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Very Interesting...Allied War Crimes...but wait...there's more...

Walked into a door...several times...a 'revolving' door...apparently...Our brave Tommies are assisting him to medical assistance...aren't they?
The author Bill Bryson has made comments regarding what he perceives as a peculiar attitude of the British people. He said they intrigued him because, in his opinion, they had ‘fought a noble war’ and ‘did the right thing’ for Human Rights blah, blah, blah, yet they still behaved like ‘losers’ and seemed to feel they had ‘failed’ and lost something. Well Bill, this is because they HAD lost a LOT.
They had been duped into being the stooges of the Zionists of International Capital and sacrificed tens of thousands of their most virile youth. They had become shackled to decades of crippling debt via the so-called ‘Lend Lease’ program. They had lost most of their Naval fleet’s best capital ships and thereby were no longer the preeminent Sea Power. They had lost most of their Empire and the rest was soon to follow. Unlike the Americans, who had plundered the technology of the Germans in the greatest Patent Heist of all time and whose troops returned to a far more affluent nation than the one they’d left, the wretched Brits went home to almost another decade of rationing, the meat rationing for example not ending until mid-1954!
No wonder the Britain of the late Forties and Fifties was so grey and miserable compared to the American Fifties dreamtime of big, flash cars, gigantic refrigerators, colour televisions and other luxury consumer goods produced by their intact (untouched by bombing) former armaments factories. But on top of this, in a large scale case of ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’, just as they were finally digging themselves out of their post war privations and England was starting to ‘swing’ in the early Sixties, surprise, surprise, the Brits were ‘rewarded’ with the enriching and bountiful gifts of Multiculturalism just to rub their noses in it. Waves and waves of Third World filth washed in on a black and brown tide from the Caribbean and the Indian sub-continent. Oh joy! Their coloured ‘cousins’ had come to stay and ‘share’ in the fruits of their hard work. Funny that, innit? Our coloured ‘friends’ have an uncanny sense for sniffing out affluence and its inevitable generosity and welfare. Like flies at a barbecue, they are impossible to shake once they’ve got a whiff of that smell. They will follow Whites, even when they flee the wreckage of their own cities, like a caravan of camp followers so as to benefit from the White Man’s labours.
So why does your Old Uncle Victor still persist in banging on about World War Two when it is apparently so irrelevant to our cause today? Because it is NOT irrelevant at all. In fact it is absolutely VITAL to our cause. Because, like the so-called Holocaust©, the myth of Allied chivalry and our assumed status as Champions of Truth, Justice and the Forces of Good is utterly dependent on maintaining the obscene lies of our wartime propaganda because, you see, once a liar has embarked on telling whoppers he must keep ON telling bigger and bigger ones to cover the widening cracks in his fa├žade that might become apparent to those pesky types and trouble makers who ask awkward questions.
This is why the Holocaust© Myth is now, utterly unprecedented since the days of the Inquisition, protected from scrutiny by LAW! None may question the veracity of The Word of the Chosenites upon pain of (social, political, financial) death. And any who ARE still brave or foolish enough to highlight the glaring inconsistences in the officially anointed version are immediately slammed with LEGAL action in many European Nations for ‘Defaming the memory of the dead’ or other preposterous, trumped up offences!!! Those that are not covered by such legislation because they live beyond the jurisdiction of these places are themselves defamed as ‘kooks’, ‘cranks’, ‘nutty Conspiracy Theorists’ or simply the routine ‘Anti-Semites’, ‘Haters’ or Neo-Nazis’.
But that’s all fine and good…apparently…to slander and vilify people who just want to know the TRUTH. As the Historian David Irving calls it, ‘the search for truth in History’. Is this such an evil and despicable pursuit? Admittedly there is a certain percentage of bullies, psychopaths and sadists in every Human population, regardless of Race, Class or Creed, although some Cultures are certainly more predisposed to callousness, but the sheer intensity of hatred for the enemy and the degree of the mistreatment of Civilians and Prisoners is unmatched when one seriously studies the appalling conduct of many of ‘our boys’ in the Allied Forces that conquered Germany and their subsequent reign of terror and torture which lasted well into the late Forties! With no serious advocates, except perhaps the International Red Cross and certain other Humanitarian organisations which were effectively blocked from assisting, the Germans were systematically brutalised, starved, tortured, murdered and robbed as well as being displaced in violent ethnic cleansing all over Europe.
It has been estimated, for example, by some (honest) Historians that the expulsion of Ethnic Germans from European nations where they had lived for dozens of generations was the largest movement of people in Europe ever, yet almost nobody today is even aware it happened! The reason is very plain and simple. The Germans and their handful of advocates had no equivalent to Hollywood and Television. They did not write the history books or make the propaganda ‘documentaries’. And even if they did or had done so they had been so effectively stamped with the mark of the universal pariah that none would wish to even hear their accounts, let alone believe them or feel pity for them. We see today that whenever the subject is broached in discussions or on forums that the response is almost always a variation on the themes that ‘Well, they deserved it, didn’t they?’ or ‘Well, look at what they did to the poor, innocent Jews!’ or the simplistic (and entirely inaccurate) Basil Fawlty theory ‘Well, they STARTED the war, didn’t they? They invaded Poland!’
Actually, come to think of it. I can’t imagine how outrageously insulting and hurtful it must have been for that generation of Germans who had lived through the war and post war, suffering all sorts of hardship and abuse and then had to put up with asinine jokes and comedy skits that made fun of the conflict that had resulted in the brutal murder of millions of their kin, topped off by the massive lie that they had been personally responsible for the whole atrocity. The U.S. Secretary of War during World War Two was a certain Henry L. Stimson (an ex-diplomat. Go figure.) who was virtually singularly responsible for removing the Japanese cultural capital of Kyoto from the list of Atomic bomb targets and hurriedly substituting Nagasaki instead. His reasoning, along with other Proto-Multiculturalists, was that it was such a beautiful city, so vital to the Japanese character and identity, that destroying it would ‘rip out the heart’ of the Japanese culture and, presumably, render them useless for cooperation in the great ‘reconstruction’ and ‘rehabilitation’ program.
The question literally screaming to be asked, of course, is why such apparently brow furrowing, hand wringing sensitivity was lavished upon these impassive, sallow skinned, squinty eyed, bow legged, bucked toothed, psychopathic Pagan Yellow Devils who had raped, tortured and murdered their way through the Pacific (actually DOING the stuff the National Socialists were accused of…and in spades) while the White Christian European Germans had their priceless cultural and historical sites, including the finest examples of Gothic Cathedrals etc, quite DELIBERATELY and ruthlessly targeted for absolute destruction and obliteration from Human History. The nation that had gifted the World with the exquisite genius of Bach, Beethoven, Durer, Goethe, Wagner et al was slated for EXTERMINATION by loathsome creatures not fit to do their laundry. Although your Old Uncle Victor can personally recall viewing HUNDREDS of Hollywood Movies with lurid, cartoonish depictions of alleged ‘Nazi’ brutality perpetrated by cruel ‘Aryan’ types he can only remember TWO films which portrayed the sadism and savagery of the Japanese military, ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ and ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’.
Apparently the Chinese, who suffered terribly under Nippon’s jackboot, have made several of their own films but in the Western ‘Anglosphere’ they would be virtually unknown. The very concept itself of the entire Allied Bombing Campaign in Europe, with its vile tactic of indiscriminate ‘carpet bombing' carried out by ‘Thousand Bomber raids’, almost exclusively on Civilian Germany, was nothing more than bitter and indulgent vengeance demanded by the high ranking Jews such as Henry Morgenthau and hundreds of other ‘advisers’ who had wormed their way into key positions in the Allied leadership. This campaign was based on the principle of demoralisation and the crushing of the spirit of the Central European peoples who comprised the German Reich and their high culture of fine arts and technology. Why else firebomb an undefended, declared ‘open city’ full of refugees like Dresden? This was TERRORISM and ATROCITY writ large and possibly the worst (single incident) War Crime ever committed in Europe.
For the information of the gentle reader the average mortality rate for Allied prisoners in Japanese P.O.W. camps was 45% whereas the rate for Allied prisoners held in German P.O.W. camps was merely 4%!!! So why was Germany so comprehensively demolished and their regime so demonised by the official ‘histories’ and decades of popular culture? It can be but one thing. The Germans had humiliated and expelled the Jews. The Japanese by comparison had only raped, tortured and murdered other wretched Goyim including an estimated TWENTY MILLION Chinese alone. As the Talmud teaches though, a thousand Goyim are not worth One Jewish Fingernail.
Do the Maths…
G.I.'s 'mucking in' with some freelance dentistry...Those Third Worlders know nothing about dental hygeine...Thank God for Amerika...

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