Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mind Weaponization and the moderate Muslim...

As we sit in the warm glow of our Tel-Avisions and watch the fallout from the latest Islamic outrage in the form of the Sydney Muslim Riot and hear the tiresomely predictable weasel words of career politicians, apologist ratbags and assorted other oxygen thieves there is, this time around, increasingly emerging a strange and unfamiliar creature, that of the mythical ‘moderate Muslim’. The gentle reader may decide for themselves whether he is a noble Unicorn or a mutilating Chupacabra.   
In the past 48 hours the radio talkback so-called ‘Shock Jocks’ have been fawning with mawkish indulgence over a handful of ‘apologetic’, ‘reasonable’ and ‘sensible’ Muslims sticking their brown tongues down the backs of Omar and Abdul’s pants and telling them they are the hope of the future for the shining success of Multiculturalism. If only the other Muslims would listen to them instead of reading their Korans and heeding the words of ‘fundamentalist’ muftis it’d all be sweet in Oz…yeah right…
The obvious question is where the Hell have these do-gooder towel heads been all this time? Where were these calming and soothing ‘voices of reason’ during the Skaf Bros reign of terror, the so-called ‘revenge’ attacks in the Eastern Suburbs following the Cronulla Uprising, the innumerable incidents of swaggering intimidation of White Australians by strutting ‘roid abusing Arabic thugs?

Could it be they finally realise the jig’s up and they need to apply the brakes a tad so the dim old dhimmis don’t belatedly awaken from their Yid induced slumber and strike back in kind?   
It would seem the art of deception is endemic within the Levantine tribes just as it is with the wily Orientals and it’s a photo finish which is the most unethical and amoral between Jews and Muslims when it comes to dealing with other Races. Seriously, if a Jew or a Muslim tells you it’s raining, do yourself a favour and go outside to check. In concordance with the laws of chutzpah and Freudian ‘projection’ the Jew always cries out in pain as he strikes you and yells ‘Stop thief!’ as he picks your pocket.

While the Jew has his all-purpose, one size fits all mantra of ‘What’s good for the Jews?’ the Muslim has his own selfish strategy. The slightly more articulate ‘Kievsky’ describes the concept with greater eloquence than I:
‘The Semitic religions of Judaism and Islam are encoded for collective power, hegemony and dominance; while most Christian denominations are not, or have had these codes taken out.  This is the full explanation why Semitics have the upper hand over Christendom and the West.
Jews and Muslims are weaponized collectives.  We know  all about the Jews, but the Muslims are perhaps more interesting for our purposes.  Islamic mind-weaponization is described in the book, “The Muqadimmah” by Ibn Khaldun, a Muslim scholar of the 13th century.
The Muqadimmah describes how, when sedentary people rely on laws, they lose their fortitude, and the “wild” Bedouin people who live in the desert, end up overthrowing them and taking over.  Then the Bedouins become sedentary and rely on laws, and a fresh gang of Bedouins who had been living in the desert overthrow them in turn.
In modern times, the “Bedouin effect” comes as a result of discriminatory laws against a certain group, or the heightened perception of such.  Jews have mastered the art of “persecution exaggeration” to instil the Bedouin effect among themselves.  In fact, they may have taken it too far, and having installed themselves as a very privileged group, they are now inflicting the Bedouin effect on others while become very sedentary and reliant on the laws and economic niches that privilege them.  They aren’t the discriminated against rag traders and peddlers of yesteryear, that’s for sure.
Affirmative action that disenfranchises European-Americans in employment, and mass media that disprivileges our status in society and attempts to divide White women from White men, is a form of “exile in the desert” from the very society that we built!  We’ve been rudely escorted to the city walls, and had the gates slammed shut on us.  There’s a famous Russian threat, growled with an ominous tone after being horribly wronged, “Nu, pogodi!” (Just wait!).The three pillars of Islamic Mind-Weaponization are, jihad, taqqiyah and finally, asabiyah.
Jihad is spiritual struggle.  One of the most important things to do to begin this process is, if you are numbing yourself with alcohol, to quit drinking.  You need to feel the pain and rage in its raw state, and deal with it, rather than numbing it or smoothing the jagged edges with booze.  Then you need to go out and do things, like start a business, and adapt to our disenfranchised and disprivileged state.  Adaptation does not mean surrender, oh no.  Quite the opposite.   Drinking yourself numb is surrender.  Adapting is the beginning of what will ultimately be a devastating counter-attack.
Taqqiyah is dissimulation of your true views, and smiling at those you hate.  A Shi’ite imam said that “9/10 of religion is Taqqiyah.  He who exposes his religion, destroys it. He who hides his religion, preserves it.” Taqqiyah is very tactical — it allows your enemy to expose himself or herself to you, and perhaps you infiltrate the enemy and seize its resources or gather valuable intel on them.  Taqqiyah is clearly an idea coming from a people who were at once oppressed, and yet members of a warrior religion — the Shi’ites.  One last thing Taqqiyah does is enhances Jihad-energy.  Being among the enemy and smiling at him is an excellent spiritual exercise.
Asabiyah is group feeling.  Ibn Khaldun explains it better than I do:
Only tribes held together by group feeling can live in the desert. Evil is the quality that is closest to man when he fails to improve his customs and when religion is not used as the model to improve him. Injustice is a human trait. If you find a moral man, there is some reason why he is unjust.
Mutual aggression of people in towns and cities is averted by the authorities and the government, which hold back the masses under their control from attack and aggression upon each other.
The restraining influence among Bedouin tribes comes from their sheikhs and leaders. It results from great respect and veneration they generally enjoy among the people. The hamlets of the Bedouins are defended against outside enemies by a tribal militia composed of noble youths of the tribe who are known for their courage. Their defence and protection are successful only if they are a closely knit group of common descent. This strengthens their stamina and makes them feared, since everybody’s affection for his family and his group is more important than anything else.
So Asabiyah is fanatical tribalism. Jews have been using Asabiyah as well, though not with “courageous youths,” but rather with control of the banks, control of mass media and the public mind, donations to politicians, and the Jewish phone-tree.
To our modern minds, revering a “great leader” or following religion doesn’t seem “cool.” It is our big limitation, and let me tell you, the Jews are damned glad for it! It was their secular philosophers and media bosses who instilled the fashion of “disbelief,” and made it uncool to believe in things that cannot be verified by the senses.
However, hip cat atheists will never get Asabiyah off the ground, and thus will never mount an effective resistance to the Semites. Avoiding religion leads to being a bunch of self worshipping whiggers who will be permanently dysfunctional and perenially getting nowhere. The Babelist fraud and fakery of modern rainbow flag churches on one side, and the “pray for our football team” faux “conservative” and “fundamentalist” churches on the other, are there to prevent Whitey from finding real religion.
I know this will be unpopular with many of my old comrades who (rightly) hate modern Churchianity. I hate it too for misleading our people so cynically and viciously. No punishment would be sufficiently harsh for these tax exempt “clergy” creatures whose function is preventing us from finding authentic religion.
Authentic religion is the only thing that will make us stronger than “mere city dwellers, relying upon law and authorities.” Only authentic religion will give us the power to effectively resist the collectivized mind-weapons of Judaism and Islam.
Many processes, that have been in place for decades, are now running their course. Big changes and hard times are here and there is no delaying them any further. These changes will awaken millions of exiled Whites from their consumerism-induced anaesthesia, and they will be seeking, and find, authentic religion.
Authentic religion is Mind Weaponization.’
My two bob’s worth on that one is if you take your belief system seriously, whether it be Religion or Politics, then you are a ‘Fundamentalist’, if not then you are an ‘Apostate’. You can’t be half pregnant. Either you believe or you don’t.  

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Obadiah 1:18 said...

Good Muslims are like good Jews: a figment of the imagination.

If good Muslims really are good and outnumber all the bad, fanatical Muslims, as the mainstream media and glut of Muslim spokespeople would have us believe, then why do they have zero influence on their evil brethren? Why do the bad Muslims always get their way but the smiling, softly spoken butter-wouldn't-melt-in-their-mouth Muslims never get theirs?

Because there are no good Muslims!

Look at any white country that has a large population of Muslims and you will see a soaring increase in violent crimes, such as shootings and gang rapes, usually of white females, and civil unrest as the aggressive, expansionist followers of the prophet Mohammad actively seek to supplant the host population.

The Quran encourages Muslims to lie to the infidels about their true intentions. That's why you should never believe a single word a Muslim apologist says. When Muslims gain a solid foothold in the Australia government and their numbers increase even further, their moderate spokespeople will fall strangely silent and become immoderate.

Don't be conned, white Aussies. Judge Muslims by what they do, not what they say.