Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anonymous: Operation Israel

Well I'm not sure how to take this. Many times I have seen the group "Anonymous" by no real fault of their own actually do the bidding of the Neo Cons and Zionists. I mean you cant blame them? "Anonymous"  just like so many are the product of a Western Education system that enforces certain lies and corrections in history to help protect the guilty and frame the real freedom loving people of the world. But from the video below I believe that there may be some internal battles going on at the top level of this "Anonymous" phenomenon.

Looks like people such as myself and many others who share the same beliefs as we do at WLT are no longer the only ones being mislabeled as "Terrorists" for simply not following the Zionist media and its puppet master.

One things for sure many people on my side of the fence have never stood by and said nothing on this subject and many others concerning the Bandit State Israel and Zionism.  Sadly it takes Israeli threats of shutting down the internet to get them to act. I wish them luck on this one.
Just a brief history on the Bandit State to keep you up to speed.

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