Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Allied War Crimes and the Controlled Media

On the Friday the fifth of October edition of Sydney’s ABC 702 Radio program ‘The Conversation Hour’ the Nazi obsessed Judeophile Richard Fidler interviewed the famous German born Australian winemaker Wolf Blass.
Having been born into an affluent German family in 1934 Blass recounted what he remembered of his childhood in an Eastern provincial village. It is extremely noteworthy that during Blass’s recollections of his traumatic childhood during the final months of the war he was very careful to play the ‘De-Nazified’ German line and even, as an added ‘Bonus!’ threw in the obligatory ‘Nazi Atrocity’ story as an example of his personal brush with The Holocaust©.
Fidler, of course, was onto this like a mangy dog on heat, slavering over the ‘details’ which were mostly provided by himself as he demonstrated his penchant for what psychologists and lawyers would call ‘leading questions’ to achieve his own ongoing agenda of perpetuating the Holocaust© myth. The nature of his little example was of course, as is the case with all similar ‘eyewitness’ accounts, vague, lacking in any hard specificity regarding time, location, numbers, logistics details etc, mostly based on second and third hand hearsay via friends and acquaintances or, as in his case, the interpretation of what little he did see through the naïve and credulous eyes of a ten year old child, being padded out by gossip, family folklore and the subsequent horror stories over the following decades and pieced together like a patchwork quilt that bears no resemblance to the true events .
These factors, along with the total lack of hard forensic evidence, have been vitally instrumental in the success of the monstrous lie of The Holocaust© as a New Religion protected by draconian legislation and the contrary minimising or censoring of the very real outrages perpetrated by the Allies. It is unprecedented in modern enlightened and increasingly secular civilisation that a consensus alternative reality (Read: Religion) like the Holocaust© Cult and its bizarre apocalyptic version of recent History is quarantined and immune from revision and that any who question its veracity are criminalised and ruthlessly prosecuted by state laws.
Blass’s eagerness to please his host by cooperating with the Jew anointed version of History is not only typical of Germans of his vintage (pun unintended) but perfectly understandable when one considers the relentless tsunami of disinformation and guilt tripping they have been fed about their nation’s culpability, via the National Socialist regime, for a brutal war. There is a masochistic, ‘mea culpa’ desire to placate and please the cruel conquerors not too dissimilar from a severe version of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Not only that of course but Blass is a very talented, successful and wealthy businessman who would be foolish to jeopardise his reputation by questioning the official version with too many awkward and inconvenient observations or even complaints of unfairness.
During this routine and highly practiced process of his, Fidler’s guests are reduced to merely muttering ‘yes’, ‘of course’ or ‘I agree’ as he gushes out often wild extrapolations of their basic statements. Sadly, he is rarely pulled up on this by the guest and if he is he is often persistent or switches the line of questioning swiftly. He often comes across more as a Lawyer than an interviewer.
At all times Fidler is the one that very much guides the ‘conversation’ through various set pieces on the course to a carefully predetermined conclusion. While there is nothing wrong per se with the interviewer conducting proceedings in an efficient and organised manner all too often Fidlers ‘guidance’ via his interjectory commentary is overbearing and intrusive, stifling much of the potential spontaneity and reducing the interview to a rolling editorial rather than a conversation.
Strangely though, despite Fidler’s manipulative technique, Blass was allowed to also air his recollections that while moving about in the open during the war’s final months it was necessary for German civilians to continuously take cover from the Allied aircraft that relentlessly strafed ‘anything that moved’ and that the pilots appeared to be doing this mostly ‘just for fun’. He described the planes as ‘Spitfires’ although they were probably more likely the notorious P51 Mustangs favoured by the Americans for ‘cleaning up’ operations (read: Murdering) the civilian populations following the massive waves of Bomber raids.
This atrocious behaviour by the invaders was despite the fact Blass lived in an undefended small rural village with no military presence whatsoever. But wait, there were no shocked gasps of horror from Fidler, none of his contrived stuttering of disbelief as he groped for the right words to articulate his sad dismay and stunned disgust at Man’s Inhumanity to Man. There was also none of his regular and tiresomely frequent interjections or attempts to ‘verbal’ his guest by finishing his sentences for him as is his usual annoying habit. Nope. Just a few seconds of ‘dead air’ and then the big old switcheroo to something less… hrrrmmph!... controversial.
One wonders if even the most insipid, handwringing, ABC luvvy or social democratic moonbat would not be the slightest bit curious to know more about stories of this sort. Surely the Human Rights, Social Justice, No-one Is Illegal brigade would be appalled by such grotesque atrocities and affronts to Human decency and crave more information on such things…surely…surely? Don’t hold your breath gentle reader. You see, there is a very definite hierarchy of victimhood to be observed when assessing what is even worthy of interest let alone investigation among the Politically Correct Left Wing loonies and White Europeans, particularly Germans are way down at the very bottom of the list.

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