wars of aggression, mass murder of prisoners of war and repressing the population of conquered countries.”

But it still fails to address the disgustingly heinous acts committed by us Anglo Saxons and Celts on our Germanic cousins. Possibly the grossest of our crimes against the Germans was the outrageous Nuremburg Show Trials of 1946 and the subsequent lynchings followed by Hollywood mockumentaries like the execrable    ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’.

Bonus! (Yeah, oh and fuck you @ndy!)

Donkeys or Demons?

And who does lead the English or the British? According to some Historians, during The First Great European Civil War known popularly as World War One, a certain exchange occurred between two senior German commanders which went like this; General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff: “The English soldiers fight like lions.” General Max Hoffman: “True. But don't we know that they are lions led by donkeys?” Similar observations had been made by adversaries of the British Army regarding their incompetent leadership as far back as the Napoleonic Wars but one could also add that, from World War One onwards, their leadership was well beyond mere culpability and were rather simply stone cold evil. The power behind the throne, the secret leadership that whispered in the ears of the British strategists and ensured their commanders were agents of an alien  agenda, was every bit as insidious and powerful as Elizabeth the First’s advisor John Dee (13th July 1527–1608) who was a Merlin-like figure to the Queen.

The Jew John Dee is officially described in most biographic entries as being ‘Welsh’ but this Talmudic Kabbalist was quite typical of the highly educated ‘Conversos’, ‘Marranos’ (Spanish for dirty, pigs) and Crypto Jews who predominated in the royal courts of Europe in that he insinuated himself into a trusted and exalted position while always maintaining his tribe’s imperative and long term agenda. ‘Conversos’ were more often stubbornly recalcitrant Jews who continued to practice their Rabbinical Judaism in secrecy. One of the most infamous of these Marranos was Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor of the so-called ‘Spanish Inquisition’ under whose bloody reign, many thousands of White Europeans and even some Jews met with agonizing deaths following the most perversely sadistic tortures.   

The Jews’ ‘Kol Nidre’ (All Vows) oath chanted each year on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) permits all Jews to transgress any formal contracts, oaths or promises entered into with the despised ‘Goyim’ (Cattle) rendering them all null and void for the next twelve months. No other religion is quite so brassy in its validation of deception and treachery, even Islam and its Semitic Mind Weapon of Taqqiyah is not so formal and certainly not so open in its contempt of the Rule of Law. Of course, the host society is never informed of the true meaning of the oath and takes it as simply yet another bizarre Jew ritual. The Jews, on the other hand, take it deadly seriously.

Dee exploited his privileged and executive position to pursue such esoteric heretical studies as Alchemy, Astrology, Divination and Hermeticism as well as more respectable pursuits such as Mathematics (essential, along with Geometry, to Kabbalism) Astronomy and Navigation. 

Claiming to be ‘Welsh’ was, and still is, not uncommon in England for Jews wishing to assign their oily swarthiness to indigenous British genes with many adopting rather generic names such as Jones. Brythonic Celts such as the Welsh, Cornish and Bretons were originally often short and wiry in stature, black haired, brown eyed with an olive complexion as opposed to the Gaelic Celts such as the Scots and Irish who were generally taller and fairer. The early Welsh, prior to the admixture of Anglo Saxon and Nordic genes, would have appeared quite ‘Mediterranean’. The Oriental Jew will hide among populations where he will not stand out too much.

In the English Upper Class and the ruling elite, dark, deep set eyes, beak-like noses, sallow complexions and livery lips (one will find few ‘English Roses’ in the ranks of these extraordinarily unattractive people) are often explained away with claims of ‘Norman’ ancestors. This argument is dependent on the modern English concept of the dark haired, slightly swarthy ‘Gallic’ Frenchman of today but the fact that the Normans of the Eleventh Century would have been mostly Nordic Viking types is either not properly understood or (conveniently?) ignored entirely.

Although during Elizabeth’s reign Edward the First’s ‘Edict of Expulsion’ of 1290 was still officially in effect, the Jews were either trickling back into England claiming to be other Nationalities or had simply remained hidden, like hibernating cicadas, as Crypto-Jews and practised their Middle Eastern Death Cult in the secrecy of their own homes awaiting a political climate change that would be more favourable to practising their parasitic customs overtly.

No one is more alert, cunning, defensive and vigilant than the invader who lives among their enemy. They understand the History of the host nation better than the people themselves because they largely wrote, or rather re-wrote, it to suit their own agenda. They know the people better than the people know themselves because their Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Scientists have studied and ‘analysed’ them, identifying every weakness. They understand the Law better than any others because most of the new statutes were legislated due to their lobbying pressure.

Since those days of ‘repression’ they have burrowed, parasite-like, deeper and deeper into the power structure like heart worm. Crypto Jews like Dee had always been there, embedded like ticks in the flesh of England, and weaving their Machiavellian schemes inexorably toward hegemony over all the Goyim. But perhaps the parasite analogy is inadequate or even incorrect when it comes to the Jew in the West. Reverse Assimilation is maybe more accurate in that the Jew eventually becomes the self-appointed arbiter of Cultural, Legal, Social behaviour and the exalted position of ‘consultants’ and ‘experts’ in all aspects of Artistic fashion in Architecture, Design, Literature, Music, Painting and most importantly Cinema and TelAvision. By growing his influence like a cancer, which is so intrusive and enmeshed as to be inoperable, within the upper echelons of the ruling elites, he makes himself ‘indispensable’.    

For example we hear the Jew, via his talking heads of the Controlled Media, Government Departments or QANGOS (Quasi Autonomous Non-Government Organisations) often make statements like ‘That’s un-Christian’ or ‘That’s un-Australian’ or ‘Un-American’ etc.

Can the gentle reader imagine the white hot outrage and shrill accusations of ‘Anti-Semitism’ and ‘Racism’ if anyone else, but particularly White Christians, were to presume to tell the Jew how to be a Jew? The wailing and gnashing of teeth would be echoed around the World. Just as Talmudic Law dictates the killing of even one Jew is a Holocaust© any criticism of Jews is Anti-Semitism which is now accepted with meek obedience in the West as a ‘Hate Crime’ of the highest order perpetrated by ignorant and irrational criminals deserving of the most severe punishment possible.

Apparently the Culture of Critique is a one way street.    





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Top article ,I've been taking a bit of interest in this recently , got a copy of mein kampf out of India through about $3 , the postage is way more, not bad quality either . Good new series of vids up on youttube ... search...... part 1 Adolf Hitler - the greatest story never told!......He was 100% on there case and a higher intellect and sense of honour than all our treasonous scum bags rolled together

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This is the sickening truth. A few years ago I still believed the lie, but now I realize we were tricked into murdering our best hope to escape the one world hell. Selfishly I hope to never live to see it, but it sure seems close.