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The Jew Mob

Most White Folks and, let’s face it, pretty much all Non-Jews have no knowledge or understanding of the Organised Crime Syndicates of Jews and their links to more…erm…‘legitimate’ organisations such as the Anti- Defamation League of the Jewish Masonic Cult the B’nai B’rith (Blood of the Chosen) and the murderous Israeli Mossad (The Institute). Simply mention the words ‘Mafia’ or ‘Syndicate’ and almost everyone who’s ever watched TelAvision conjures up a mental picture of ‘Greasy Wops’ with funny  Italian names but the true History of the so-called ‘Mob’ in America, and the rest of the World in fact, reveals a hugely disproportionate occurrence of even funnier and frankly preposterous Khazaric monikers.    
Below is a brief list of merely the more notorious Jew Gangsters. It is certain that those weaned on Hollywood portrayals of Jews as eternal victims of persecution, gentle and deeply religious people, funny wise-crackers, extremely talented and intelligent scientists or even nerdy ‘nebbish’ boys in ‘comedies’ and generally harmless good guys will be shocked to find they were and still are among the most brutal and ruthless criminals in the American Pantheon of Gangsters. Here are just a few worth looking up and studying to explode the myth of Jew piety and gentility. 
Very much contrary to the popular culture imagery of the day which portrayed Jews as poor, grateful refugees from European persecution and the poverty of the ghetto who had morphed into law abiding model citizens within weeks of disembarking at Ellis Island, the Detroit based kosher ‘Purple Gang’ of the 1920’s were one of the most violent and profitable bootlegger units operating throughout the Prohibition era.

But then this should be no surprise to those that know their history and understand the story of the great Jew heist of the entertainment industry, particularly the Film making studios and the theatres where the product was shown. Within a decade or so of arriving, the Eastern European Jews had wrested the formerly White American technology, infrastructure and network from its inventors and managers and created what the Jew author Neal Gabler called ‘An Empire of their own’. It then becomes perfectly clear why the Jew gangsters were given free reign and the vilification of White Americans began in earnest via revisionist ‘historical’ dramas minimised or condemned the achievements of Whites while simultaneously elevating Negroids and Orientals to almost universally undeserved echelons of civilisation and nobility. And here is the list for either the casual perusal or the intense study of the gentle reader.

Hyman Abrams, Evsei Agron, Hyman Amberg, Joseph Amberg, Louis "Pretty" Amberg, Moses Annenberg, Marat Balagula, David Berman, Otto "Abbadabba"  Berman, Abe Bernstein, William Morris Bioff, Charles Birger, Alex "Shondor" Birns, Herbert Blitzstein, Ike Bloom, Isadore "Kid Cann" Blumenfeld, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Mickey Cohen, Louis Cohen, Moe Dalitz, Stanley Diamond, Monk Eastman, Monya Elson, Maxie Eisen, John Factor, Ludwig "Tarzan" Fainberg, Benjamin "Dopey Benny" Fein, Irving Feinstein, Abraham Friedman, Isadore Friedman, Martin Goldstein, Waxey Gordon, Gus Greenbaum, Harry Greenberg, Max "Big Maxie" Greenberg, Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik, Hyman Holtz, Harry Horowitz aka Gyp the Blood, "Kid Dropper" Nathan Kaplan, Phillip Kastel, Andrei Katz, Jacob Katzenberg, Irving Kaye, Harry Keywell, Philip Kovolick, Whitey Krakow, Louis Kravits, Martin Krugman, Hyman Lamer, Abe Landau, Meyer Lansky, Samuel "Red" Levine, Spanish Louie, Vach "Cyclone Louie" Lewis, Joseph Linsey, William Lipshitz, Seymour Magoon, Harry Maione, Hyman "Pittsburgh Hymie" Martin, Samuel "Nails" Morton, Boris Nayfeld, Jacob "Little Augie" Orgen, Philip "Pinchy" Paul, Leonard Patrick, Joseph Reinfeld, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, Harry Rosen, Chris Rosenberg, Bernard Rosencrantz, Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, Joseph "Joe the Greaser" Rosenzweig, Lou Rothkopf, Arnold "The Brain" Rothstein, Morris Rudensky, Harry "Doc Jasper" Sagansky, Dutch Schultz, Moe Sedway, Irving, Meyer and William Shapiro, Jacob "Gurrah" Shapiro, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, Charles "King" Solomon, Johnny Spanish, Joseph "Doc" Stacher, Harry "Pittsburgh,  Phil" Strauss, Albert "Tick–tock" Tannenbaum, Benjamin Tannenbaum, Abraham Telvi, Harry Tietlebaum, Joseph Toplinsky, Abraham Weinberg, George Weinberg, Emanuel Weiss, Samuel Weiss, Jack "Big Jack" Zelig, Jack Zuta, Max "Kid Twist" Zwerbach, Abner "Longy" Zwillman
In the introduction to Chapter Seven of his book ‘Final Judgment’ which examines the JFK Assassination, Michael Collins Piper writes:   
“If it had not been for international crime boss Meyer Lansky there might not be a state of Israel today. This is something that Israel would rather be forgotten. Israel was established as a state, in major part, through the political, financial and moral support of Meyer Lansky and his associates and henchmen in Organized Crime.
Lansky's interests and Israel's interests were almost incestuous. In fact, Lansky's chief European money laundering bank was an operation run under the auspices of a high-ranking, long time officer of Israel's Mossad.
Lansky’s intimate ties with not only American intelligence (including both the CIA and the FBI) made the Jewish mobster the "untouchable" leader of the global organized crime syndicate.
During John F. Kennedy's short-lived presidency, he was not only at odds with Israel and its powerful lobby in America. Kennedy, as we saw in Chapter 4, had also double-crossed his secret allies in the criminal underworld who had helped him achieve the presidency. The president's brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, was waging a relentless war against organized crime. In the years prior to Kennedy's ascendency to the presidency, a little known, but immensely powerful underworld figure by the name of Meyer Lansky had schemed and shot his way to the top of the crime syndicate.
That syndicate was not just national—it was international—and the uncrowned king of crime was Meyer Lansky—the so-called "chairman of the board" of that incredible criminal empire which spanned the globe.
It was Meyer Lansky, early in his criminal career, who had emerged asone of the leading sponsors of the state of Israel and whose most intimate associates were among the chief financial patrons of the influential Israeli lobby in America.What's more, as we shall see, Lansky had also forged close ties with Israel's allies in the American CIA—an agency that, in itself, had entered into a bitter war with John F. Kennedy.
Thus, when JFK came to blows with not only Israel and its allies in the Lansky Organized Crime empire, but also with the CIA, the American president had unwittingly forged a deadly alliance among his fiercest foes.
It is the Meyer Lansky connection which explains how Israel's Mossad was able to utilize and manipulate, among other elements, the anti-Castro Cuban community—itself working with not only the CIA but also the Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate—in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.
To begin our investigation of the shadowy crevices of the underworld where Israel's Mossad, Organized Crime and the CIA came together in the Kennedy murder, it is most appropriate to begin with Lansky. It is Lansky (individually) and his crime syndicate which tie all of these diverse strands together, pointing the finger toward the until-now undisclosed role of Israel in the JFK assassination.
A spokesman for the Bahamas Commission of Inquiry which was investigating organized crime in the islands, once said, "At one stage, we began to wonder whether the name of Meyer Lansky was not some vast journalistic piece of fiction, so ghostly and mythical a figure did he appear." But exist he did. Meyer Lansky, in fact, is a pivotal player in the international conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy—all of the literature propagating the theory that "The Mafia Killed JFK" notwithstanding.”

The rest of the chapter, and indeed much of the remainder of the book, implicates Jew Mobster Meyer Lansky as the lynch pin in a complex, web-like conspiracy that includes everyone from J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to the CIA all the way down to that infamous ‘tidier of loose ends’ the nightclub thug Jack Ruby (Jakob Rubenstein) in the plot. Ruby was perhaps a clumsier real life version of the ‘Wolf’ character in the Pulp Fiction movie sent in to ‘clean up’ any messy little details that might embarrass his superiors. Rather than ‘dead Nigger storage’ though he was, together with the motley crew of other Lansky foot-soldiers, more expert in the field of ‘pest control’ (eliminating pesky witnesses) and ‘illusionism’ (making people disappear).
The list of victims of a series of ‘unfortunate incidents’ and ‘amazingly coincidental accidents’ in the few short years following the assassination could fill a small town’s phone book. Stretching credulity to breaking point is one thing but the ‘official’ version of events would be an insult even to the limited intelligence of a retarded chimp. Seriously folks, if you honestly believe in the ‘Lone Gunman’ and ‘Magic Bullet’ theories then you are beneath contempt. If stupidity persists we’ll post you a towel to mop the drool from your receding chin. If that micro synopsis sounds ridiculous, think again, just check the book out. It presents a cogent, highly detailed, well referenced and documented argument.  

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