Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Australia calling

Australia calling - $3 billion for africans, but labor cannot find $2 million so that the blind can see The world-leading Australian project to develop a bionic eye, so that the blind can see, looks like stalling and perhaps being forced overseas because the Labor Federal Government cannot find $2 million to fund it. At the same time, Labor has given $3 billion to Africans and $2 billion to Asians to buy their votes in the United Nations and is spending about $2 billion a year looking after asylum seekers who arrive illegally. In Brisbane, Labor is giving $70 million to the council to recreate a floating walkway that was washed away in a flood. Chifley, Curtin and Lang would disown the current crop of idiot Chardonnay socialists who are wrecking the country. Are you angry enough to do something? 

Listen HERE
What a fucking joke these pricks are.

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