Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Radio 28 Australia! 828!

Radio 28 Australia

"After an extended hiatus, a major body shock and some personnel changes, the Radio 28 Downunder show is back on its feet and back in the ring. It's been a long time and we're still settling in with the new format but it's full steam ahead from here on in.

Due to technical difficulties with the revamping and rejuvenating of the hosting page, this new episode was pre-recorded before this year's ISD Memorial and couldn't be put up until now; we're back with a bang now though and new episodes will be rolling down the line with regularity with the latest up-to-date news, reviews and the cream of pro-White music.

Btw, those who've already heard about the untimely (and unseemly) demise of the legend that was Moonbeam; the sketchy details we received are released during the show."

The new show can be found here: 28 Radio Down Under or through following the link on the B&H Australia website:

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