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Just for you Victor. "How the whites took over America"

Anti antifa notes 2012.

Well folks here is something you WONT read over at Australia's number one (only one)State Run Anti Racist/Anarchist site Slackbastard. Nope you wont read about this in @ndy Slackbastards "Antifa Notes" and updates. 

Once the Jew spell is lifted from the followers of these Zionist Run State controlled dissent groups, people such as @ndy Slackbastard will surely be the first ones to taste the hate of the gangs they have created.


A vicious Marxist gang known as “Antifa” has staged violence attacks all over Europe. The group calls itself “anti-racist” and targets members of right-wing groups. Members of the gang routinely cross national borders to commit violent assaults. One of the ongoing projects of the gang in Germany is to vandalize Thor Steinar clothing stores. The group claims that the Arab-owned clothing line caters to “Nazis” by putting Viking/Norse imagery on some of their t-shirts.

However, a group of Antifa gangbangers got some poetic justice when a mob of Kurdish immigrants stormed their Berlin gang house and brutally beat members with baseball bats. The attack occurred just days ago. The Kurdish immigrants simply wanted to attack some white people, any white people.
Members of “Antifa” have a gang headquarters called “Hausprojekt Scherer 8″ in an immigrant ghetto in Berlin. Across the street from the Antifa gang house is home base for a violent Kurdish drug gang called the “Street Fighters.”

The Kurdish gang demanded protection money from the Antifa gang. They refused. The Kurds waited for the Antifa gang to through a big party. Then 30 members of the Kurdish gang stormed the Antifa house wielding baseball bats and began brutally beating them. The Kurds also smash windows and destroyed furniture and a bar.

Here is the Berlin Antifa gang members one month ago.

This is from the Berlin Antifa gangs’ youtube channel. It was recorded last month. Notice the thugs all wear masks to hide their identity.  Many of the people you see in this video are the actual victims of the rampage by the Kurds

The following night two members of a band that perform at the Antifa gang house were attacked by Kurds. Police say the Kurdish gang is well-known to them and all of its members have been arrested for violent crimes in the past. Police say the leaders of Street Fighters, Ahmed A., was recently beaten up by the Berlin chapter of the Hells Angels.

Members of Antifa in Berlin, who normally love to scream tough guy slogans to the media, are refusing interviews. The major German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote the Antifa website is urging members to stay away from its Berlin gang house. The newspaper quotes a white female “with dreadlocks” as saying she is leaving the area for fear of “Kurdish and Arab mafia.” The newspaper states “the left’s worldview is faltering.”

A similar thing occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2001.
The same thing happened during Cincinnati Race riots. Members of a self-described “anti-racist” gang urged members in e-mails to join the Black rioters. One e-mail told White “anti-racists” to try to get in front of media cameras so it could not be said that the rioters were “all Black.” At least two members of the gang did in fact join the Black rioters and were brutally beaten. A follow-up e-mail later announced that two of their members had been brutally beaten and lamented that the Black rioters did not understand that the “anti-racists” were simply trying to help them. One of the thugs is actually visible in a youtube video made by the CofCC. He is wearing a mask and standing in the middle of a bunch of hard-core black gangbangers waving a sign. He was later brutally beaten for being white after the media cameras left.

My favorite comment on the Berlin antifa video.  

"Also this group of racist seen in the video no longer exist, 30 Kurds just tinked 50 of them all in their little racist brains with baseball bats. The police siad the anti-fascist were screaming and crying and begging for mercy. And said they were going to press charges at the hospital."

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Please be patient while your history is deleted…ctd…

On this solemn day of remembrance for fallen soldiers, ruthlessly murdered in the fratricidal First Great European Civil War cynically contrived by alien parasites and their collaborators among the Euro elite, the insidious agenda of the Global Multi-Cult grinds inexorably onward with its current stage of WRT (White Replacement Therapy) entering a deeper phase of activity. As one perambulates about our increasingly decadent and depraved Rainbow City of Sydney, despite its rich White European History surviving in plain sight of all, one is struck by the sheer overwhelming numbers of Mud filth. Whites are very effectively, and at an exponentially increasing rate, being ethnically cleansed from the inner urban and suburban areas.
The examples of miscegenation, particularly where the male is White and the female Asian is at pandemic proportions. It is as if some vile and virulent disease has drifted miasma-like on the foul winds and infected the souls of the young as well as the old males of our Race. Far less prevalent but equally as disturbing is the increasing pairing of White females with primitive Mud Race males, despite the wealth of information available which has seeped through the Controlled Media and MultiCult Industry’s filters about the dire consequences of interracial marriage particularly to Black males. The well documented cases of infidelity, financial irresponsibility, verbal and physical abuse and, ultimately, murder is off the scale when compared to their occurrence in White/White relationships.
These statistics are not secret or hidden as such, they are simply ignored and avoided by the so-called ‘investigative journalists’ who pride themselves on digging up dirt because, despite the fact this material is stunningly newsworthy and would sell papers and air time like nothing else, it is considered ‘unhelpful’, ‘divisive’ and even ‘hateful’ because it inconveniently fails to support the Politically Correct concept of the ‘Proposition Nation’.
This is where we observe the peculiar phenomenon of the ‘Hate Fact’. This is where, in our Orwellian Socio-Political dystopia, we must never speak of certain things, however true and accurate they might be, because they offend the prevailing dogma of the MultiCult.     
Today we see the Humanist Equalitarian Internationalists destroying the last vestiges of ethnic sovereignty through their creation of ‘economic zones’ where former Nation/Countries are reduced to mere geo-specific plantations, labour concentration camps, their indigenous occupants mixed and blended beyond recognition by the forced importation of Third Worlders. Their cultural life diluted and even expunged, their internal economies wrecked by the unsustainable strain on their welfare systems by the invading leeches, their original ethnicities walking on eggshells so as not to ‘offend’ the ‘traditions’ and ‘customs’ of the invaders and to avoid prosecution under ever more draconian legislation drafted by an evil alliance of indigenous traitors, United Nations criminals and ‘community leaders’ from among the interlopers.    
On the subject of what constitutes a Nation, Pat Buchanan said: “An economic union like the European Union is not a nation. An economy is not a country. An economic system should strengthen the bonds of national union, but the nation is of a higher order than the construct of any economist. A nation is organic; a nation is alive. A constitution does not create a nation. A nation writes a constitution that is the birth certificate of the nation already born in the hearts of its people.
Nation, as suggested by its Latin root nascere, to be born, intrinsically implies a link by blood, wrote Peter Brimelow in National Review in 1992. A nation in a real sense is an extended family. The merging process through which all nations pass is not merely cultural, but to a considerable extent biological through intermarriage. Brimelow describes a nation as an "ethno-cultural community”--an interlacing of ethnicity and culture, that speaks one language.”
The existence of White Flight is even acknowledged by the most moronic of the Controlled Media drones, although, of course, it is totally misrepresented as elitist, snobby, privileged or ‘racist’ Whites wanting to maintain a version of Apartheid Lite. The fact is that when the chips are down in the grim and gritty game is survival, and gaol is apparently a perfect example of this, people follow their genetic imperatives and associate with their own Racial/Ethnic kin.
It is unfortunate that by the time this natural instinct kicks in, like the ‘fight or flight’ reaction, it is usually too late. Our Folk have not only been bullied by P.C. into recognising hazards and seeing destructive actions and elements for what they are but have also been denuded of their powers of prescience. They are like rabbits in the headlights. All instinctive reactions that would normally result from group identity have been suppressed and delegitimised by Cultural Marxist Political Correctness. It is like an organism having its immune system totally deactivated. It simply cannot survive, let alone prevail in the struggle to exist.          
While largely culturally and spiritually dead, the bricks and mortar, sandstone and steel corpses of White Australia stand amidst the gaudy ‘proposition nation’ kitsch of Clover’s Sydney like awkward and embarrassing reminders of the more civilised, traditional and authentic days of yore.   
The irony is not lost on your Old Uncle Victor that the Communist Jack Mundy’s ‘Green Bans’ of the Seventies saved much of this White colonial architectural heritage from the wrecking ball of the rapacious developers. One wonders how comfortably this recent history sits with the more hard core radical haters of the Red Left. No doubt the currently predominant Sino denizens of inner Sydney are itching to run the dozers through the surviving evidence of European Colonial civilisation and erect the forest of high rise concrete ghettoes to which they are accustomed.     
TV presenter eggnogged over neo-Nazi guest (VIDEO)
“A Greek TV host has become the target of a massive egg-and-yoghurt attack carried out by leftist activists angry that he had invited a member of a neo-Nazi party onto his show the previous week.
­Panagiotis Vourhas was interviewing a local politician on Friday when a group of 17 intruders with their faces hidden behind handkerchiefs broke into the studio, Associated Press reports, citing private channel Epiros TV1.
The video from the Epiros TV1 shows the disgruntled presenter cleaning his laptop as protesters keep pelting him with eggs and yoghurt.
Last week, Vourhas invited a spokesman from the openly neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party onto his show. Its members have been accused of carrying out acts of violence and hate crimes against illegal immigrants, political opponents and ethnic minorities in Greece.
The ultra-nationalist party is credited with the support more than five per cent of voters in recent polls.”
No news as to any arrests of the Red Filth or what charges they might be hit with. Don’t bother holding your breath for justice on this one. The criminal filth of the Red Left are a protected species, ironically, or perhaps not, provided with assurance to commit their crimes with impunity by the very System they profess to oppose.
Worthy of note also is the fact that Ross ‘The Skull’ May served real gaol time for lobbing an egg at the hatefully loathsome militant Feminist lunatic Germaine Greer and, allegedly, striking her square between the eyes. Perhaps his conviction was based largely on him being a stubbornly unreconstructed evil wicked Nazi.
A recent example of the incessant background static that sustains the increasingly irrelevant Holocaust Mythos and illustrates perfectly not only the deep conditioning and successful inculcation of the Disinfo but also the sheer clumsy desperation with which the shills will spruik its lurid tales in a seeming effort to keep the lie alive and appear ‘sensitive’ and ‘insightful’ in the process.
ABC Radio National’s interviewer, the Crypto-Jew Richard Feidler, was discussing on his ‘The Conversation Hour’ show with a marine expert, of all things, how Parrot Fish hide in holes and crevices from marauding Reef Sharks and blurted out, as he is oft wont to do during his excited and gushing interviewing style, possibly the most preposterous ‘analogy’ your Old Uncle Victor has ever heard, and he’s heard a few. He actually said, and we kid you not here gentle reader, that it reminded him of Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis! Poor little innocent Anne Frank, trembling in her hidey hole from those evil, twisted and wicked Gestapo agents and maniacally genocidal SS men.     
If this utterly absurd analogy was indeed a genuinely impromptu and uncontrived comment then this speaks volumes for the penetration of HoloHoax lore deep into the subconscious of the bovine true believers. It quite obviously sits, like a dormant but opportunistic virus, ready to reinfect the psyche of the host at a moment’s notice and manifest as the most embarrassingly puerile parroting of the anointed version of Hystery.
Similarly we are increasingly regaled with Marxist Revisionist versions about the origins of the Second Great European Civil War and the reasons so many millions of our brethren on both sides were ruthlessly murdered at the instigation of the Chosenites. Many so-called ‘Historians’ today will claim, like the evil ex-Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair, that the so-called ‘Second World War’ was fought “to save the Jews from Genocide”!!! Really? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Even the most casual study of the FACTS show that Hitler merely wanted access to the territories illegally seized by the allies at the end of the First War, that he wanted peace, and even an alliance, with Britain, that he recognised the threat posed by Soviet Russia which ultimately resulted in his pre-emptive strike of Operation Barbarossa which is portrayed as ‘betrayal’ to Stalin, even though the records show that Stalin had at least One Hundred Divisions positioned along the borders in offensive formations ready to go. Hitler did not declare war on Britain and France. THEY declared war in HIM after he invaded the arrogant and recalcitrant Poland, which was incessantly violating the German border merely to ensure the establishment of the ‘Danzig Corridor’ so he could re-unite the German Folk of that stolen city with their brethren along with other ethnic Germans in East Prussia and other regions.   
So why the persistent lies? The answer is that the Third Reich MUST always be shown to be the aggressor because they dared to expel the Chosenites. For this they must forever be punished. Even the allies are now being accused of wilful blindness to the so-called Holocaust or even complicity. How is that for chutzpah? We lay down the lives of tens of millions of our folk and it is not good enough. ALL Goyim must pay at the exchange rate of a thousand Goyim to one Jewish fingernail as laid down in the Talmud.    
Certain politicians and ‘celebrities’ in Australia have claimed it was “to stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the World”!!! Really? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Others have claimed our soldiers fought “to protect Multiculturalism”.!!! This is how ludicrous it can get.   
How would the fallen Diggers, put in their graves by the vicious Japanese during the Forties, feel about the Asianisation of Australia today in 2012? Could they speak, would they be proud or disgusted at what has become of the Nation and the way of life they fought so desperately to protect? Any intellectually honest and morally courageous person would have to answer with a resounding NO!!! Those brave and noble soldiers would be absolutely outraged at the betrayal and the contemptuous waste of their efforts by today’s traitorous politicians.   
Lest We Forget

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Remembering a True ANZAC Hero this ANZAC Day.

An Australian Who Believes in Having a Fair Go, but also giving the other bloke a fair go too.
He believes that you, the Australian taxpayer who has been paying his TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) War Pension since 1975, should know the truth.

Alexander C McClelland was amongst the first to volunteer in WW2 at Newcastle in 1939 and given the Army Number NX732 after fighting as a Bren gunner in 2/1 Inf. Bn 6th Div in North Africa, Greece and Crete. Wounded and became German POW for 4 years, during the last 3 months of WW2 incarcerated in the top security Gestapo section called The Small Fortress of Terezin Concentration Camp, with the end result of being the last Australian POW of Nazi Germany liberated on 7 May, the last day of war in Europe. While awaiting repatriation from UK he was given 28 days solitary in Chatham Detention Barracks.

After being overseas in UK, Canada, USA and The Bahamas he returned to Australia in 1970 to find his Army Records were false. 

Not one word about the Nazi Concentration Camp or the English Detention Barracks where he spent 28 days in solitary before returning to Australia. Strangely enough his Army Record contained reports of each time he had diarrhoea. The Government doctors, going on these false records, told him that if he continued to tell people that he had been in a Nazi Concentration Camp and Chatham in UK he would have to be put in a place to receive special treatment. This frightened him very much, since apparantly no-one believed him. Instead they believed the falsified Army Records.

Faced with the choice of spending the rest of his life in a mental institution for telling the truth, or exile, he chose the latter (in UK and Greece).

So his fight for justice begins...

With the help of Airey Neave Barrister MP, who was the first British Officer to escape from Colditz in Nazi Germany and other WW2 heroes. It took 18 years to convince the Australian Government that he had been telling the truth.

 Extracts from  THE ANSWER - JUSTICE
PAGE 306
The hair stood up on the back of my neck, I thought, 'Good God, here I am in ex-Nazi Germany in the Senior Public Prosecutor's office in Dortmund. Here is the evidence that Christopher Skase and thirty businessmen in Sydney, the Jewish gentlemen who put up the money, for - Where Death Wears a Smile - was a fabricated lie. Here is the evidence that the murder of forty Australians never happened, except in the brain of one Czechoslovakian Jewish gentleman.'

Obviously they had been watching me because Herr Schacht came in to the room and shook my hand and looked into my eyes and said 'Good Luck' in perfect English. I wandered out of that place in a bit of a daze. I went out of the door and thought, 'Where did I park my Kombi?' I was really shocked. I turned around the corner and, strangely enough, ran into Schacht again. He saw that these three affidavits had really stunned me.

I decided to head for England as fast as I could. I drove from Dortmund to Zeebrugge and I arrived about 6am in the morning at Dover. I immediately drove to where Frank lived and showed him the three affidavits. As they were in German I wanted a 100% correct translation, which he was able to do. Frank had copies of the newspaper articles written by Paul Rae, and a copy of the video Where Death Wears a Smile. I was amazed a couple of days later when he rang me up and told me that Rae had taken one sentence out of one affidavit and one out of another. In other words he cannibalized the three affidavits, which 'proved' there was the murder of 40 Australians and New Zealanders, so that formed one affidavit for the documentary, the same one being used in the papers. I couldn't believe it so I went over to Frank's place, and he showed me. It was word perfect where Rae had taken out one sentence from each affidavit to make up the evidence. I could hardly believe that Rae, or the people who put up the money for that documentary, would stoop so low.

This documentary, Where Death Wears a Smile, was shown on Channel 7 and 10 networks in Australia, and then in America and eventually in Germany, and many other countries as being the true story of Australians in Terezin Concentration Camps. It successfully Australianised the Holocaust. I was determined to expose Rae, Christopher Skase who controlled Channel 7, and the thirty Jewish businessmen of Sydney who put up the rest of the money for this hate-promoting documentary. There is no room for these people in our democratic society.

The heart of the documentary of Terezin was irrefutably false. It suddenly dawned on me; what about the claims made about other concentration camps like Auschwitz in Poland? I had to 'Fight On' as Wings Day had advised me in 1973. These evil people had to be exposed to the world. I owed it to my friends in Australia, to Scotty, to Frank Harrison, Airey Neave, Wings Day, Dr Eberhard and many other good people who had helped me so far.

PAGE 344
On 31st May in the Australian Jewish News was an article by Professor Bill Rubinstein, formerly of Deakin University in Australia, about the book Hitler's Willing Executioners. It was a scathing attack on key elements of Daniel Goldenhagen's book. As Professor Rubenstein has candidly admitted, in Quadrant (Australia, September 1969), "If the holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth the strongest of all the weapons in Israel's armory collapses."
Also on 31st May in the Jewish Chronicle, London, was the headline 'Wiesel tells UK audiences - Do not get obsessed with the Holocaust'. Holocaust author Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been the chief promoter of the Holocaust tale since 1945.

PAGE 345
In the UK Jewish Chronicle I read the following article: "Battle over use of Anne Frank's name. An unseemly international argument has erupted over the commercial use of Anne Frank's name, between the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Fund in Switzerland. The Swiss court refused to intervene and ruled that the two sides should attempt to settle their differences amicably. The Dutch people I had questioned about the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam had been proved right.

PAGE 350
December 5th : A Jewish Chronicle headline: 'Absolute unity on gold dispute', a claim by Greville Janner, now Lord Janner, who said, "We have absolute Jewish unity." What else?
19th December: A Jewish Chronicle headline: 'Senator urges Israel to block sales to USA. California Senator Dianne Feinstein this week urged the Israeli Primer Minister to block exports to the U.S. of military-style assault weapons such as the Uzi and Galil semi-automatic weapons, the kind of weapons used by drug dealers.

Ms Feinstein was responding to a report that state-owned Israeli military industries hoped to sell 10,000 or more of these weapons on the U.S. market.'

Also in December 1997 the editorial of Australia Jewish News ran as follows: 'The Americans are finding themselves increasingly discomforted by charges of double-standards as they attempt to insist on full Iraqi compliance with UN resolutions while at the same time refusing to insist on similar compliance with Israel.

PAGE 351
March 6th 1998, in the Jewish Chronicle, 'Holocaust Revisionist draws Arab support. A French intellectual who questioned the existence of gas chambers was fined £14,000 this week by the Paris Court of Justice. At a conference in Cairo Mr Garaudy said, 'In France you can attack the Pope, or President Chirac. The important thing is not to criticise Israel or else you are lost.' The media is 95% in the hands of Zionists, he claimed.

PAGE 352
The wife of the United Arab Emirates leader, Sheik Zayyed Ibn Sultain Al-Nahayan, has offered Mr Garaudy a gift of £30,000 to pay the fine. Revisionists of the holocaust myth in the past have had to face the immense wealth of Zionist organisation. A no win situation. Hopefully the tide has now turned for Historical Truth. Hysterical myths have, in the post-WWII years, been classified as 'Truth', and of course 'Politically Correct'. But according to Australian-Jewish writer Gerard Henderson 'History means telling the Truth'. I agree with him 100%.

PAGE 353
From the Southern Cross, in the UK, on the 15th if April 1998: "From the pulpit comes a message for the PM of Australia, John Howard, 'Show Us Leadership'. An open letter, signed by Reverend Costello, A Melbourne Baptist Minister; The archbishop of Perth, Dr Peter Carnley; the Catholic Bishop of Darwin, Ted Collins; and the President of the United Church Assembly, warned that the world would view a double dissolution poll over the rejection of the Wik native title changes as a racial election."

I do not forget the message from the pulpit at the local Presbyterian Church where I lived in Australia, prior to WWII, in 1939. "It is your duty to God, King and Country, mothers and sisters, to go away and destroy this evil Nazism which is against God and all religion. I could not help but notice on the German dead and, as a POW, on live soldiers, that on their belt buckle was 'Gott Mit Uns', meaning 'God is with us'. How strange for a nation and regime which was against God and religion. SO much for the propaganda - and who benefits from it?

As Professor W D Rubenstein of Australia states, in 1979, "If the Holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all weapons in Israel's propaganda armoury collapses."
The book The Darkest Chapter by Israeli author David Ben-Dor claimed that, "Yad Vashem - Jerusalem Holocaust Memorial was created as a money making business." He said, 'We call the ones that killed us Nazis; we take money from the Germans' Holocaust Heroes. Martyrs Memorial Day is little more than a Reparations Celebration.' Germany, until 1997, has paid reparations to the Israeli Government and the Jewish people of over DM 100 billion, since the end of WWII in 1945.

The last volume of Winston Churchill's memoirs was published in 1954, nine years after the war, and after the last of the Nuremberg Trials were long over. What did he have to say about the six million? Nothing. There is plenty about the persecution of Jews in Hitler's Germany, but nothing about gas chambers. If it were true that tens of thousands of Jews a day were being gassed, as it is frequently claimed, could he have ignored it? Bear in mind, too, that London was cracking German codes, and that Churchill was loyal to the Zionist cause.

It is a fact too that the Polish Government-in-exile was in touch with events in Poland. It had spies in Auschwitz as early as 1940 and published a newspaper called the Fortnightly Review. But there was no mention in it, until May 1945, when the war was over of any mass extermination of the Jews. It should also be remembered that Churchill's special scientific advisor was Professor Lindeman, a Berlin Jew, who instigated the bombing of civilian targets in Germany. After the war he became Lord Cherwell, for 'services rendered' to the UK.

Israel's Prime Minister accuses the Palestinians for breaking agreements, which is a barrier to peace. He very conveniently forgets the 97 UN resolutions his country has broken by non-compliance. The late Chaim Bremant, Jewish Chronicle columnist, in reference to the attempt on the life of a Hamas official in Jordan, denounced it as an act of International Terrorism, which is what it was. Netanyahu emphasised he had acted to protect Israel's security. And if opinion polls are to be believed he has the majority of the population of Israel behind him. He is destroying the hopes of peace and has brought about short-term disasters with the prospect of long-term calamities. It is certain that Tony Blair, Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, has it right, and puts it bluntly but accurately: "Peace failure in the Middle East poses a Global Threat.


March 1997 Former Prisoner of War, Teresienstadt (Terezin) Concentration Camp, 1945. History means telling the truth. But attempts to "Australianise" the Holocaust are leading further from the truth and more into the realms of promotion of racial hatred - against the Germans and those who assisted them. The Australian-made documentary film "Where Death Wears a Smile (The Smiling Face of Auschwitz)" won the award for best political documentary at the New York Television and Film Festival in 1985. But the evidence of the murder of 40 Australian POW's in Terezin (also known as Teresienstadt) Camp in 1945 by Waffen SS troops, was completely false. The crux of the documentary was an affadavit which the film-makers claimed was held at the War Crimes Archives in Dortmund, Germany. They claimed the affadavit was signed by "a Czechoslovakian Jew" who was the sole witness to the slaughter of the Australians in the small forest near the camp. But when I went to Dortmund to see this affadavit I discovered that there was no such thing. On the contrary there were three separate affadavits signed by a Morris Mittelman, which were mutually contradictory. The filmmakers had taken excerpts from each of the affadavits to 'prove' their story, ignoring the remainder which proved it to be false.

 Another example is the book "Stoker" written by Australian Donald Watts (with assistance from journalist Dorian Wild) and published in 1995. The book was given prominent coverage in major Australian newspapers but my research indicates that, although the book was sponsered by John Saunders AO, the benefactor of the Sydney Jewish Museum, there was NO coverage of "Stoker" in the Australian Jewish News. Could this be because the AJN recognised it for a fraud and would not support it? It is interesting that on 23 March and 7 April 1995, just before "Stoker" was published on April 15, the AJN featured a photograph of a scale model of Crematorium 2 at Auschwitz-Birkenau on display at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, USA. The scale model shows that Donald Watts' ghoulish descriptions of mass disposal of bodies are myths. I have spent the past 25 years researching the facts of the Holocaust in war archives throughout Europe and I am astonished that the blatant lies in "Stoker" have not been refuted.

Watts for example claims that he was a stoker of the fires for the crematorium, using logs of fir trees cut down near the camp. Technical information on the crematorium shows beyond doubt that they were COKE fired, not wood fired. There are numerous other obvious errors in 'Stoker'. Watt insists he pushed huge logs into the ovens, but the photographs of the crematorium ovens - including one in "Stoker" itself - show that the furnace stoking doors were small, less than half a metre across.

Watt asserts that bodies were pushed down a chute to the crematorium furnaces. He claims one person had a long pole with a steel plate on the end with which he shoved bodies in, 'as they built up, in a sort of log-jam at the entrance'. The photographs show that in fact the bodies were placed into the furnaces one by one. German records show that it took 1 to 2 hours to burn a single body. Then the ovens had to be cooled between each cremation for 2 hours. Watt claims wagons of bodies were "pushed at regular intervals from the gas chamber to the furnace". But Watt admits on page 104 that the gas chambers at Birkenau were underground. The bodies were put in a purpose-built elevator and lifted, one at a time. They were then put onto trolleys and placed on rollers which slid them into the crematorium retorts - each of which held one body at a time.

On page 98 Watt claims that 600 or 700 Jewish women were placed in cages and the SS removed their blood with "big syringes" each day, until they were too sick to give any more. "When that happened they were taken to the gas chambers and a fresh lot of women put into the cages." Watt himself admits that he never saw this activity taking place, but "heard about it from other prisoners". He also saw "the corpses, with their arms and bodies covered in puncture marks". Anyone who has given blood knows that to get blood requires tapping into an artery. Bodies "covered in puncture marks" are a sick fantasy. Last July 19 the AJN carried an article by Bernard Freedman about my research.

Mr Freedman quoted Major-General Digger James of the RSL as stating he had never heard of myself nor the Small Fortress Association, representing ex-prisoners of war at Terezin, of which I am a secretary. I saw Digger James on February 13 and showed him the article; he was annoyed and said, "I never said that. These people never approached me." It is time that the Jewish community of Australia purged its ranks of the people promoting racial hatred, at the expense of the truth. Failure to do so could cause a severe backlash against the Jewish people if they are shown to be complicit in falsifying history, especially to innocent school children.

 Letter from Alexander McClelland to The Prime Minister of Australia, on the 10th February 1997. 

The Prime Minister, Hon John Howard, Parliament House Canberra 2600. Dear Prime Minister, Last May I wrote you an open letter about my personal experiences as a prisoner of war of the nazis and my subsequent research, over more than two decades, into the Holocaust. I am sorry that at that time I was unable to give a permanent address because I was leaving to return to Crete. 

Because of this you may have felt that I was somehow a 'crank' and should not be taken seriously. I am also concerned that a report about my previous submission to you, in the Australian Jewish News of July 19 said "the Prime Minister's office was still searching for the letter at the time of writing (of the article)". In case my first letter did go astray, I have now come back to Australia to pursue my interest in this matter. 

I intent to remain here until my research has been made public so the Australian people can make up their own minds. Given your record on the need for freedom of speech and open debate even on sensitive subjects, I hope that you will have an open mind about this material and consider it as a serious contribution to a historical debate. My greatest concern is that the truth is being subverted and even lost amid a tide of propaganda which is becoming more and more outlandish. 

I must state now that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not pro-German either, I am simply pro-truth. It is a matter of great regret to me that the whole issue of the Holocaust has now become so political, dare I say politically correct, that to even question its details is to be branded as a racist. This subject is far more of a sacred cow than immigration. Australia has become the world's leading nation in promoting racial hatred by people claiming to be Australians. For example, the promoter and producers of the documentary 'Where Death Wears a Smile' shown worldwide and the book 'Stoker', also being published worldwide, are using the good name of our tolerant country as a base to promote their evil racial hatred worldwide. 

Their distortions have been accepted as truth and are being taught to innocent children in schools to convince them that some people - Germans - are evil by their very nature. I feel sorry for the two Australian ex-servicemen, namely Walter Steilberg and Donald Watts, both in ill health, who assisted with this film, and book. But they should not have allowed themselves to be manipulated by people promoting racial hatred in our very tolerant society. 

 Why was there no mention in Australian Jewish News of "Stoker", a true story of an Australian in a Nazi death camp, although other major newspapers publicised it? Could it be that the Jewish leaders in Australia were aware that the book was basically fiction and refused to endorse it, but at the same time allowed it to be released to well meaning Australians as the truth? The laws which have been passed in this country should be used to protect the silent majority from these people as they are used against others who promote hatred. As the democratically elected leader of our country we depend on you and your Government to protect our children from base propaganda. 

Yours sincerely, Alexander McClelland. 

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Hunger Striker Brendon O'Connell Writes From Aussie Jail

Well we didn't even know. Since WLT has been used to discredit Brendon O'Connell we have had to take a step back. Trying to stay in contact with him via mail and his legal representatives has turned into a nightmare. The things we will be letting slip here if Brendon ever gets out of gaol will blow your mind.
 Source. Brendon O'Connell, left,  is an Australian activist who was sentenced to three years in jail for posting a video online supposedly vilifying Jews in May 2009 at a demonstration against the sale of fruit grown on the Occupied West Bank by Israelis.

O'Connell called a Jew who challenged him, a "racist, homicidal maniac". "You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing," he said.

At his 2011 trial for "inciting hate," he was unrepentant and scornful of the judge. While I do not agree with all of O'Connell's views or tactics, I don't believe in thought crimes or "hate speech."   To imprison someone for expressing their convictions is reminiscent of Soviet Russia and underlines the Communist (Masonic) Jewish nature of the New World Order. "Hate Crime" enforcement is selective. If a Christian is beaten, it is ignored. But if a Jew or homosexual is merely offended, the law is enforced.  

 April 11, 2012Dear Matthew,

I enjoyed receiving your mail this morning. Yes, I agree with everything you say but I don't think we have 2 years to "wait around".

My appeal is very strong on both conviction and sentence; this is why they have "reserved" their decision for nearly 4 months now - unheard of. They are totally embarrassed. They have broken every rule in the book and behaved unlawfully. I can go after them with all sorts of legal tools in the future - as long as nothing "sudden" happens with the body.

The Western Australian legal fraternity is the most corrupt in Australia. My Melbourne barrister has never seen anything like it. There is an "old guard" that is holding back a less corrupt element within their ranks. We hope a generational change is on the way.

Perhaps, unlike Peter Spencer, I have a little more media support. Certain sections of the media have been made well aware of all details of my case and have expressed an interest. Hopefully that will translate into a MSM article. The local Kwinana community paper has done a couple of stories on my hunger strike. Ultimately, my case translates into a major national security issue with Israeli intelligence operating through 2 billion dollars worth of civilian and military contracts in Australia alone.

I stopped the h.s. after some major psychological symptoms at 29 days. This is not uncommon. I am physically healthy. I am down to 87 kg from 104 kg. I resumed the h.s. on Sunday morning, the 8th April, after 4 days off. The prison wasn't very happy. I try not to look in the mirror. Without supplements you would be dead within a month from starvation complications. I was surprised at just how badly the body and mind reacts to starvation. It probably gets doubly upset that it knows it is self imposed. Plus, unlike in a survival situation, you have plenty of time to ruminate on your physical and psychological  symptoms in jail. This is why I enjoyed receiving mail and I write back immediately, blood glucose allowing.

My enemy was sleep deprivation, the body seems to be coping although watching my body waste away feels extremely strange. I tend to wear more clothes to cease reminding myself. Besides, you do feel colder because your metabolism slows right down.

As a Christian, I'm sure you've had feelings and inclinations that seem to go against logic and the egos cannot distinguish. So, I trust in it and let it take me while doing a little paddling myself to avoid the rocks, Hopefully, God willing, I will arrive at a nice place to land the canoe. A little wiser. Remember Peter asking Jesus not to go up to Jerusalem where he will be killed? Jesus says, "Get thee behind me Satan!" As Peter goes on, Jesus replies, "You're thinking as man thinks, not as God thinks". I trust that is the case with myself at this time.

Feel free to publish this letter any way you like.

Please write again as you feel the need. Mail is most welcome!

Warmest Regards,

Brendon O'Connell

c/- Locked Bag 1,
WA, 6966

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Race War To Order?

Under the regime of the so-called ‘Post Racial’ (read: MOST Racial) President of America, Barack Obama, the pressure on Whites has been steadily building with Attorney General Eric Holder that informing them that Whites have no recourse to so-called ‘Hate Crime’ legislation and that his Justice Department will NOT be pursuing any cases that involve Whites as the victim! The notorious voter intimidation case by armed ‘New Black Panthers’ being one of the most blatant violations of Civil Rights ever.
The Controlled Media has been complicit in suppressing or minimising rising Black crime waves and general disorderly and violent behaviour while exaggerating and over publicising the rare cases such as the one below where the victims are Black. The so-called ‘Flash Mobs’ where crazed Negroid thugs totally chimp out, stealing and vandalising everything in sight and bashing any Whites in the vicinity are routinely described as gatherings of ‘Youths’ with no mention whatsoever of the Racial factor.
While not meaning to appear to be excusing murder, is it any wonder that, following years of abuse, vilification and disenfranchisement by the Multi-Cult System and torment by the emboldened swaggering Black thugs, that occasionally a White will snap and lash out?
‘Tolerance’ might be one of the keystone concepts of the Multi- Cult but the sheer frequency and volume of assault on White Culture is ultimately IN-tolerable. Sadly for Whites, as the big election approaches Obama will be working the Race card for all it’s worth and occurrences such as this latest shooting spree will be cynically exploited by him and his White hating Jew handlers.
Following hot on the heels of the Trayvon Martin case which has so far, despite the best efforts of Black haters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to whip up the hysteria to fever pitch, failed to initiate the desired nationwide Anti-White Hate Riots, came another convenient event that will surely, in the long run, add more accelerant to the fire.
Two arrested over suspected hate crime murders Updated April 09, 2012 06:47:03 Police have arrested two white men over the shootings of five black victims, three of whom died, in a rampage that rattled a predominantly black neighbourhood in the US city of Tulsa. Police who were looking into whether the shootings were hate crimes were investigating racist Facebook postings allegedly by suspect Jake England, 19, whose father's shooting death two years ago led to charges against a black man, Tulsa police captain Jonathan Brooks said. England and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested at a home north of Tulsa on charges of first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. The series of shootings early on Friday morning (local time) set the predominantly black north side of Tulsa on edge after a victim told police the gunman was a white man in a pickup truck who stopped and asked for directions before opening fire. Authorities said they were examining messages that England and Watts allegedly posted to Facebook less than 24 hours before the crimes. A post on England's Facebook page on Thursday used a racial epithet to describe the black man charged in his father's slaying two years ago and said "... I'm gone in the head." Among the Facebook comments posted in response was a supportive comment from Watts. After the five black victims were shot on Friday morning, another post on England's Facebook said "... people talking (expletive) on me for some (expletive) I didn't do ... it just mite (sic) be the time to call it quits ... I hate to say it like that but I'm done if something does happen tonight be ready for another funeral later." The manhunt for the suspects involved 30 officers from local police as well as the FBI and US marshals, said Tulsa police. The shootings took place within a 1.6km radius in the predominantly black neighbourhood of North Tulsa, they said. The dead were identified as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31. The two wounded men, who were not identified, were expected to survive. Tulsa City councillor Jack Henderson, who represents the district in which the shootings took place, said witnesses told police the suspect drove through the neighbourhood, stopping several people on the street and asking for directions. He said the pedestrians spoke briefly with the man but began walking away after they could not help him with directions. The driver then shot at them, killing one, and sped away, he said. A witness told police he or she was sitting in front of a house when a man pulled up in a white Chevrolet pickup truck with rust spots on the hood and asked for directions. After a brief exchange, the suspect produced a handgun and fired, striking two people before driving off, police said.
Reuters Topics:murder-and-manslaughter, crime, law-crime-and-justice, race-relations, united-states First posted April 09, 2012 06:02:34

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spluttering his last gasp. Rob Messenger back with a squeak.

Good old Rob, just cant stop with the hate and lies.


LinkQueensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has maintained the stance of his Labor predecessor concerning a major white-pride event to be held in Brisbane this weekend.

The Hammered music festival is expected to draw white supremacists from Australia and overseas to a secret location in the city on Saturday.

Mr Bleijie's stance echoes that of former Attorney-General Paul Lucas, who dismissed calls for the festival's banning and the punishment of its organisers ahead of the March election.

The lack of action has angered former independent member for Burnett Rob Messenger, who launched a Parliamentary e-Petition against the "Neo Nazi, race hatred-inspired gathering" in January.

Mr Messenger said he was frustrated the views of nearly 2000 petition signatories had been ignored, and allowing Hammered to proceed made Queensland a national laughing stock.

"I believe that it breaches anti-discrimination (legislation) as it stands, but in the meantime, and at the very least, the (Attorney-General) should untie the hands of the Queensland police and allow them to investigate the concert promoters and their public advertising."

Other websites promoting the festival contain pro-Nazi media including YouTube video clips celebrating Adolf Hitler.

Well it would seem publishing historical facts concerning Adolf Hitler is now recognized as celebrating Hitler by the Media and Rob. As much as we love Rob for all the extra traffic he has created and free publicity for the festival, we still wish he would give himself a right good uppercut to the chin.

Not praising not glorifying just the facts and nothing else.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Greens Party leadership to be hung for treason.

Today a Rooster tomorrow a feather duster.

Oh I wish. But we take what we can ok.

Bob Brown resigns as Greens leader!


THE political champion of the environmental movement, Bob Brown, today stood down as Greens Leader and will quit Parliament in June after 16 years in the Senate.

He will be replaced by his deputy and fellow Tasmanian Christine Milne.

Welcome to's live blog. Full details of Bob Brown's departure below, from National Political Editor Malcolm Farr. Stay tuned for the latest updates, reaction and analysis.

So its good bye to the Nation wrecker Bob Brown. Now I wonder what job he has in mind next?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Auschwitz—The Surprising Hidden Truth

Auschwitz—this is the infamous wartime camp in Poland where the Germans are said to have killed at least one million Jews in homicidal gas chambers, misusing the insecticide called "Zyklon B." Auschwitz has become a buzzword for the Holocaust. It is said to have been the epicenter of this mother of all genocides. Here, the Germans are said to have employed their engineering ingenuity in order to mass murder their helpless victims in an industrial fashion with the highest efficiency possible. First they were shoved into chemical slaughthouses by the thousands, then their corpses were burned in rapid sequence in crematory ovens

But does that story stand up to scrutiny? This video looks into some of the common claims made by survivors about what happened at Auschwitz. Some of the questions asked in this context are:

  • Was it possible to fill the gas chambers with victims as it is claimed?
  • Would the Jews, supervised only by other Jews, have cooperated in their own mass slaughter?
  • What doors were used to lock in 2,000 Jews struggling for their lives?
  • How efficient was the cremation process really?
  • How many Auschwitz inmates left the camp alive to tell the world what they had seen?

This video gives the answers to these and to other questions, backed-up by documents and expert testimony. The results are astounding, if not to say: shocking. The discrepancies between survivor claims on the one hand and technical as well as physical reality on the other hand reveal the surprising truth about Auschwitz, which is not what most people think it is.

Watch this video, and you'll see the world around you with different eyes!

Note: This video has been peer-reviewed by two leading experts on the Holocaust in order to ascertain the accuracy of its contents. It includes a written appendix with sources and a written discussion of issues omitted or merely briefly touched upon in the movie.

Read also the interview Dean has given to The Barnes Review in March 2012 about this movie, among other things.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Brendon O'Connell still doing time.

Just in case you all forgot. Looks like they will make him serve the full sentence. Truly bloody evil these bastards.

Freedom from Free Brendon O'Connell on Vimeo.

In Defense Of Brendon O'Connell from Free Brendon O'Connell on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I see a Race War Arising, I see the END is coming soon.


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The MSNBC clip:

Zimmerman's black friend: "That was Zimmerman screaming in the 911 call"