Friday, December 07, 2012

Time for Anarchist @ndy to put on another hat.

Well we still like to drop on over to the last surviving member of Fight Dem Back and see how the other side is going every now and then. What we notice most is this self labeled anarchist can conveniently ignore the big picture on anything concerning Israel and send his minions on a wild goose chase after shadow "Nazis". They are on every corner if you believe this wanker. 

 Israel can nuke a country and not even get a mention from @ndy, yet he can manage to raise his anarchist fist in anger over everything from a strike at McDonalds to some third world action by a bunch of Asian  rice farmers. Come on we can count on one hand the amount times this radical anarchist has even mentioned Israel.

Its no surprise if you have been following this blog for a few years. But that's why we are here. We have been studying these self labeled anarchists and assorted Marxist for a very long time. Boy oh boy have we seen them chop and change to suit what ever direction the Australian left may be heading in. 

In short @ndy and his followers have always attempted to stay one step ahead so that they can influence and manipulate the Australian left in the direction that makes his handlers happy. 

What do we know about @ndy? Well not much. What is known is his ability to create media around himself using his many media savvy friends, an admission a few years back in his comments section that he is Jewish (his words not mine)  and the fact that he manages to this day to be able to stay anonymous while every one around him has been exposed. Not excluding the fact that he has many ties with the old Jewish dominated Left from the 70's and 80's.

In the past two weeks we have noticed a change. First was his article on anarchists being rounded up by ASIO and the federal police. His angle on never speaking nor supplying these fascists with any information. Seems @ndy never gets questioned mind you, he always manages to operate with out being harassed by the state. 

Yep good old @ndy boy, the same guy from Fight Dem Back who openly worked with Federal government ministers, corrupt High court Judges the even more corrupt unions. But his best mates from 2005 until recently has been  ASIO and the Federal Police.

While ASIO and the feds were running around stalking and harassing innocent White Nationalists on info supplied to them from @ndy and his handlers, @ndy and his mates have been busy working away in the back ground. Come on they even once proudly bragged about their sweet little deal with Australian law enforcement. Sure as shit had the feds and ASIO running all over Australia knocking on any ones door who just happened to be a thorn in his side. 

We saw it folks, many of the readers here saw it first hand and suffered from the controversy they created. Those two words people "they created". 

Next was @ndys dramatic entry after criticizing  the Bandit state Israel. After the well publicized rally last week in Sydney that found the National Anarchist being subjected to some real home grown red terror, @ndy has had a crack at Australian Jews who return to Israel to murder rape and generally act like Israeli Jews.

WTF is going on. Israel can drop the equivalent TNT pay load from Vietnam on the open air prison Gaza and not a sound from our brave Anarchist. But when the Left start repeating what we have been saying for decades about Zionism and Israel, its time for the state to roll its controlled opposition. @ndy is well trained in that.

Its been interesting watching @ndy discredit the assorted Left wing groups in Australia. Adding fuel to an already raging inferno that is the Australian Left. The perfect agent provocateur.  Splitting, factionalising the Left, distracting them from the big picture. Steering the middle class drug clouded Che tee shirt wearers agenda away from the facts. But the anti Zionist movement is growing around the world. No amount of steering or controlling can cover the stench that now emanates from Israel and the controlled media. Andy and his sayanim have but one choice, join them and destroy them from the inside. Interesting days ahead.

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