Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WLT Greek Correspondent reports.

A Greek correspondent and new contributor to Whitelaw Towers has been studying closely the Greek and world press concerning the Greek crisis and the position of Golden Dawn, he writes.

"This election will stress Golden Dawn because of the financial pressure. Nonetheless, the cheap attempt to damage the party by taking down its website has been dealt with. The activists of Golden Dawn are a determined as ever to repeat its 7% vote and its win of 21 seats in the parliament.

When the media mentions Golden Dawn at all, they quickly talk it down Golden Dawn, saying that voters are being drawn away because they realise what an extremist party it is. They point to opinion polls that now put the party on 4%. Of course, before the last election the highest vote the party was credited with was

5.2%. But whatever happens after the election, Golden Dawn will be a permanent fixture in Greek politics, not just in parliament, but more importantly in the street.

Otherwise, there has been a tight ring of strict silence imposed around Golden Dawn, in an effort to isolate it from the Greek people. Today (Tuesday 22/05/2012), I saw in the news the leaders of all political Parties visiting the commissioned-for-the-elections PM of Greece Mr. Pikramenos. There Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn, had the opportunity to briefly speak to the Mass Media. He mentioned that "Europe intervenes in to the internal politics of Greece by supporting the two old and corrupted parties and by blackmailing the voters to chose either austerity or catastrophe". It seems like he needs the Greek people to further clear up for him the political ground from the big parties. This would simplify his fight with the neo-governing-Left and ultimately he will have it for breakfast. The Media had to show Mr. Michaloliakos in this case because they were obliged to by the Greek Law.

I do not know if this wall of almost absolute silence would be of any help for the establishment; as from now on the Golden Dawn has substantial and strong roots in the Greek society and this relationship is irreversible. Moreover, in these new growing conditions, the imposed silence from above can add some kind of aura of attractive mysticism around the GD that may instead work in its favour and raise its current percentage of 7% representation in the Parliament and even supersede the 10%. Yet, this is only a supposition for nothing can be said for sure. This is an unprecedented situation for Greece where everything is in play and the Golden Down is the only "wild card" in the game.

The Greek establishment and the whole New World Order system are terrified by the impact of Golden Dawn.  One British minister said that 'extremism' and 'xenophobia' was the issue for Europe if Greece should leave the Eurozone.

The Zionists have called for a ban on Golden Dawn. That was inevitable. They have also called for restrictions on all European nationalist movements. The German government is again trying to ban the National Democratic Party, an attempt that will probably fail. But all nationalists must be on guard.

The support that Golden Dawn has in the police and the military is large. Half of the Greek police voted for Golden Dawn

The emergence of Golden Dawn onto the political stage in Greece is good news for the Greeks. The 437,000 nationalist voters of May 6 are a fact of life. The other partly nationalist party 'Greek Orthodox Rally' won 183,000 votes (massively down from 2009 - with most probably going to Golden Dawn) and most of those will probably defect to Golden Dawn next month.

The Left in Greece is split and much of it is like the Left in Australia really very liberal. The old Communist Party (KKE) is losing voters in tough working class areas. Some might even vote for Golden Dawn over the issue of immigration. If the Left wins the election and refuses to pay the Euro bankers, they could bring on a major financial crisis. But we should wonder about their credentials.

On the other hand Mr. Tsipras head of SYRIZA (the Radical Left) has become a media magnet in Europe, considered by some journalists as a "charismatic leader". How could someone who has never lead the opposition and suddenly with the new circumstances be put  to the front of the political scenery. Is the "New World Order" grooming him as a potential Prime Minister and therefore he is said to be charismatic. Yet, he changes his policy almost daily - I do not know, but I suspect the man simply is a classic opportunist, the last card of the NWO, and nothing more than just that. It seems like History bound him to be in the final analysis,a piece of cake for Mr. Michaloliakos.

The end of the New World Order money system is the thing that might just bring nationalists to power - and not just in Greece."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Global Poll. Israel and North Korea most despised!

Above. The BBC has let the cat of the bag with this one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Scotland Under Tyrannical Jewish Rule

Source The Works and Research of ZionCrimeFactory

 I could hardly believe what I was reading when I came across this story earlier today. Five men and a fifteen year old teenager were arrested in Glasgow, Scotland, for making “anti-Semitic remarks” on Facebook and are being charged with a “hate crime.” The Jew-loving police in Glasgow are engaging in NKVD tactics to stifle any and all dissent against the Jew World Order in that nation. Next step — gulags and death camps for non-Jews.

Arrests over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook

Five men and a 15-year-old youth have been arrested in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow after anti-Semitic remarks were posted on social network site Facebook.
Almost 50 police officers raided seven addresses after complaints from members of the Jewish community in Giffnock.
It followed a number of offensive posts on a page entitled: “Welcome to Israel, only kidding you’re in Giffnock.”
The six people arrested were charged with a breach of the peace with religious and racial aggravations.
Hate crimes
One other man was detained and later released without charge pending further inquiry.
Ch Insp Alan Murray, of Strathclyde Police, said: “This was a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal at Paisley.
“I hope it clearly demonstrates that Strathclyde Police will not tolerate hate crimes of any kind.
“It should cause anyone who believes they can get away with this sort of behaviour to think again.”
The Community Security Trust (CST), which helps protect the Jewish community in the UK, said: “CST welcomes the arrests of suspects regarding alleged anti-Semitic statements.
“Glaswegian Jews should be reassured that local police take anti-Semitism seriously, and that they are working with CST and the rest of the Jewish community in tackling it when it does arise.
Source: BBC News Glasgow and West Scotland. 16 May, 2012.
In 2011 a Scottish university student was expelled from his school and charged with a “hate crime” simply for criticizing the rogue, terrorist state of Israel in front of an Israel-firster Jewish student:
“On the evening of March 12th, a drunken Mr Donnachie entered Mr Reitblat’s room in the halls of residence, rubbed his genitals and then wiped his hands on an Israeli flag displayed proudly upon Mr Reitblat’s wall. Mr Donnachie said: “Whilst in the room at the student residences of an individual who I considered a friend, Chanan Reitblat, I placed my hands down the front of my jeans and onto an Israeli flag which belonged to him, accompanied by comments to the effect that Israel is a terrorist state, and is guilty of many civilian deaths.” [...] But Mr Donnachie has been found guilty of racial abuse, and has been expelled from St Andrews University.”
International Jewry are looking to instate a global law making criticism of Jews and their heinous crimes against humanity punishable by death, as it once was in the Jew-run Soviet Union.
Shabbas Goy Josef Stalin (left) and Jew Lazar Kaganovich (right) — two of the greatest mass murderers in recorded history celebrating Hanukkah? Or Purim perhaps? In 1932, the fanatical Jew-loving communist mass murderer Josef Stalin said, “In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.” Source: J.V. Stalin Works, Vol 13, 1952. The Jews are the most dangerously subversive threat known to mankind. It doesn’t get any clearer than this, folks. 

– ZCF Update: 
My good friend Jonathan Azaziah from Mask of Zion just recently informed me that the Community Security Trust (CST), the group mentioned in the BBC article which operates as a protectorate of criminal Jewry in the UK, was outed late last year as a conduit for Israel’s international terror apparatus known as the Mossad. See:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just another day for the Jew Rat Media and its State Sponsored Anarchist Allies.

I don't know about you folks but I get a little sick and tired of so called Intellectual Anarchist re Jewish Left Wing Radicals. These self proclaimed anonymous leaders of the radical left who call the sheeple to arms or agitate an already complicated issue are what we could call the modern day Snake Oil Salesman or Carpetbagger.

Yes we have been around long enough at WLT to witness how many of these Australian Anarchists have bragged in the past about their MSM contacts and other influential contacts in State and Federal law enforcement. In fact all of the Australian Radical Left who furiously type away on blogs and forums with malicious lies to discredit, all have a few things in common. Their Jewish ancestry or their common love of the Legal profession and certain members of Parliament. Yes they can go from throwing petrol bombs to sharing a  a glass of Chardonnay and a line or two of Cocaine faster than a cat can lick its own arse. Their Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Its a sad day when the people they accuse of being "White Supremacist" or "Nazis" have more to say about people of color suffering under the boot of Zionism than they do.  That is unless those people of color are oppressed by some MSM invented "NAZI". You see these people are just the State run alternative media for the those of the Left who think  the MSM is a little "right of center". Funny because the alternative media they love so much is just selling the same dog turd,  just that the dog turd they are getting is wrapped in a cool Che Guevara flag with some hip music to go along with it. 

Seriously how can the media get away with using info sourced from a fictional character? In one certain case the State funded alternative Radio Station JJJ interviewed one of these Sayanim and introduced it as a respected source, at the same time flogging its tabloid website off to their listeners as a well researched credible Anarchist information source. I mean come on, interviewing so called experts under a false name with zero credentials. A web site that just reprints the MSM news and an opinion on everything but Israel.. Yeah thats sounds unbiased?

Dont think for a minute that these Sayanim dont know the truth. They spend their life trawling the internet for anything supplied by the MSM to back the State run agenda. They have no solutions, they are the Tabloid Left Wing waging a war for the benefit of a few, or is that Jew?  Anyway....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Australia First Member wins 19.8% of votes on Fraser Coast!

Peter Schuback scores a fine result in council elections

With a total of over 1000 votes and standing at 19.11% of vote, Peter Schuback has "done us proud" in representing the voice of ordinary Australia and the Australia First Party in Division 8 for the Fraser Coast Regional Council (Hervey Bay).

Results such as this put the corrupt parties of the establishment on notice that we have all had enough and want real change, not just a revolving door of career politicians and ex-bureaucrats.

But the story doesn't end here.  There were apparently some serious issues with the conduct of the ballot and a challenge to the result is in order.

Peter Schuback explains:
"In the Fraser Coast region some divisional polling booths ran out of ballot papers. This means that some people did not vote and in this case this should make the elections invalid. I am now calling on the ECQ to declare the council election of 2012 invalid and for the ECQ to recall the elections at no cost to the candidates."

Well done, Peter -- and keep fighting! 

Source Australia First Queensland.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Whats Greek for "Put that in your pipe and smoke it"

Then Mihaloliakos further explained "The resistance of Golden Dawn against the bailout dictators will continue. Inside and outside the Greek parliament. We will continue the battle for Greece. Free from the international speculators. For a proud and independent Greece. For Greece without the bailout slavery and the loss of our national sovereignty". Mihaloliakos also took another shot at illegal immigrants, saying "We will struggle for a Greece that is not a social jungle because of the millions of immigrants they brought here without asking us". He then dedicated Golden Dawn's victory to all the brave boys with the black T-shirts and the white letters reading Golden Dawn, and admonished those betrayed the motherland to be scared now. 

Birth of a New Nation in Greece?

Greece's far-right group, Golden Dawn, is set to claim up to 21 seats in parliament, just three years after capturing just 0.2 per cent of the vote in the country's last general election. And its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has put the party's anti-immigration stance at the centre of its plan to tackle endemic economic problems.
 Hail The New Dawn!
Well its early days folks. What we can attest to so far is that you don't need to sell out on your principles or water down your beliefs to wrestle back your nation from Zionist control. Hell even if you are sharing it with a bunch of Communist. Chances are like so many other good folk who have fallen for the Scam called Communism, many will no doubt jump ship in the next three years and join the ranks of the Golden Dawn in Greece. That's the funny thing with people who dabble in such misleading movements like Communism, Marxism. Once they grow up, or truly look at what it represents they generally join the ranks of the Ultra Nationalists or simply walk away.

The interesting thing is that when you have to share the stage as we will see in Greece, true Patriotic groups such as Golden Dawn will have the perfect opportunity to sell its message. Working outside of the media and the State controlled Left Wing appointed University professors and Sayanim is a great head start. I think this Blog will follow as best we can over the next few years what happens in Greece. We look forward to witnessing how it will affect other  Right Wing Political movements in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America.

Golden Dawn's rhetoric resonates with Greeks who blame rising crime on the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flocking to the country's porous borders.

Nine out of 10 illegal immigrants entering the European Union in 2010 arrived in Greece, largely from Turkey by land or sea. Last year Italy took the top spot due to a jump in arrivals of people fleeing the Arab Spring upheaval. Nevertheless, Greece has more than one million immigrants, legal and illegal, in a country of 11 million people.

West African hawkers are a common sight on the streets of Athens, playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the police. However, many are also from Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Africa, hoping to make their way to more prosperous EU countries to the north where work is available. The party's community-based efforts and anti-politician talk have also won fans among Greeks bristling with anger at an entire political class which they see as corrupt and self-serving, analysts say.

With repeated waves of wage and pension cuts to save the country from bankruptcy, Greece has sunk into its deepest recession since World War II. "It's not that Greeks became right-wing overnight," said Thomas Gerakis, head of the Marc pollster group. "They just want to send a message to the political system as a whole."

Golden Dawn's candidates are not career politicians; they include farmers, shepherds, workers and retired army officers.


In working class neighborhoods of Athens, Golden Dawn has been quietly building itself up as a friendly, reliable face among hard-hit Greeks that the state has failed to help. For over a year, party members have given needy families bags of rice and pasta, olive oil and clothes in cartons labeled: "I vote for Golden Dawn to clean up the place" and "For Athens to become Greek again".

Former Socialist voter Katerina Karousi, a 76-year old cancer patient, broke down in sobs when party members showed up at her doorstep with large bags of food on Friday morning. "I hear they are doing nice things for people. Why not vote for them?" said her husband, 79-year old Andreas Karoussis. On their way out, a Golden Dawn member bade the couple farewell with: "Call us if you need anything - I mean anything."

At another stop, 41-year-old Constantina Tassiou looked bewildered and overwhelmed as Golden Dawn members piled clothes and supermarket bags at her doorstep. "It's the first time someone has brought us clothes and food. Only the church has helped us so far," said Tassiou, an epilepsy sufferer whose family lives on her welfare benefits. "I'll vote for Golden Dawn, maybe it's time for something new." Elsewhere, Golden Dawn escorts the elderly who are wary of immigrants to bank ATMs, said spokesman Elias Panagiotaros.

"For the Communists we are Nazis, for the Socialists we are fascists and for the conservatives we are extreme right," said Nas, a Golden Dawn member who declined to give his last name. "Let them call me what they want. I do what I do with honor." The following item was despatched today to the Athens offices of Golden Dawn from the leader of Australia First: 

Fraternal Greetings To The Golden Dawn I would extend, on behalf of the National Council of the Australia First Party, our congratulations on the stunning electoral results of Golden Dawn. The presence of Golden Dawn in the Greek parliament and directly amongst the Greek community in defence of their proud identity and their social rights, can only deepen the Greek national resistance to the economic terrorism of the local puppets of the New World Order system. We look forward to the further development of your party.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Voice - White Nationalism and Women

"In this episode we have a guest speaker Jane. Jane discusses the White patriotic movement from a woman's perspective. The days of being a boy's only club are over."


Check out her new Blog HERE.