Saturday, December 15, 2012

...Something Wicked This Way Comes...

We can feel it in our bones.
Call it prescience, call it hypersensitivity, call it political paranoia or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if you are one of our many enemies but we here at the Towers sense something big in the sphere of the Jews is about to happen, an event. We’ve felt this way several times before over the years and have been routinely vindicated in our predictions.   
You know the feeling, it’s like that electrified emotion of foreboding one gets as your body senses a sudden pressure drop, the sky boils with dark clouds, things take on a weird metallic sheen, objects seem tinged with a greenish glow and hairs stand up as the air is pre-charged with ionising radiation ahead of a big storm front (no pun intended) as you anticipate lightning strikes.
Lightning is quite literally, according to the banal scientific sources, just a massive flow of electrons that superheats gas to a conductive plasma state and radiates broad spectrum energetic radiation including ionizing radiation. The stench of Ozone, which might remind one of the metallic scent of Geraniums, is in the air as oxygen molecules are smashed.
Immediately prior to a lighting strike, as the jagged ‘leader’ bolt speeds towards the earth, tendrils of ionised air known as ground streamers creep skywards to greet the bolt as it cracks. The bolt only appears to come only from above but, in fact, just as water seeks its own level, the earth is seeking to equalize and balance the electrical potential with the aerial electrostatically charged particles, thus the discharge which is not simply one way.    
The radio waves of Talkback ‘Wireless’ have been saturated for the past few weeks with ever increasing references to Jewish ‘suffering’, ‘dispossession’ and ‘victimhood’ which has ramped up inexorably with the approach of Christmas or, as the Jews and their Shabbos Goy generically call it, the ‘Holiday Season’.    
Hot Button Keywords cleverly and cynically contrived and/or selected out of Historical context to elicit deep level, mostly subconscious, Pavlovian reflexive responses in the mass psyche of the population. ‘Hitler, Holocaust, Nazis, Gas Chambers, Ovens, War Crimes, Final Solution, Genocide, Death Camps, Murder Squads, Innocent Victims, Persecuted Minority, Ghettos, Crimes Against Humanity’ etc ad nauseam. If one collates all these tags it reads like a Google search has highlighted all the ‘relevant’ terms for you.
Just as anyone who is simply Socially Conservative, let alone overtly opposed to Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy, is almost automatically accused, in an overkill barrage of outrageous abuse, as ‘Fascist, Nazi, Hater, Cruel, Insensitive, Selfish, or, lately, Misogynist’. It is what ‘Tanstaafl’ calls the ‘Stupid, Crazy, Evil’ ad hominem attack when a Cultural Marxist simply cannot, or will not, even attempt to mount an argument or defence of their ideology. It is similar to the old tactic of ‘Taking control by leaving’ and yet it is WE who are smeared as ‘Irrational Haters’!  
Clumsy and utterly preposterous ‘analogies’ are being blurted out almost Tourettes style by ABC presenters at every opportunity as if they are under pressure to fulfil some form of official quota. If it were not so insidiously evil it would be comical to those who are aware of the all too familiar strategy.
Although it is by far more prevalent on the Government administered (Taxpayer Funded) stations it is also apparent on the Commercial Channels where the Neo-Con, closet liberal ‘shock jocks’ are even less educated and literate than the half- baked pseudo intellectuals of the Gay Bee Cee and SBS (Soccer Buggery Sodomy)    
This phenomenon occurs every time the Jews commit some major atrocity. The TelAvision will suddenly be flooded with every old show from ‘Exodus’ to ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘documentaries’ about the most evil regime that ever existed. Erm, nope, apparently it is NOT Communism but German National Socialism. Go figure…   
Do yourself a scholarly favour and research the timelines of ‘coincidence’ with the various Middle East wars and incursions and atrocities committed by the Israelis and see what was on T.V., at the Movies or what Books were released immediately prior to, during and after these events. You will find for instance that particularly in the years 1967 and 1973 there were flash floods of Zionist propaganda hitting our bookshelves and screens to perpetuate the myth of Eternal Jewish Suffering.
There was a ‘documentary’ on the TelAvision only the other night about the history of Berlin presented by the German born British journalist Matt Frei who is an utterly dedicated internationalist and lover of cosmopolitanism which suits his itinerant lifestyle as a travelling shyster for the Controlled Media. A quick study of his profile reveals a typical ‘imbedded’ establishment hack who will say anything to further his career. Although he does appear very Germanic with a typical high flat forehead and ‘box’ head, his lineage is a bit suspect.
He claims his parents were ‘refugees’ (often code for Jews) who fled Silesia before it was stolen from Germany by the thieving Poles. Perhaps his story is true and he is merely another Race Traitor but we are always suspicious of certain generic sounding names. For example, many Jews use the names ‘Newman’ or ‘Freeman’ from the German ‘Neumann’ or ‘Freimann’ because they are so general and nonspecific (like Smith and Jones) while also managing to convey the user’s intent to present as a ‘new’ man or ‘free’ man and it is true that many non-Jews have done this too. This is not a hard and fast clue to anyone being a Jew but it is one of the indicators that need to be ticked off the checklist.   
The program, from an historical perspective, was a disgrace, being more like a travelogue opinion piece full of gossip and hearsay about monumental leaders like Frederick the Great. The Left always have to queer everything by accusing every great White European achievers of being Homo. They are obsessed with smearing everyone with this shit, particularly of course the ‘Nazi, leadership who, if we believed every report were even more perverted than the Weimer Republic filth.
There was much talk about the Communist uprising but nothing about their atrocities just as Rosa Luxemburg was referred to over and again as a ‘martyr’ and her popular moniker of ‘Bloody’ Rosa was not mentioned. Although several of the Commo leaders were shown and discussed, not once was their Jewishness mentioned.
With not the slightest effort or even pretence at being objective the Frei Korps, of course, were portrayed as vicious brutes, thugs, oppressors and enemies of the Working Class when, in fact, nothing is further form the truth. The corrupt, depraved and sick Weimar Republic was lauded as ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’ and much was made of its ‘artists’ who were overwhelmingly Communist Jews and ‘artistes’ who were overwhelmingly hideous homosexuals and drag queens. In fact, Frei even showed the current crop of queens in Berlin and indicated they were following a fine tradition of queer Berliners.
Your Old Uncle Victor’s hand hovered over the channel selector button of the remote control as he tried to persevere but he finally dumped the show about ten minutes short of its conclusion. The real abomination in this is that lots of money was obviously spent on the production of this rubbish, money which could have been spent on a genuine program to expose the real truth about Berlin’s history instead of a shabby exercise in Marxist spin and outright lies.


Noachideoius said...

Just listening to Samantha Lee channelling the collective public mind on the disingenuous 7... As a professional and paid sophist whoring for higher ups, she uses Port Arthur as a political tool to justify her courageously "caring" advocacy.

Why won't Samantha Lee address concerns amongst those who seek the unadulterated Truth, Veritas, Saturn's Daughter, that Port Arthur may well have been a contrived event and that Martin Bryant was not alone then as he is now.

As serial peddlers of fear and contrivance, 7 consistently refuse to differentiate between semi-automatic and automatic firearms. The messages broadcast by these mediums are an ontologically exceptional product of the werld's most magnificent Kaaba allahists who appear as courageously caring "Jews". For the perpetraitors and predators at 7, the denutrified and faecal lies in the esoteric appear to be fully automatic and every bit as malevolently harmful to the innooents they afflict.

Ritual Self Abuse publicly televised as "News" is designed to blind all who watch it to the truth. The cynical and utilitarian media thrive and find sustenance in misery and feigned concern.

We all hoitin' on the inside...Bew Hew........Goy is me ....We're beyond Blue. Its a mental health holocaust and a number beginning with 18 will make us better.

Much Chosen syndrome explains it best... Pleasure, import and relevance derived by making society sick with their Shit and then presenting themselves and the curative force dejure. It's enough to make the viewer puke all over the keyboard as the sun rises on the screen nearby.

We're all, mainly the media, heavily invested in 'psychology' and mental health these days. The DSM is a Talmudic appendage for the diagnosis of Noachidiocy Why no studies on whether there is a statistical correlation between the propensity of those who shamelessly tell the biggest whoppers and their capacity to commit murder either directly or by proxy in contrived war ? All consistent with a religiously derived imperative If a lie was to existentially manifest in this realm, then it makes sense that it would murder all other ideas such that it alone manifests as the singular existential truth. Symbolically it would attempt to 'Kill the best of the Gentiles' as it goes about its war by deception.

These Kosher Klowns believe that the maximum achievable and deserved potential of the Goyishche animals is achieved by Eating Shitting and Fucking. The media intend to make it so with the imposition of the seven Noachide Laws.

Words by peristalsis coming out now.

Terrible Victims, Killed, high powered rifles, also killed forced way in, incredible bravery , died as a result, horrific stuff, described that scene, no one ever wants to see, is this tragedy, guns laws, Virginia tech, Aurora , Port Arthur, tears from Obama, changes need to be made, come together , meaningful action

emote emote defacate defacate.

Two Faced Wankers and smiling assassins all who are suspected of actually laughing when their public face is not shown.

Manifest Evil said...

Hoitin' on the outside.
If this is real, then it surely is Evil.

The Mad Celtic Magus said...

O ..... Goodie. Then perhaps the Mad Celtic Magus, existentially an Ontologically exceptional Kabballic Occultist, can be a guest edjumacator of the Goy Kiddies on the significance of the number 6 in the jewish religion and how it relates to rendering kiddies spellbound with holocaust numerology, guilt and self hatred of their own kind.

Until the facts are proven, such targetted and with malice aforethought edjumacation of innocents by the tall probably Pinocchioan Rabbi is His Story only and akin to child abuse.

Those in the education department are derelict in their duty and responsibility to protect from predation those innocents placed in their care by parents.

Anonymous said...

First of all: Happy New Year!
Second, I wrote an article bout the brave woman called Teutonic Warrior Chick, it's in the italian pages but easy to translate via Google: please search on:


Admin - Congredior

Edjumacat'n'em ? said...

Anonymous said...

Judaism demands that "jews" set up a global government out of Israel and impose its collective will via the Sannhedrin on the "Goyim"... Those who submit and accept all jewish words as immutable truth, are to be known as "Noachides". Those who don't "Amelek"....The amelek who don't believe or refuse to be Cowed by the likes of the Cohen, are to have "no place in the werld to come". This will exist in the form of various prohibitions and proscriptions designed to 'punish' the recalcitrant non-believer.

Noachide Law is necessarily totalitarian because many think the "jews" are fraund and have nothing to do with "God" or Truth at all. Dissent is entirely normal and reasonable from this perspective.

Noachide law is to be IMPOSED from above via government or herding into mind corrals by means of duplicity. It attests to the character and integrity of the jewish establishment. Rabbi Shimon Cowen lobbies legislators, not the people he desires perhaps to convince of his divine mandate to rule. Totalitarian style psychology and the deeming of dissenters as 'mentally ill', threats, intimidation, the hysterical wailing of the words 'anti-Semite', 'jew hater' will play a big part, as it always has and does. Gentile Altruism, the desire not to see "Goyim" duped in such a way by those who seek to do others harm in a courageously caring way is always declared by those predators so denied and 'jew hatred'.... Such is the depraved nature of that which covets rule over the other as the exaltation of self.