Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Australia Calling

Internet censorship meeting planned – but you will not find it in the media
The governments of most countries will meet in Dubai in a few weeks to discuss regulation of the Internet, but you will be hard pressed to find mention of this meeting anywhere in the controlled media. This meeting is the next step in the global elite’s plan to create what is called Internet Two, which will be regulated, censored and made unaffordable for the ordinary person. Enjoy the old Internet while you still can. 

Click HERE to listen.


Six Mad Magus. said...

Certainly not to be heard on the Kaballist ABC anyways. The ABC logo is apparently a figure conjured on the CRO by an engineer....Convenient explanation for the masses anyways.

A six pointed symbol, it is more likely a stylized Star of David.

It pleases them to mock the innocence of those whom they desire to mislead and filthify with Lies.

If one teases out the apexes of the central triangles and then, after eliminating the outer verticals, closes off the two open triangles, the six pointed star is revealed. ABC or 123 sum to 6 and in conjunction with the use of the number 24 as in 24 Horus, the 6 million dollar question as to who owns the Slitherin' will of the ABraCadabra Broad Caster of Zionist Magickal Mischief is answered.

Sixes in threes and 18s more in RA dio Broadcast frequencies too. ABC666 and ABC774.... Accident ?

To deny the ABC the use of the number Six is a Hate Crime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Heres another one, being discussed a few weeks ago re the making available over the counter at pharmacies the morning after the night before pill named RU486 ,well the tribe are pretty heavily invested in the abortion industry, pointed out to a couple people, got a look like I was a sandwich short of a picnic ...Dave

Anonymous said...

The more innocent the target the greater the sense of ShadenFraude.

The name is designed to mock the fact that what was to be is no longer.