Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Australia Calling

Labor increases refugee intake by 40%

 Services to Australians are being cut, one in eight live in poverty, an estimated 120,000 are homeless and hungry, but instead of fixing the problems at home the Fabian Marxists of the Labor Party have increased the intake of Black and Arab refugees by 40%. Only a simpleton would believe that Labor represents the working class and the battler. As Jesus said: “By their fruits, you will know them.” Click HERE to listen.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Zio Election from Hell!

Australia Calling.

One in eight live in poverty, while Labor gives billions to blacks!

One in eight Australians are living below the poverty line, but instead of doing something about it the federal Labor government is giving billions in aid to blacks in Africa so that the Labor Fabians can ponce around at United Nations cocktail parties. 

Unemployment is up and will become much worse, because Australia no longer has a manufacturing sector, which is the basis of a First World economy. Welcome to the Third World, citizens. Click HERE to listen.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Radio 28 Australia! 828!

Radio 28 Australia

"After an extended hiatus, a major body shock and some personnel changes, the Radio 28 Downunder show is back on its feet and back in the ring. It's been a long time and we're still settling in with the new format but it's full steam ahead from here on in.

Due to technical difficulties with the revamping and rejuvenating of the hosting page, this new episode was pre-recorded before this year's ISD Memorial and couldn't be put up until now; we're back with a bang now though and new episodes will be rolling down the line with regularity with the latest up-to-date news, reviews and the cream of pro-White music.

Btw, those who've already heard about the untimely (and unseemly) demise of the legend that was Moonbeam; the sketchy details we received are released during the show."

The new show can be found here: 28 Radio Down Under or through following the link on the B&H Australia website:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Australia Calling.

Poofters brainwashing your children at school 

 An indoctrination programme which teaches school children that heterosexual relationships are not normal, but homosexual relationships are, has been operating in New South Wales and Victorian schools. Children are being required to not exhibit ‘hetrosexist’ behaviour. Rise up white man! Rise up white woman! It is closer to midnight than you think.

 Click HERE to listen.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Australia Calling

Internet censorship meeting planned – but you will not find it in the media
The governments of most countries will meet in Dubai in a few weeks to discuss regulation of the Internet, but you will be hard pressed to find mention of this meeting anywhere in the controlled media. This meeting is the next step in the global elite’s plan to create what is called Internet Two, which will be regulated, censored and made unaffordable for the ordinary person. Enjoy the old Internet while you still can. 

Click HERE to listen.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Marxist's struggle with reality continues...

Michael Borg said:
The fact that i'm (sic) half maltese (sic) and italian(sic).
Ain’t life a bitch when English is your second language?
Being mixed race myself, obviously, conyo(sic).
It’s more likely that you are referring to mixed ‘Ethnicity’ rather than Race, unless of course you are conceding the Arabic/Negroid admixture many contend is present in the Maltese.
It means enjoying everything that is on offer from other cultures.
No problemo with that one dude, nyet problemski comrade. That’s what books and TelAvision documentaries are for but like, now we’ve actually GOT the recipe, why not simply fuck off back to where you came from…eh chef? 
Different experiences and perspectives.
Plenty of those to be had without resorting to actual FORNICATION with aliens… Ever heard of just LOOKING and LEARNING? The problem with too many poorly disciplined people is they ‘look with their hands’ instead of their eyes or think with their dicks. 
You've just got to have an open mind.
You don’t SAY? But we don’t see a lot of evidence that Little Mickey has any more than a slammed shut, know enough brain that can’t resist pontificating claptrap to people who can run circles around him intellectually. Youthful enthusiasm or just tired old Marxist indoctrination syndrome?
I really hope you enjoy never travelling outside of Australia my Führer.
Again you presume you are talking to one as simple minded and inexperienced as yourself. Your Old Uncle Victor was born outside of Australia to mixed ethnicity parents and has probably forgotten more than little Mickey has ever ‘learned’…That being said though, it does strike your kindly Old Uncle Victor as somewhat strange that so many Australians feel compelled to travel abroad for their holidays when we have such a rich and diverse environment of natural beauty right here. One could barely experience it in an entire lifetime.
We even have a wealth of primitive native culture to satisfy those with a fetish for studying prehistoric and pre-civilizational peoples. Sadly though, those with an ethnological bent along with those seeking a cheap and nasty holiday, travel to third world shit-holes like Bali and either exploit the wretched natives (apparently Bali is now the new Thailand for Homosexual Paedo-predators and assorted perverts) or get blown up by Islamist fanatics.   
Clearly not enough to wipe out humanity as we are still here today.]
Sorry, missed that one. Please explain?
Actually it's a name of Scandinavian origin. Obviously one of my great great (sic) ancestors immigrated to Malta.
Funny how THAT is ‘obvious’ to you but universal reality ISN’T…
This blog and post within it exists.
Because the very definition of 'supremacist' is “An advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, esp. one determined by race or sex: "a white supremacist".” Therefore making it correct.
We think the word you are struggling to find (unsuccessfully) and articulate is Separatist, that’s ‘S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-S-T’ as in ‘live and let live’, ‘you do your thing and we’ll do ours’ and ‘learn to stand on your own two feet and stop leeching off our creativity, intelligence, inventiveness and technology’. A more crudely succinct version of which is “Fuck Off and Die!”
Because I can't be bothered applying technical terms to racism.
‘Can’t be bothered’ eh? Yet you can be ‘bothered’ enough to (very) belatedly accept our challenge and leave your asinine drivel on our comments page. Seriously, what sort of challenge to our White Nationalist ideals IS your comment?  
I mean that down (sic) syndrome baby your wife is about to give birth to in 9 months time and will probably benefit of government health care from Centrelink. Paid for with taxpayer dollars from some mixed race guy like me.
Assuming you have actually PAID any Tax in your miserable life and, going by your photo, let’s be brutally honest here, you look like a derelict, we doubt your income tithe to the Great God of the Multicult State would amount to more than ashtray toll change for our great society. Your lame attempt to stereotype us as toothless hillbilly welfare parasites is so typical of the Left’s ad hominem attacks on political adversaries they cannot challenge or overcome with logical argument and reasoned debate.      
Maybe I would if they were found to be racist tribes.
ALL Tribes are ‘Racist’ by their very nature, you silly, silly little prick. To quote @ndy…seriously, read a book… A Tribe is the most basic social collective unit apart from a Clan and are defined by their shared identity and difference to ‘the other’ (as your Marxist Jew ‘psychology 101’ would tell you).
Don't act like you know me.
Don’t want to, don’t need to. We know the TYPE. It is not necessary to know every Brown Snake personally to understand that, as a species, they are dangerous and should be avoided and/or destroyed on sight.   
Maybe I just like the sound ebonics bro no need to cry a mountain.
One seriously, no seriously, wonders if that mixed metaphor was intentional or not. Hmmm…
I don't think I was trying to intimidate anyone actually.
Just slam your shitty backwards festival.
Why? What happened to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Identity?  
I've read plenty of books in my life to date and continue to do so, if that answers your question.
So…what? What?
Reading books doesn't equate to someone being knowledgeable anyway.
Essentially true…BUT it does depend on what SORT of books and their SOURCES and HONESTY…   
So that's a horrible way to try and assert your supposed superiority based on knowledge.
No ‘Superiority’ was being ‘supposed’ at all. The TRUTH is our one and ONLY concern here at the Towers.  
Remember; Data is not Information, Information is not Knowledge and Knowledge is not Wisdom
Books written by the ignorant are only going to keep you ignorant.
Wow! He’s a poet laureate! But…like…how do you tell the difference? Is this simply another Marxist thing where people like YOU determine who's 'ignorant'? That’s a rhetorical question by the way, WE already know but we’d like to hear YOUR theory…  
Oh right, i (sic) read picture books because I don't have a dictionary full of ye olde English (sic)  words by my side to write long and winding pretentious passages of repetative (sic) text, wait sorry prose, for old backwards uncle victor.
When one has acquired a functional degree of literacy then the dictionary is rarely required and, as far as pretence is required, it is painfully obvious it is YOU who labours under false pretences.   

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kennewick Man or Dead "Indians" Don't Lie

by Louis Beam 

 The remains of one of the oldest North Americans ever found have been recovered in Washington state. The 9,300-year old skeleton is 90% complete and belongs to a Caucasian male about five foot ten inches tall. Described as one of the most complete skeletons ever unearthed in the Americas it was discovered near Kennewick, Washington in July of 1996 and dubbed "Kennewick Man." Now it is the subject of a court battle between anthropologists who desire to learn all they can about it, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which wants to cover it up, both literally and figuratively. The Corps wishes to turn this remarkable find over to American Indian tribes who want it reburied without further study based on the claim that the skeleton is an "Indian" and therefore should not be studied. The Indians had no explanation as to how one of their "ancestors" could be Caucasian. At stake at the center of this controversy is the rewriting of American pre-Columbian history--sooner rather than later.

As if the discovery of an 9000 year old Caucasian in the United States would not of itself be sensational enough, the excitement over Kennewick man has led to a breaking down of "an iron curtain of silence" which had previously existed in the news media and among some archeologist and anthropologist over the finding of at least SIX OTHER Caucasoids of greater antiquity than any Asiatic Indian remains known in North America! Including the nearly ten-thousand-year-old mummy of a Caucasoid male found in Spirit Cave Nevada, and the skeletal remains of a nine year old Caucasoid female child found in Nevada of equal antiquity. From their graves, men, women, and children are speaking to us and their tale is that of an ancient culture stretching at the least from Arizona to Washington state. Their story, long unknown, now uncovered, rushes to greet us from the misty depths of the past. A sensational story of life and death in America B.C. Read on

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Allied War Crimes and the Controlled Media

On the Friday the fifth of October edition of Sydney’s ABC 702 Radio program ‘The Conversation Hour’ the Nazi obsessed Judeophile Richard Fidler interviewed the famous German born Australian winemaker Wolf Blass.
Having been born into an affluent German family in 1934 Blass recounted what he remembered of his childhood in an Eastern provincial village. It is extremely noteworthy that during Blass’s recollections of his traumatic childhood during the final months of the war he was very careful to play the ‘De-Nazified’ German line and even, as an added ‘Bonus!’ threw in the obligatory ‘Nazi Atrocity’ story as an example of his personal brush with The Holocaust©.
Fidler, of course, was onto this like a mangy dog on heat, slavering over the ‘details’ which were mostly provided by himself as he demonstrated his penchant for what psychologists and lawyers would call ‘leading questions’ to achieve his own ongoing agenda of perpetuating the Holocaust© myth. The nature of his little example was of course, as is the case with all similar ‘eyewitness’ accounts, vague, lacking in any hard specificity regarding time, location, numbers, logistics details etc, mostly based on second and third hand hearsay via friends and acquaintances or, as in his case, the interpretation of what little he did see through the naïve and credulous eyes of a ten year old child, being padded out by gossip, family folklore and the subsequent horror stories over the following decades and pieced together like a patchwork quilt that bears no resemblance to the true events .
These factors, along with the total lack of hard forensic evidence, have been vitally instrumental in the success of the monstrous lie of The Holocaust© as a New Religion protected by draconian legislation and the contrary minimising or censoring of the very real outrages perpetrated by the Allies. It is unprecedented in modern enlightened and increasingly secular civilisation that a consensus alternative reality (Read: Religion) like the Holocaust© Cult and its bizarre apocalyptic version of recent History is quarantined and immune from revision and that any who question its veracity are criminalised and ruthlessly prosecuted by state laws.
Blass’s eagerness to please his host by cooperating with the Jew anointed version of History is not only typical of Germans of his vintage (pun unintended) but perfectly understandable when one considers the relentless tsunami of disinformation and guilt tripping they have been fed about their nation’s culpability, via the National Socialist regime, for a brutal war. There is a masochistic, ‘mea culpa’ desire to placate and please the cruel conquerors not too dissimilar from a severe version of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Not only that of course but Blass is a very talented, successful and wealthy businessman who would be foolish to jeopardise his reputation by questioning the official version with too many awkward and inconvenient observations or even complaints of unfairness.
During this routine and highly practiced process of his, Fidler’s guests are reduced to merely muttering ‘yes’, ‘of course’ or ‘I agree’ as he gushes out often wild extrapolations of their basic statements. Sadly, he is rarely pulled up on this by the guest and if he is he is often persistent or switches the line of questioning swiftly. He often comes across more as a Lawyer than an interviewer.
At all times Fidler is the one that very much guides the ‘conversation’ through various set pieces on the course to a carefully predetermined conclusion. While there is nothing wrong per se with the interviewer conducting proceedings in an efficient and organised manner all too often Fidlers ‘guidance’ via his interjectory commentary is overbearing and intrusive, stifling much of the potential spontaneity and reducing the interview to a rolling editorial rather than a conversation.
Strangely though, despite Fidler’s manipulative technique, Blass was allowed to also air his recollections that while moving about in the open during the war’s final months it was necessary for German civilians to continuously take cover from the Allied aircraft that relentlessly strafed ‘anything that moved’ and that the pilots appeared to be doing this mostly ‘just for fun’. He described the planes as ‘Spitfires’ although they were probably more likely the notorious P51 Mustangs favoured by the Americans for ‘cleaning up’ operations (read: Murdering) the civilian populations following the massive waves of Bomber raids.
This atrocious behaviour by the invaders was despite the fact Blass lived in an undefended small rural village with no military presence whatsoever. But wait, there were no shocked gasps of horror from Fidler, none of his contrived stuttering of disbelief as he groped for the right words to articulate his sad dismay and stunned disgust at Man’s Inhumanity to Man. There was also none of his regular and tiresomely frequent interjections or attempts to ‘verbal’ his guest by finishing his sentences for him as is his usual annoying habit. Nope. Just a few seconds of ‘dead air’ and then the big old switcheroo to something less… hrrrmmph!... controversial.
One wonders if even the most insipid, handwringing, ABC luvvy or social democratic moonbat would not be the slightest bit curious to know more about stories of this sort. Surely the Human Rights, Social Justice, No-one Is Illegal brigade would be appalled by such grotesque atrocities and affronts to Human decency and crave more information on such things…surely…surely? Don’t hold your breath gentle reader. You see, there is a very definite hierarchy of victimhood to be observed when assessing what is even worthy of interest let alone investigation among the Politically Correct Left Wing loonies and White Europeans, particularly Germans are way down at the very bottom of the list.

Australia calling - aussies homeless and starving, while labor lavishes billions on africans

The Chardonnay socialists of the Labor government led by Juliar Gillard are giving away billions of taxpayers’ dollars in foreign aid to buy votes in the United Nations, while at least 120,000 Australians are homeless and starving on the streets. 

Download MP3

Monday, October 08, 2012

"A Declaration of War" - From the Youth of France

So it begins. From "The Generation of National Identity"| - A Declaration of War
We are Generation Identitaire.
We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person,
for refusing someone a cigarette, |or having an "attitude" that annoys someone.
We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.
We are the generation doubly punished:| Condemned to pay into a social system
so generous with strangers it becomes| unsustainable for our own people.
Our generation are the victims of the May '68'ers| who wanted to liberate themselves
from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education.
But they only accomplished to| liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
We reject your history books to re-gather our memories.
We no longer believe that „Khader" could ever be our brother,
we have stopped believing in a „Global Village" and the „Family of Man".
We discovered that we have roots, |ancestry and therefore a future.
Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity. | We are the heirs to our own future
We turned off the TV to march the streets.
We painted our slogans on the walls. Cried through loudspeakers
for "youth in power" and flew our Lambda flags high.
The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans' shields, is our symbol.
Don't you understand what this means ? |We will not back down, we will not give in.
We are sick and tired of your cowardice.
You are from the years of post-war prosperity,|retirement benefits, S.O.S Racism and
„diversity", sexual liberation and a bag of rice from Bernard Kouchner.
We are 25 percent unemployment,|social debt, multicultural collapse
and an explosion of anti-white racism.
We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
You won't buy us with a condescending look,
a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
We don't need your youth-policies. |Youth IS our policy.
Don't think this is simply a manifesto.|It is a declaration of war.
You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.
We are Generation Identitaire.|

Friday, October 05, 2012

More Allied War Crimes

The late, great William Luther Pierce wrote on the ' Women of Monte Cassino'...
“Let me tell you about one group of victims -- real victims -- from the Second World War that you've never heard about for this very reason. In May 1944 the Allies -- the forces of democracy and equality, the anti-Nazi and pro-Jewish forces -- finally succeeded in taking Monte Cassino in the Apennines of central Italy away from the German Army, after bombing Monte Cassino's sixth-century abbey into ruins. The Allies had some Moroccan soldiers with them. They wanted "diversity" in their armed forces even then. They wanted to demonstrate their belief in racial equality. The Moroccans were only mediocre as fighters, but they really excelled at cutting the throats of prisoners after the fighting was over.
They were pretty good at raping civilians too. The night after the battle for Monte Cassino was over and the Germans had withdrawn in good order, a division of Moroccan soldiers -- 12,000 of them -- left their camp and swarmed over a group of mountain villages around Monte Cassino. They raped every village woman and girl they could get their hands on, an estimated 3,000 women, ranging in age from 11 years to 86. They murdered 800 village men who tried to protect their women. They abused some of the women so badly that more than 100 of them died.
The people of these mountain villages are descended from the ancient Volsci, one of the tribes in pre-Roman Italy, and their women are reputed to be taller and more graceful than other women in that part of Italy. The Moroccan soldiers selected the prettiest girls for gang-raping, with long lines of dark-skinned Moroccans waiting their turn in front of each one, while other Moroccans held the victims down. Two sisters, 15 and 18 years old, were raped by more than 200 Moroccans each. One of them died from the abuse. The other has spent the last 53 years in a mental hospital. The Moroccans even raped some of the young men in the villages. The Moroccans also destroyed most of the buildings in the villages and stole everything of value.”
Even the Jew approved and P.C. anointed Wikipedia is surprisingly honest in its account of the atrocity but that is most probably due to the fact that the perpetrators were filthy, flea bitten Arab Muslims rather than ‘good Jewish boys’ from Brooklyn or some other American shit-hole ghetto.
“Marocchinate (Italian: plural of marocchinata, roughly translatable as "Moroccans' deeds") is a term applied to the mass rape and killings committed during World War II after the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy by Goumiers, Moroccan colonial troops of the French Expeditionary Corps (FEC), commanded by General Alphonse Juin.
Goumiers were colonial irregular troops forming the "Goums Marocains", approximately company-sized units rather loosely grouped in "Tabors" (battalions) and Groups (regiments), three of whom (1st, 3rd, 4th Groupements de Tabors) served in the FEC along with the four regular divisions: the 1st Free French Division, the 2nd Moroccan Infantry Division, the 3rd Algerian Infantry Division and the 4th Moroccan Mountain Division. The "Goums Marocains" were commanded by General Augustin Guillaume.
On May 14, 1944, the Goumiers travelled over seemingly impassable terrain in the Aurunci Mountains, outflanked the German defence in the adjacent Liri valley materially assisting British XIII Corps to break the Gustav Line and advance to the next Wehrmacht prepared defensive position, the Hitler Line.
General Alphonse Juin allegedly declared before the battle, "For fifty hours you will be the absolute masters of what you will find beyond the enemy. Nobody will punish you for what you will do, nobody will ask you about what you will get up to."
The Rape
Monte Cassino was captured by the Allies on May 18, 1944. The next night, thousands of Goumiers and other colonial troops scoured the slopes of the hills surrounding the town and the villages of Ciociaria (South Latium). Over 60,000 women, ranging in age from eleven to 86, suffered from violence, when village after village came under control of the Goumiers. Civilian men who tried to protect their wives and daughters were murdered without mercy. The number of men killed has been estimated at roughly 800.
The mayor of Esperia, a comune in the Province of Frosinone, reported that in his town, 700 women out of 2,500 inhabitants were raped and that some had died as a result. According to some sources, more than 7,000 Italian civilians, including women and children, were raped by Goumiers."

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Up at the Crack...

As an addendum of sorts to the recent post regarding Semitic Mind Weaponisation we have a perfect example from that crazy old Levant provided by an SBS One ‘Lost Worlds’ TelAvision documentary about the Knights Hospitaller Crusader castle named ‘Crac des Chevaliers’ located in what is today Syria. In 1271 the Sultan Baibars had recently acquired the top gig via some rather brutal Brutus-like activity on the old Sultan Qutuz. It seems the old Hashish eating Assassins ‘got Medieval’ on old Qutuz’s arse and sent him to Muslim Paradise. Baibars then went on to capture the old crack with relatively little effort and due almost entirely to that ole timey Semitic deception.
Although he outnumbered the defenders 20 to 1, having an army of over ten thousand, he was very aware of how difficult, if not impossible, it would be to take the castle and the massive losses he was likely to suffer so he first attempted negotiation for surrender. This failed and he commenced to attack the castle with siege machines such as massive trebuchets and to mine the outer defences. After about a month he broke through the outer wall after collapsing one of the towers only to be confronted, beyond a deep and wide moat, by the sheer and steep sides of the inner walls rising some fifty metres high.
He must have been stunned and dismayed by the scope of the task ahead and the prospect of spending a very, very long time on one castle so he opted for the instinctive cunning of the Semite. After ten days of no further fighting, the Arabs handed over a letter to the garrison commander. The letter purported to be from the Grand Master of the Hospitaller Order in Tripoli saying there would be no reinforcements and granting permission for them to surrender. It must have been an excellent forgery because it was accepted as genuine and terms were negotiated for surrender and safe passage for the defenders.
Of course the entire garrison was slaughtered upon their emergence from the castle, most of them being beheaded, as is the Arab custom. And the lesson of this tale? We think you know that one, gentle reader...