Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Marxist's struggle with reality continues...

Michael Borg said:
The fact that i'm (sic) half maltese (sic) and italian(sic).
Ain’t life a bitch when English is your second language?
Being mixed race myself, obviously, conyo(sic).
It’s more likely that you are referring to mixed ‘Ethnicity’ rather than Race, unless of course you are conceding the Arabic/Negroid admixture many contend is present in the Maltese.
It means enjoying everything that is on offer from other cultures.
No problemo with that one dude, nyet problemski comrade. That’s what books and TelAvision documentaries are for but like, now we’ve actually GOT the recipe, why not simply fuck off back to where you came from…eh chef? 
Different experiences and perspectives.
Plenty of those to be had without resorting to actual FORNICATION with aliens… Ever heard of just LOOKING and LEARNING? The problem with too many poorly disciplined people is they ‘look with their hands’ instead of their eyes or think with their dicks. 
You've just got to have an open mind.
You don’t SAY? But we don’t see a lot of evidence that Little Mickey has any more than a slammed shut, know enough brain that can’t resist pontificating claptrap to people who can run circles around him intellectually. Youthful enthusiasm or just tired old Marxist indoctrination syndrome?
I really hope you enjoy never travelling outside of Australia my Führer.
Again you presume you are talking to one as simple minded and inexperienced as yourself. Your Old Uncle Victor was born outside of Australia to mixed ethnicity parents and has probably forgotten more than little Mickey has ever ‘learned’…That being said though, it does strike your kindly Old Uncle Victor as somewhat strange that so many Australians feel compelled to travel abroad for their holidays when we have such a rich and diverse environment of natural beauty right here. One could barely experience it in an entire lifetime.
We even have a wealth of primitive native culture to satisfy those with a fetish for studying prehistoric and pre-civilizational peoples. Sadly though, those with an ethnological bent along with those seeking a cheap and nasty holiday, travel to third world shit-holes like Bali and either exploit the wretched natives (apparently Bali is now the new Thailand for Homosexual Paedo-predators and assorted perverts) or get blown up by Islamist fanatics.   
Clearly not enough to wipe out humanity as we are still here today.]
Sorry, missed that one. Please explain?
Actually it's a name of Scandinavian origin. Obviously one of my great great (sic) ancestors immigrated to Malta.
Funny how THAT is ‘obvious’ to you but universal reality ISN’T…
This blog and post within it exists.
Because the very definition of 'supremacist' is “An advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, esp. one determined by race or sex: "a white supremacist".” Therefore making it correct.
We think the word you are struggling to find (unsuccessfully) and articulate is Separatist, that’s ‘S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-S-T’ as in ‘live and let live’, ‘you do your thing and we’ll do ours’ and ‘learn to stand on your own two feet and stop leeching off our creativity, intelligence, inventiveness and technology’. A more crudely succinct version of which is “Fuck Off and Die!”
Because I can't be bothered applying technical terms to racism.
‘Can’t be bothered’ eh? Yet you can be ‘bothered’ enough to (very) belatedly accept our challenge and leave your asinine drivel on our comments page. Seriously, what sort of challenge to our White Nationalist ideals IS your comment?  
I mean that down (sic) syndrome baby your wife is about to give birth to in 9 months time and will probably benefit of government health care from Centrelink. Paid for with taxpayer dollars from some mixed race guy like me.
Assuming you have actually PAID any Tax in your miserable life and, going by your photo, let’s be brutally honest here, you look like a derelict, we doubt your income tithe to the Great God of the Multicult State would amount to more than ashtray toll change for our great society. Your lame attempt to stereotype us as toothless hillbilly welfare parasites is so typical of the Left’s ad hominem attacks on political adversaries they cannot challenge or overcome with logical argument and reasoned debate.      
Maybe I would if they were found to be racist tribes.
ALL Tribes are ‘Racist’ by their very nature, you silly, silly little prick. To quote @ndy…seriously, read a book… A Tribe is the most basic social collective unit apart from a Clan and are defined by their shared identity and difference to ‘the other’ (as your Marxist Jew ‘psychology 101’ would tell you).
Don't act like you know me.
Don’t want to, don’t need to. We know the TYPE. It is not necessary to know every Brown Snake personally to understand that, as a species, they are dangerous and should be avoided and/or destroyed on sight.   
Maybe I just like the sound ebonics bro no need to cry a mountain.
One seriously, no seriously, wonders if that mixed metaphor was intentional or not. Hmmm…
I don't think I was trying to intimidate anyone actually.
Just slam your shitty backwards festival.
Why? What happened to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Identity?  
I've read plenty of books in my life to date and continue to do so, if that answers your question.
So…what? What?
Reading books doesn't equate to someone being knowledgeable anyway.
Essentially true…BUT it does depend on what SORT of books and their SOURCES and HONESTY…   
So that's a horrible way to try and assert your supposed superiority based on knowledge.
No ‘Superiority’ was being ‘supposed’ at all. The TRUTH is our one and ONLY concern here at the Towers.  
Remember; Data is not Information, Information is not Knowledge and Knowledge is not Wisdom
Books written by the ignorant are only going to keep you ignorant.
Wow! He’s a poet laureate! But…like…how do you tell the difference? Is this simply another Marxist thing where people like YOU determine who's 'ignorant'? That’s a rhetorical question by the way, WE already know but we’d like to hear YOUR theory…  
Oh right, i (sic) read picture books because I don't have a dictionary full of ye olde English (sic)  words by my side to write long and winding pretentious passages of repetative (sic) text, wait sorry prose, for old backwards uncle victor.
When one has acquired a functional degree of literacy then the dictionary is rarely required and, as far as pretence is required, it is painfully obvious it is YOU who labours under false pretences.   

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