Friday, September 14, 2012

Australia First Wins Council Seat!

In an otherwise humdrum week with the only news being more refugees and Zionist Jew inspired Jihad , we finally have some good news.

Congratulations Australia First! Australia First the one and only White Nationalist, Pro White, Non compromising party when it comes to Zionist shenanigans has Claimed Victory. AF has done it by winning a seat in the NSW council elections. 

Yes folks they said they could never do such things unless they joined the ranks of the BNP and failed saboteurs the APP with out booting out the grass roots members and kiss some Zionist butt. Funny that, I bet there is some APP nerds out there right now scratching their balding heads.

Yes folks they done it. How you may ask? By sticking to local issues and listening to the electorate. The electorate in kind dismissed the shocking hatchet jobs done by the media and voted for honesty and a place for our people to live with out fear. Is the tide turning on mainstream politics? I hope so.

More to come....

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