Saturday, December 01, 2012

National Anarchist 'Gate Crashers'...ctd...

Resplendent in their generic ‘Black Bloc’ street wear and, now very popular among anti-establishment types, ‘anonymous’ Guy Fawkes masks, the National Anarchist crew got yet another lesson in just how cephalically dense and deeply inculcated the N.W.O.’s Zogbots are in their opposition to anything that challenges the hegemony of Totalitarian Liberalism. One seriously wonders why they bother and whether there is a more futile action possible in today’s ‘street activism’. Surely they know the reception they will get and, sadly, there is little hope that Neville Nobody and Fred Nerks will get the true message they wish to convey through the beer haze, sports reports and general electronic fog.
Image and perception is everything and Nev and Fred will just see ‘a bunch of ratbags’ in funny costumes and either merely laugh at the Punch and Judy show or rant and rave about how the Police need more powers to ‘smash the c**nts’. F*ck the Tasers, set Phasers to ‘Kill’…Seriously folks, we’ve given up on Joe Public, he wouldn’t know if a busload of gorillas was up him. Ignorance is bliss and old Joe’s ecstatic. You can’t teach bums and you certainly can’t save an idiot from his own stupidity.     
The small grouplet of bearded Arabs who confronted them, augmented with assorted primitive ‘groids, with their aggressive body language (typical of their Race) and their WAY too well rehearsed chants of ‘Nazi Scum Off Our Streets!’ betrayed their servile obedience to the Zionist agenda and their connections to the blind haters of the extreme Communist Left. The only thing they lacked was tee shirts emblazoned with the legends ‘Official Stooge’ or ‘N.W.O. Approved’. There is simply no way these tools were acting in any way spontaneously.    
Apart from the fact that these feckin’ eejits definitely do NOT own the streets and never will (the State’s Public Order and Riot Squad’s water canon is on standby to put that particular claim to the test…one day…) they prove by the aforementioned behaviour that they are forever the wretched ‘useful idiots’ of the very Chosenites they pretend to oppose. These fools are like putty in the hands of the meshuggah Talmudic Sayanim who fund and run ALL the Leftist organisations.    
Perhaps the many of the Palestinian advocates are motivated by residual misguided loyalty to an era when the Soviet Bloc groomed Arabs to spread Communistic ideology throughout the Middle East but we suspect most there that day know little of real politics and even less of history.
Someone needs to inform them that all the other former Soviet States are now very much Nationalist entities and some, particularly Russia itself, have huge Ethno-Centric (‘Racist’) Political movements and Parties growing rapidly and exponentially on what the sneering liberal democrats of the West pejoratively label ‘Identity Politics’.    
Perhaps they also erroneously view the Ashkenazi carpetbagger Jews who oozed out of the European ghettoes and set up the Bandit State of Israel on stolen Palestinian land as ‘White’ and thereby, in accordance with the Anti-White, Anti-Western narrative of Marxist ideology, are treated as oppressors with ‘White Privilege’.   

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