Saturday, December 15, 2012

...Something Wicked This Way Comes...

We can feel it in our bones.
Call it prescience, call it hypersensitivity, call it political paranoia or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if you are one of our many enemies but we here at the Towers sense something big in the sphere of the Jews is about to happen, an event. We’ve felt this way several times before over the years and have been routinely vindicated in our predictions.   
You know the feeling, it’s like that electrified emotion of foreboding one gets as your body senses a sudden pressure drop, the sky boils with dark clouds, things take on a weird metallic sheen, objects seem tinged with a greenish glow and hairs stand up as the air is pre-charged with ionising radiation ahead of a big storm front (no pun intended) as you anticipate lightning strikes.
Lightning is quite literally, according to the banal scientific sources, just a massive flow of electrons that superheats gas to a conductive plasma state and radiates broad spectrum energetic radiation including ionizing radiation. The stench of Ozone, which might remind one of the metallic scent of Geraniums, is in the air as oxygen molecules are smashed.
Immediately prior to a lighting strike, as the jagged ‘leader’ bolt speeds towards the earth, tendrils of ionised air known as ground streamers creep skywards to greet the bolt as it cracks. The bolt only appears to come only from above but, in fact, just as water seeks its own level, the earth is seeking to equalize and balance the electrical potential with the aerial electrostatically charged particles, thus the discharge which is not simply one way.    
The radio waves of Talkback ‘Wireless’ have been saturated for the past few weeks with ever increasing references to Jewish ‘suffering’, ‘dispossession’ and ‘victimhood’ which has ramped up inexorably with the approach of Christmas or, as the Jews and their Shabbos Goy generically call it, the ‘Holiday Season’.    
Hot Button Keywords cleverly and cynically contrived and/or selected out of Historical context to elicit deep level, mostly subconscious, Pavlovian reflexive responses in the mass psyche of the population. ‘Hitler, Holocaust, Nazis, Gas Chambers, Ovens, War Crimes, Final Solution, Genocide, Death Camps, Murder Squads, Innocent Victims, Persecuted Minority, Ghettos, Crimes Against Humanity’ etc ad nauseam. If one collates all these tags it reads like a Google search has highlighted all the ‘relevant’ terms for you.
Just as anyone who is simply Socially Conservative, let alone overtly opposed to Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy, is almost automatically accused, in an overkill barrage of outrageous abuse, as ‘Fascist, Nazi, Hater, Cruel, Insensitive, Selfish, or, lately, Misogynist’. It is what ‘Tanstaafl’ calls the ‘Stupid, Crazy, Evil’ ad hominem attack when a Cultural Marxist simply cannot, or will not, even attempt to mount an argument or defence of their ideology. It is similar to the old tactic of ‘Taking control by leaving’ and yet it is WE who are smeared as ‘Irrational Haters’!  
Clumsy and utterly preposterous ‘analogies’ are being blurted out almost Tourettes style by ABC presenters at every opportunity as if they are under pressure to fulfil some form of official quota. If it were not so insidiously evil it would be comical to those who are aware of the all too familiar strategy.
Although it is by far more prevalent on the Government administered (Taxpayer Funded) stations it is also apparent on the Commercial Channels where the Neo-Con, closet liberal ‘shock jocks’ are even less educated and literate than the half- baked pseudo intellectuals of the Gay Bee Cee and SBS (Soccer Buggery Sodomy)    
This phenomenon occurs every time the Jews commit some major atrocity. The TelAvision will suddenly be flooded with every old show from ‘Exodus’ to ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘documentaries’ about the most evil regime that ever existed. Erm, nope, apparently it is NOT Communism but German National Socialism. Go figure…   
Do yourself a scholarly favour and research the timelines of ‘coincidence’ with the various Middle East wars and incursions and atrocities committed by the Israelis and see what was on T.V., at the Movies or what Books were released immediately prior to, during and after these events. You will find for instance that particularly in the years 1967 and 1973 there were flash floods of Zionist propaganda hitting our bookshelves and screens to perpetuate the myth of Eternal Jewish Suffering.
There was a ‘documentary’ on the TelAvision only the other night about the history of Berlin presented by the German born British journalist Matt Frei who is an utterly dedicated internationalist and lover of cosmopolitanism which suits his itinerant lifestyle as a travelling shyster for the Controlled Media. A quick study of his profile reveals a typical ‘imbedded’ establishment hack who will say anything to further his career. Although he does appear very Germanic with a typical high flat forehead and ‘box’ head, his lineage is a bit suspect.
He claims his parents were ‘refugees’ (often code for Jews) who fled Silesia before it was stolen from Germany by the thieving Poles. Perhaps his story is true and he is merely another Race Traitor but we are always suspicious of certain generic sounding names. For example, many Jews use the names ‘Newman’ or ‘Freeman’ from the German ‘Neumann’ or ‘Freimann’ because they are so general and nonspecific (like Smith and Jones) while also managing to convey the user’s intent to present as a ‘new’ man or ‘free’ man and it is true that many non-Jews have done this too. This is not a hard and fast clue to anyone being a Jew but it is one of the indicators that need to be ticked off the checklist.   
The program, from an historical perspective, was a disgrace, being more like a travelogue opinion piece full of gossip and hearsay about monumental leaders like Frederick the Great. The Left always have to queer everything by accusing every great White European achievers of being Homo. They are obsessed with smearing everyone with this shit, particularly of course the ‘Nazi, leadership who, if we believed every report were even more perverted than the Weimer Republic filth.
There was much talk about the Communist uprising but nothing about their atrocities just as Rosa Luxemburg was referred to over and again as a ‘martyr’ and her popular moniker of ‘Bloody’ Rosa was not mentioned. Although several of the Commo leaders were shown and discussed, not once was their Jewishness mentioned.
With not the slightest effort or even pretence at being objective the Frei Korps, of course, were portrayed as vicious brutes, thugs, oppressors and enemies of the Working Class when, in fact, nothing is further form the truth. The corrupt, depraved and sick Weimar Republic was lauded as ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’ and much was made of its ‘artists’ who were overwhelmingly Communist Jews and ‘artistes’ who were overwhelmingly hideous homosexuals and drag queens. In fact, Frei even showed the current crop of queens in Berlin and indicated they were following a fine tradition of queer Berliners.
Your Old Uncle Victor’s hand hovered over the channel selector button of the remote control as he tried to persevere but he finally dumped the show about ten minutes short of its conclusion. The real abomination in this is that lots of money was obviously spent on the production of this rubbish, money which could have been spent on a genuine program to expose the real truth about Berlin’s history instead of a shabby exercise in Marxist spin and outright lies.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too white, not right!

 Row over 'white as snow' Miss France 

Nice little commentary from the guys at National Alternative.

by Michael Kennedy
AFP:" A black rights group on Monday slammed the latest Miss France competition for producing a “white as snow” winner from a field it claimed was unrepresentative of the country’s ethnic make-up. Marine Lorphelin, 19, a brunette medical student from Burgundy, was on Saturday crowned Miss France 2013, having edged out Miss Tahiti, Hinarini de Longeaux, in the final round of judging. "
It was bound to happen again. We at Nationalist alternative, along with many other true Nationalist and pro-white spokespeople and organisations have been warning for quite some time about how ‘whiteness’ is something which needs to be eradicated. 

While they might claim to not be against whites, their actions and protests suggest that a world with white people just is not satisfactory.
Another shot fired from the anti-white brigade in their long running war against whites was fired by a black rights group who criticised the choice of Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin. The cause of the criticism? That she is “as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France.”. It seems that is reason enough to criticise a white person, who is judging from the pictures, quite attractive, being crowned Miss France, a white country.
Louis-Georges Tin, the president of the Representative Council of Black Associations complained about the lack of contestants from non-white communities, that it was unrepresentative of the countries make up. It is unlikely the the French people are concerned about this, and for it to be considered an ‘issue’ that anything French is ‘too white’ is blatant anti-white racism.
But I do agree on one point. That there is a problem with white contestants not being representative of the ethnic make up of France, but not for the reasons that Louis-Georges Tin believes, but because the French nation has gone down the destructive ‘mass immigration and assimilation’ path so far, that this is no longer true. Worse however, is the audacity of such a claim. 

The anti-white culture is so ingrained in the West, the conditioning so strong, that many don’t even see the offensive nature of this complaint. But it is offensive. It is greatly offensive for guests, invited at Frances expense, to enjoy a quality of life which many French worked and died for, to essentially criticise their hosts for containing their own national identity. This is spitting in the face of white France. There are limits to what they should tolerate, surely.
But the fact that there are large numbers of non-whites in France, is no excuse at all in calling for France to become less white, for criticism of white representation. If anything, the lamentations and protests of Frances non-white community proves to the French people, and all of the European nations that a wake up call is needed, and for multi-racialism and assimilation to be abandoned. For the French, the choice is stark, it is to either bow to the demands of groups like the Representative Council of Black Associations and appease whites who demand self destruction, or choose national and ethnic survival, the fight to preserve the French people against a hostile and genocidal political climate.
More and more French people are choosing life for their nation, with the growing support for patriotic organisations such as the Bloc Identitaire and Front National. We wish the French people all the best and await the day when young French people can look towards the future, with a confidence that they as a nation will remain as part of the West until the world has run its course.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Australia calling

Australia calling - $3 billion for africans, but labor cannot find $2 million so that the blind can see The world-leading Australian project to develop a bionic eye, so that the blind can see, looks like stalling and perhaps being forced overseas because the Labor Federal Government cannot find $2 million to fund it. At the same time, Labor has given $3 billion to Africans and $2 billion to Asians to buy their votes in the United Nations and is spending about $2 billion a year looking after asylum seekers who arrive illegally. In Brisbane, Labor is giving $70 million to the council to recreate a floating walkway that was washed away in a flood. Chifley, Curtin and Lang would disown the current crop of idiot Chardonnay socialists who are wrecking the country. Are you angry enough to do something? 

Listen HERE
What a fucking joke these pricks are.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Time for Anarchist @ndy to put on another hat.

Well we still like to drop on over to the last surviving member of Fight Dem Back and see how the other side is going every now and then. What we notice most is this self labeled anarchist can conveniently ignore the big picture on anything concerning Israel and send his minions on a wild goose chase after shadow "Nazis". They are on every corner if you believe this wanker. 

 Israel can nuke a country and not even get a mention from @ndy, yet he can manage to raise his anarchist fist in anger over everything from a strike at McDonalds to some third world action by a bunch of Asian  rice farmers. Come on we can count on one hand the amount times this radical anarchist has even mentioned Israel.

Its no surprise if you have been following this blog for a few years. But that's why we are here. We have been studying these self labeled anarchists and assorted Marxist for a very long time. Boy oh boy have we seen them chop and change to suit what ever direction the Australian left may be heading in. 

In short @ndy and his followers have always attempted to stay one step ahead so that they can influence and manipulate the Australian left in the direction that makes his handlers happy. 

What do we know about @ndy? Well not much. What is known is his ability to create media around himself using his many media savvy friends, an admission a few years back in his comments section that he is Jewish (his words not mine)  and the fact that he manages to this day to be able to stay anonymous while every one around him has been exposed. Not excluding the fact that he has many ties with the old Jewish dominated Left from the 70's and 80's.

In the past two weeks we have noticed a change. First was his article on anarchists being rounded up by ASIO and the federal police. His angle on never speaking nor supplying these fascists with any information. Seems @ndy never gets questioned mind you, he always manages to operate with out being harassed by the state. 

Yep good old @ndy boy, the same guy from Fight Dem Back who openly worked with Federal government ministers, corrupt High court Judges the even more corrupt unions. But his best mates from 2005 until recently has been  ASIO and the Federal Police.

While ASIO and the feds were running around stalking and harassing innocent White Nationalists on info supplied to them from @ndy and his handlers, @ndy and his mates have been busy working away in the back ground. Come on they even once proudly bragged about their sweet little deal with Australian law enforcement. Sure as shit had the feds and ASIO running all over Australia knocking on any ones door who just happened to be a thorn in his side. 

We saw it folks, many of the readers here saw it first hand and suffered from the controversy they created. Those two words people "they created". 

Next was @ndys dramatic entry after criticizing  the Bandit state Israel. After the well publicized rally last week in Sydney that found the National Anarchist being subjected to some real home grown red terror, @ndy has had a crack at Australian Jews who return to Israel to murder rape and generally act like Israeli Jews.

WTF is going on. Israel can drop the equivalent TNT pay load from Vietnam on the open air prison Gaza and not a sound from our brave Anarchist. But when the Left start repeating what we have been saying for decades about Zionism and Israel, its time for the state to roll its controlled opposition. @ndy is well trained in that.

Its been interesting watching @ndy discredit the assorted Left wing groups in Australia. Adding fuel to an already raging inferno that is the Australian Left. The perfect agent provocateur.  Splitting, factionalising the Left, distracting them from the big picture. Steering the middle class drug clouded Che tee shirt wearers agenda away from the facts. But the anti Zionist movement is growing around the world. No amount of steering or controlling can cover the stench that now emanates from Israel and the controlled media. Andy and his sayanim have but one choice, join them and destroy them from the inside. Interesting days ahead.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

National Anarchist 'Gate Crashers'...ctd...

Resplendent in their generic ‘Black Bloc’ street wear and, now very popular among anti-establishment types, ‘anonymous’ Guy Fawkes masks, the National Anarchist crew got yet another lesson in just how cephalically dense and deeply inculcated the N.W.O.’s Zogbots are in their opposition to anything that challenges the hegemony of Totalitarian Liberalism. One seriously wonders why they bother and whether there is a more futile action possible in today’s ‘street activism’. Surely they know the reception they will get and, sadly, there is little hope that Neville Nobody and Fred Nerks will get the true message they wish to convey through the beer haze, sports reports and general electronic fog.
Image and perception is everything and Nev and Fred will just see ‘a bunch of ratbags’ in funny costumes and either merely laugh at the Punch and Judy show or rant and rave about how the Police need more powers to ‘smash the c**nts’. F*ck the Tasers, set Phasers to ‘Kill’…Seriously folks, we’ve given up on Joe Public, he wouldn’t know if a busload of gorillas was up him. Ignorance is bliss and old Joe’s ecstatic. You can’t teach bums and you certainly can’t save an idiot from his own stupidity.     
The small grouplet of bearded Arabs who confronted them, augmented with assorted primitive ‘groids, with their aggressive body language (typical of their Race) and their WAY too well rehearsed chants of ‘Nazi Scum Off Our Streets!’ betrayed their servile obedience to the Zionist agenda and their connections to the blind haters of the extreme Communist Left. The only thing they lacked was tee shirts emblazoned with the legends ‘Official Stooge’ or ‘N.W.O. Approved’. There is simply no way these tools were acting in any way spontaneously.    
Apart from the fact that these feckin’ eejits definitely do NOT own the streets and never will (the State’s Public Order and Riot Squad’s water canon is on standby to put that particular claim to the test…one day…) they prove by the aforementioned behaviour that they are forever the wretched ‘useful idiots’ of the very Chosenites they pretend to oppose. These fools are like putty in the hands of the meshuggah Talmudic Sayanim who fund and run ALL the Leftist organisations.    
Perhaps the many of the Palestinian advocates are motivated by residual misguided loyalty to an era when the Soviet Bloc groomed Arabs to spread Communistic ideology throughout the Middle East but we suspect most there that day know little of real politics and even less of history.
Someone needs to inform them that all the other former Soviet States are now very much Nationalist entities and some, particularly Russia itself, have huge Ethno-Centric (‘Racist’) Political movements and Parties growing rapidly and exponentially on what the sneering liberal democrats of the West pejoratively label ‘Identity Politics’.    
Perhaps they also erroneously view the Ashkenazi carpetbagger Jews who oozed out of the European ghettoes and set up the Bandit State of Israel on stolen Palestinian land as ‘White’ and thereby, in accordance with the Anti-White, Anti-Western narrative of Marxist ideology, are treated as oppressors with ‘White Privilege’.   

National Anarchists upset the apple cart once again.

Seems the State run and controlled left are a little peeved at the moment. Yes folks as we stand by and watch the seriously divided and deluded Australian left, we now see a not so new kid on the block. The National Anarchist movement in Australia the only alternative to the old genocidal Marxist groups that indoctrinate our youth via drugs and Zionist controlled left wing dogma.

You know a lot can be said about the National Anarchist, especially if you are silly enough to listen to the Zionist controlled media and the various left wing groups in Australia. Yep that evil media always parrots what the Marxist present as fact. The only thing that unites the Australian left is their hatred for a group who refuse to tow any party line and just attack real issues with real facts and no hidden agendas.

Anyways check out this vid below. For many of our readers take special note of the various state agents and names from the violent Sydney gang Socialist Alternative.



and faces.