Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pass the hat around.

I was thinking, what can the good folk who read this blog from here and overseas do to help Australia First expand after their latest victory? Well here is an idea. DONATE! Every cent counts. Australia First needs our help. They are out there doing the hard yards.

Yes I know many of us are also working hard in our own ways to see the advancement of White Cause, but  we simply don't have the voice that Australia First has. Its time folks, lets keep the momentum going and help ourselves by helping them.

For New South Wales members: Australia First Party (NSW): Westpac Bank:   BSB 032 057 ; Acc No.  27 1393.

For Victoria members: . Australia First Party (Victoria): Westpac Bank:   BSB 033 044 ; Acc No.  35 06523.

For Queensland members: Australia First Party (Queensland Branch): Westpac Bank:  BSB 034 660  Acc number 281704

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