Saturday, December 01, 2012

National Anarchists upset the apple cart once again.

Seems the State run and controlled left are a little peeved at the moment. Yes folks as we stand by and watch the seriously divided and deluded Australian left, we now see a not so new kid on the block. The National Anarchist movement in Australia the only alternative to the old genocidal Marxist groups that indoctrinate our youth via drugs and Zionist controlled left wing dogma.

You know a lot can be said about the National Anarchist, especially if you are silly enough to listen to the Zionist controlled media and the various left wing groups in Australia. Yep that evil media always parrots what the Marxist present as fact. The only thing that unites the Australian left is their hatred for a group who refuse to tow any party line and just attack real issues with real facts and no hidden agendas.

Anyways check out this vid below. For many of our readers take special note of the various state agents and names from the violent Sydney gang Socialist Alternative.



and faces.


Anonymous said...

Humphreys needs that smug shit eating smile wiped right off his face. Check him out on Google, his associations are lousy with Jews.

The ilk of Humphrey's are not at all concerned with Jewish/Zionist Supremecist control over White countries, but see opposition to Israel as an extension of their unconditional anti-(Neo-Con) Americanism.

The NA had balls to show up at Marxist rally like that, but still, the enemy of my enemy is still not my friend. The Semetic bastards of Isaac and Ishmael are both mortal enemies of the White Race. Let them destroy each other, just let's free the West of its Jewish bondage

Anonymous said...

Regarding Vlaudin Vega:

Here is his youtube channel for anyone interested.

His uploads include videos of Socialist Alternative members giving speeches, such as Josh Lee and Diane Fieldes.

More profiles: